Why you Constantly GO Broke???

It is often said that no matter the largeness of one’s account balance (cash) luxuries of this world can usurp it within a twinkle of an eye. This is implying that all rich individual’s today have the tendency of getting richer or being broke if considerable care is not taken.
On realistic terms, the difference between richness and brokenness lies in the individual extent of financial education. Financial education imbibes/teaches how money can be managed, utilized for the optimum benefit of self and others. Do not be surprised by the fact that some individuals with highest degree of education lacks this financial knowledge while a common man flourishes with ease without a moment of being broke.
Moreover, the question of how you got broke should strike your heart at this moment irrespective of your financial earnings (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). So many people attached their misfortunes to spirituality, while some are of the opinion that their earning is at a low ebb. Above all explanation, it must be noted at this juncture that most occurrences (financial brokenness) is caused by your attitudes towards spending money.
To start with, human being are desirous of many things but they do not need all at once. Because human wants are insatiable, there lies the problem “being broke”. The attitude of getting what a friend got is not necessary except it’s a need and not a want.
On another note, spending money at will without a designated plan is another reason why you experience being broke. This is implying the individual does not understand how money works which reflects in what they referred to as ASSETS or LIABILITIES. The extent of understanding the implications of this two concept on spending terms makes some people richer and a mass poorer. Although, being broke does not restrict itself to spending alone as other factors comes to play e.g. government policies, unemployment, inflation.  
Nevertheless, individual positive attitudes towards money can singlehandedly break the chains of being broke amidst environmental pressures. To learn more about money management read; an article posted on this blog titled “Scale of Preference”, Poor Dad Rich Dad, Business in the 21st century by Robert Kiyosaki.
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