Ten Reasons Nothing Can Equal Motherhood Grace in the WORLD

Motherhood; the precious gift to the World
All glory and adoration goes to the grand architect of the universe for her beautiful creations - plant, animal and the most decorated specie - human being (not an advanced animal as presumed by scientists) to the world. Another unequal appreciation to God for the special gift "Eve" to the world - never say Eve was the main reason the world is in disarray today. Although, the occurrence at the beloved "Garden of Eden" proved otherwise but there is more to this special creation that is immeasurable.

The beauty and peculiarity of this special being are highlighted next.
Naturally, the female species are distinct from their second on various front.
  • Their physical structure (breast growth, behind level, feet...)
  • Their monthly visitor (menstrual cycle until menopause)
  • Their energy level (strength per task)
  • Their psychological make up (emotions, feelings...)  
Considering this make up, its crystal clear they are rare gift to the world.
On another note, no matter your inheritance (goodies of life - money, fame and power) you cannot quantify adequately the contribution of a "mother" to your growth and development. Thus, no instrument, scale or statistical tool can adequately reveal its quantity measure it. 

To query the notion mentioned earlier, consider quantifying any of the underlisted;
  • Is it the breathtaking sojourn of 9 month
  • Is it the labour (delivery) experience (sound track *winks*)
  • Is it the breastfeeding length (at her discretion)
  • Is it the nurturing and upbringing through thick and thin.
  • Is it the physical maladjustment
The list is just endless......

Worthy of note, they also suffer as a result of their status;
  • Victims of neglect
  • Victims of assault 
  • Victims of abuse
  • Victims of psychological issues
Although, experiences of these people (mothers) differ from place to place which brings about different labels "good", "bad", "terrible", "awesome", "irreplaceable" and lots more. Whichever is your reality in the world around you, nothing can ever equal the love, tender and affection of a good mother.

To the bad apples  - repent for your wards are ready to take you back
To the victims of the bad apples - let go of the grudges (You Only Live Once)
#Celebrate MOTHERHOOD#



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