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What Makes it So Easy for Cheating in a Relationship

The act of cheating in a relationship is arguably one of the major problems faced by young lovebirds and even the so-called experienced lovers of today. This act is not usually a thing peculiar to guys alone as some ladies are professional cheaters depending on personal experiences, nature and their lifestyles.

How to Play Safe on any Date with New Found Love of Yours

One of the most anticipated days for lovebirds in a new year is the Valentine’s Day, which incubated in itself anticipations and surprises as spouses, incoming spouses, and crushes are on the lookout. The market also feel the effect as most people are buying and making reservations for the one they love and cherish. This Romania holiday is often a day of gift exchange and romance and it is often tagged the ‘most romantic day of the year’.

Why Polygamy Does Not Fit into 21st Century's Agenda

The act of marrying two or more wives by energetic, productive and resourceful men has basically been a thing of joy and celebration in the time past - particularly in Africa regions. This act in itself signifies power, strength and dignity for the head of the family "man" who plies the trade for economic purpose or agricultural reasons.

Why “Female Nurses” Experience Marital Crises Today

The lifetime commitment between a man and a woman in the name of “Marriage” has proven very difficult to manage in this 21st century, particularly among several professions. One can, therefore, say categorically that the problem is not profession-related basically because “the profession does not make itself but rather the people in it”. In this vein, the profession of interest in this article revolves around the medical practitioners – precisely the “female Nurses”. Nursing as a profession today is a highly reputable course by the global standard which has also won itself a high pedigree among other health practitioners today. 
However, it is apparently pitiful that the body that cares so much for another soul still finds it very difficult to care for its own or be cared for without any complications. In the real sense today, female Nurses tend to experience marital crises every now and then (pause, take a look around you). The BIG question now is;  Why is this scenario happening mos…

Fatherhood; The Exact Reason The World Lives On Today

As we have a general consensus on Independent Day Celebration from far and near, there remains a huge controversy on the exact day celebration for father's day and mother's day. This alone makes one feels unaware and pretty unprepared for the celebration of one's father or mother. I beseech we patiently wait for a moment when a day will be known and registered far and near for father's day celebration.
For one reason or the other, this day marks another day celebration of our fathers. Father as discussed here does not simply mean your biological father but rather encompasses whosoever that holds the mantle of power and authority over you. Fatherhood goes beyond your immediate and extended family; political office holders are our fathers, spiritual leaders are our fathers, community leaders are our fathers, while security personnel are our fathers.
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Why a Dangling Cock is Better than a Jam-Packed One

Cock, like pu??y is often believed to be a sensitive area that needs to be constantly observed, monitored and treated every now and then to prevent stories that touch. Often times, a lot of people have argued for or against man's use of under-wears; boxers short, panties or even leaving it natural.
To some, boxer shorts work more magic down there than the panties because the chance of growth in an open/spacious garden is more realistic than a congested one. On the other end, the use of panties by men usually occurs on a special note; to pack an elongated specie or for the sake of usual practices experienced at a younger age.
See pics below  for more clarification. RELATED; Guys Profession Ladies Need to Understand before Dating their Type Oops!!!, i can't believe my eyes.  A dangling cock, therefore, has a lot of benefits than a jam-packed one from a sensible point of view. Lately, sexual harassment has not only be seen from the usual angle ''female'' but rathe…

Why the Marriage of Most Female Celebrities Ain't Everlasting Today

The joy and happiness of coming together in the name of "marriage" remain a celebrated scenario from anywhere in the World. Prior to the d-day, it is quite difficult to find a loving and everlasting partner (either male or female) especially when one reaches certain position/stage in life.In essence, finding suitable and long-lasting partner in the 21st century remains difficult for various reasons.

Why You Must Think Beyond Valentine's Day Celebration

The special day celebration of Saint Valentine mostly called Valentine's Day anywhere in the World is nothing but a reflection of beautiful moments of love as roses (and other pleasant things)keep flying in and out before the d-day and afterwards from one locality to the other. I begin to ask myself why much preference is attached to this day when it's not the Christmas, the Boxing Day or even the New Year celebration.
An idea immediately popped up like my friend, Ayo Bankole would say -" its the season of love". Since love is the first and binding of all laws, I succumb to the day's celebration and the excitement it gives its' celebrants (ladies and gentleman). For an everlasting enjoyment of the goodies attached to the day, CUNCAR must be considered by the lovers involved. CUNCAR here implies; C - CareUN- UnderstandingCA - CautionR - ReasoningSEE ALSO; Why Ladies Fall to Wrong Guys Repeatedly  Care and Understanding can sustain a rapport/relationship for a …

Guys' "Profession" Ladies Need to Understand before Dating their Type

Relationship today requires more than the physique "Beautiful Face", "Six Packs", "Sexy Pink Lips", "Lovely Eyes" of the duo - as other factors (within and outside the parties) play significant role. On this course, the index here is "Profession" looking at it from the male point of view as it has tendency to determine the happiness of the female.
Such profession discussed here are;
Medicine and co (Doctors, Nurses). Lecturing (Lecturer)Linguistic (Author/Speakers) Professional Acting  Law (Lawyers) Medical Practitioners The respect accorded to this profession (particularly Medicine and Nursing) from anywhere in the World plays a culminating factor on the actions and reactions of this practitioners as regards "friendship", "dating" "courtship" and "marriage at the extreme". The profession breeds in most of them Ego (Self-Respect, Self-Belief, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth) which affects their livel…

Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies in 21st Century; The BUMBAY Experience

Dating today cannot be assumed a succinctly different notion from Marriage owing to the way it is being perpetuated. Hence, relationship between GUIRLY - Girl and Guy comes with a lot of dramas; fights, showoffs, surprises, outings in various dimensions.

Tears of Coming Together - An Awful HouseWife Experience in the 21st Century

Marriage is the most beautiful thing craved and embraced by young chaps (especially ladies) in the 21st century but its clothing can be disheartening (as times goes on) if adequate care and caution are not acknowledged. The ceremonial avenue is always sweet, rosy and breathtaking but because its a journey full of ups and downs - series of cases arises.
Patiently attest to the underlined questions with a deep thought. Why come together when you cannot stand with her through thick and thin?Why change her name when you know you won't treat her like your very own?Why house her when you know all you will do is make her unhappy day in day out?Why take her to the altar while you cannot withstand her foolishness? Why screw her to the extent of giving you beautiful babies when you know you are still going to make her miserable afterwards?WHY?  The issue at hand is not to agitate for equality at home but rather to showcase the beauty without leaving out the beast in coming together. Union o…

Ten Reasons Nothing Can Equal Motherhood Grace in the WORLD

All glory and adoration goes to the grand architect of the universe for her beautiful creations - plant, animal and the most decorated specie - human being (not an advanced animal as presumed by scientists) to the world. Another unequal appreciation to God for the special gift "Eve" to the world - never say Eve was the main reason the world is in disarray today. Although, the occurrence at the beloved "Garden of Eden" proved otherwise but there is more to this special creation that is immeasurable.

The beauty and peculiarity of this special being are highlighted next.
Naturally, the female species are distinct from their second on various front.
Their physical structure (breast growth, behind level, feet...) Their monthly visitor (menstrual cycle until menopause)Their energy level (strength per task) Their psychological make up (emotions, feelings...)   SEE ALSO; Reasons why you remain SINGLE (Ladies take note) Considering this make up, its crystal clear they are ra…

Reactions to the New Testament Churches Prerequisites for Marriage (LADIES TAKE NOTE)

The union between a man and woman has recently taken a twist compared to the yesteryear where kidnapping of one's choice without her consent was the order of the day. Although, the reality of the prerequisite for marriage goes on further based on the regions custom and tradition in question. It is believed some clowns subject the passionate groom to strokes of cane, some places huge amount of money on their daughter as if they're trading gold and silver while some group holds virginity in high esteem ahead of other important factor. 
Noticeably, civilization had altered or totally changed the realities of many region today due to the influence of the western culture (Christianity) and northern religion (Islam) among others. Without mincing word, these religion plays so much impact in our day-day endeavour ranging from dress sense, belief systems, attitude/perception towards life and lately whom to marry and the requirement for marriage.
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Breathtaking Mother – in Law you don’t wanna MESS with (LADIES SEE THIS)

Are you aware that no matter how juicy or rosy your relationship is, a mother in-law is capable of scuppering your happiness day-in-day-out if not successfully tear you two apart. Obviously, she is not the one you are getting married to but you dare not risk having a “bitch, or witch” as a mother in law. The end is near from far for such. 
Although, an head – head tussle might not be something worthwhile considering the status of the mother in question as well as the value the ward placed on her. Here are few clues to detect them and who they actually are before crossing their path.  They usually possesses/show unconditional love to their son/daughter and show little or no concern for the new entrant's well being – feelings, values, thoughts... In simplicity, they are mostly obsessed with their child you planning to marry or eventually married. The feeling is irrational and mostly observed when the party involved is less privilege - social status wise. They are always authoritativ…

Major Reasons you may Need to Consider a Distance Relationship

Obviously, the sweetness in relationships today goes beyond the other word for gender "s3x" from the sensible individualistic point of view. Distance relationship makes this a reality while a face-face relationship is under tension to contest with the lustful desires to satisfy either the man or the woman. 
Note, the  elements, or necessities in any juicy/rosy relationships boils down to the individual – orientation, experience, background, maturity to mention but a few. Nevertheless, time is at stake in any relationship embarked on since it’s a commitment. Trust is another factor whose stand must be solid or else rooms for double dating or more are made possible.  All said and done, there are more than few reasons to consider distance relationships today vis; 
TEST LOVE It is the true test of genuine love – this is where care, attention... can either prove or guarantee the livability and sustainability of the relationship. Although, the length of the relationship has nothi…

Avoidable Mistakes that Can Make you Lose the Lady your Heart Desire (Guys Take Note)

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing the one you truly love?  Don’t be bewildered, everything boils down to you and what you do consciously and unconsciously.  Get familiar with such mistakes below; 
Wooing at first sight – gone are those days when love at first sight works the magic. This era believed solely in following necessary protocol; form familiarity before you express your feelings, hang outs necessary, gifts offering, unexpected surprises... if you are the type that woes immediately you see a lady-like feature, be orientated about its likely disadvantages irrespective of how handsome and charming you may be. 
Living in assumption is a very common feeling among ladies/men of nowadays. Most people often judge by reactions (body language), offerings and tithes (expensive gifts of any kind) forgetting the fact that the lady expects the official statement. Get it clear, some ladies will play along with you but will later cut you short if you want to overstep your unofficial …

9 Reasons why FAKE life can kill you before your death day

Most people tend to live their life the way they feel is right while some follow the way it comes/goes on in their environment. This is saying there are numerous things at play when it comes to choosing a particular lifestyle viz; environment (street), peers (same age or more), media (television, newspaper, internet), models (celebrity) and lots more. Be that as it may, living based on any criteria highlighted above can lead people to the right channel or predisposes others to living a fake life. orientation and maturity level of people determines the path they tread towards surviving – living and existing.
Nevertheless, it comes with no surprise that a lot of people – male et female lived as fake being in many realm of their endeavour – relationship (inter/intra), communication, outfits… just because of the goodies of this life.Without mincing words, here are the reasons why living as fake can be costly to you and people around you; It brings about loss of opportunities – not just one e…