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Facts Surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari’s "Controversial" Second Term Bid

It is no longer news that President Buhari eyes a second term bid just like his predecessors in the history of Nigeria except for the case of untimely death. This public declaration of Mr President has generated a lot of controversies among different categories of people – intelligentsias, politicians, business mogul and the general masses. 
The first direct attack on this second term bid can be traced to an open letter served by Ovation International CEO “Mr Dele Momodu”. In case you are not familiar with the letter, the bottom line of the statement he made was that Mr President should let go of the second term bid stating that majority of the frontiers were just against the Realities of Today. He noted clearly that it would be more dignifying i.e. grace saving to leave the helms of Nigeria’s affairs without further harm or accident to the general masses and the state of the economy. The embodiment of his letter is similar to a letter served by Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan. 

Eighteen (18) Things to Manifest in Nigeria Before 2018 Runs Out

The journey of 365days usually begins with one second, ticking from the month of January and definitely stopping in the month of December with so much drama to talk about in between. The year 2017 like other outdated years has come and gone with jaw-breaking experiences in Nigeria under the rule of the change advocators. However, as fresh as the year 2018 is, it has also come with its own drama visible to the blind and in fact, audible to the deaf. In essence, lots of activities, both good and bad would manifest this year to individuals, private and public establishments, as well as the society at large.
Naturally, these things would be recorded - births, deaths, seasonal change, and all sorts. On the other hand, there lie other things to manifest this year in Nigeria without natural inclinations. Few of which manifestations are: Economic recoveryMr President's health challengesDeaths of strong political opposition at key levelsLies and deception at the highest levelHeavy cash flo…

Four Medical Conditions that Needs Constant Care than HIV/AIDS Today

Basically, the most feared virus or medical status by human existence is Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) without belittling the likes of Ebola Virus, Lassa Fever, Zika Virus and lots more viruses that have rocked, shaken and threatened the continuity of human being. Regardless of these medical conditions` and its prowess, there lie four basic medical conditions that need constant care than HIV/AIDS. 
The existence of these four basic medical conditions seems way older than the discovery of HIV/AIDS alongside other viral viruses/diseases, but, with adequate care, the situation can be managed, controlled and outlived. On the contrary, the lackadaisical attitude of the carrier towards the condition can only lead to sudden breakdown (leading to public disgrace at times) or a demise of the carrier prematurely or unexpectedly. 
However, the basic four medical conditions described above are; Ulcer, Asthma, Diabetes Mellitus, and Rheumatism. All…

Why Venture into Things that Threatens your Freedom

Naturally, every human being is born free at any point in time anywhere in the world but the laid down procedure in such society can, therefore, manipulate the freedom into another thing entirely. In this case, the clan or group one comes from in a society determines to an extent whether the individual is totally free, partially free or a slave. 
Freedom in whatever form is, therefore, nature in the making but it can also be seized, threatened or suspended by one’s dealing – day to day activities or by the society one lives in. although, a threat to one’s freedom by the society might seem in obscurity due to the human rights guaranteed in the constitution of the land but, in the real sense – such freedom can be threatened/seized by the leading authority of the land. This notion brings the quote of President Idi Amin’s of Uganda necessary “Freedom of Speech is Free but Freedom after Speech I can’t assure you. In the same vein, the current hate speech campaign by APC government is anot…

Why “Female Nurses” Experience Marital Crises Today

The lifetime commitment between a man and a woman in the name of “Marriage” has proven very difficult to manage in this 21st century, particularly among several professions. One can, therefore, say categorically that the problem is not profession-related basically because “the profession does not make itself but rather the people in it”. In this vein, the profession of interest in this article revolves around the medical practitioners – precisely the “female Nurses”. Nursing as a profession today is a highly reputable course by the global standard which has also won itself a high pedigree among other health practitioners today. 
However, it is apparently pitiful that the body that cares so much for another soul still finds it very difficult to care for its own or be cared for without any complications. In the real sense today, female Nurses tend to experience marital crises every now and then (pause, take a look around you). The BIG question now is;  Why is this scenario happening mos…

With the Look of things Today, this Occurrence Might End the World Soon

As at today, there seems to be many questions left unanswered that keeps pushing intellectual people to think thoroughly outside the box. So far, regardless of their level of intelligent quotient, thought pattern and the pool of material resources, the result (answer) remains in obscurity. One of the unanswerable questions of the moment is; When will this World end? When will this World stop breathing? or better put, Can this World seize to exist?

Why Ojude-Oba Celebration in Ijebu-Ode Carries More Weight than Other Regions in Ogun State

Ojude-Oba celebration is a day of joy pertaining to Ogun State (precisely the Ijebu region) which usually occur some days after Ileya festival depending on the region’s calendar. Some regions celebrate their Ojude- Oba after three days of Ileya festival, some after two days, while some after the Ileya festival e.t.c. 
For the benefit and sake of non-Ijebu indigenes, Ojude-Oba celebration is precisely a day set aside to dine and wine (i.e. celebration of life) with the king of a particular area in Ijebu and also to promote the cultural heritage of the land. For more clarity, diverse social groups (Bobakeye, Bobagbimo, Bobagunte, Regbe Regbe...) in the land known and accepted by the King assemble to celebrate the traditional values of the land via choreography, dancing, singing, eulogizing e.t.c.
READ ALSO; Why Ijebu-Ode will not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon Without mincing word, this act of celebration in Ijebu land can be dated back to the 18th century which is a pointe…

Why Gossip Bloggers get more than they Bargain for TODAY

Blogging as a lifestyle or form of business has enveloped within itself many dimensions people can focus on, in order to pass the desired message across to an audience. The dimension at which bloggers focus on differs based on one's interest - sports, technology, news, food, lifestyle, education, health, relationship, entertainment or gossip respectively.
Basically, all these dimensions form the basis for blogging while it is also possible for a blog to encapsulate different dimensions (aside gossip) trying to educate its audience on what is happening in all walk of life. Such is the case of Realities of Today's Blog
However, writing in the name of "blogging" has the tendency of exposing the author(s) or the site owner to different form of attacks - abuse (verbal/physical), law suit, imprisonment at the extreme as a result of publishing inaccurate news about people's lives, organization or a particular government. Among the platforms enlisted earlier, the pote…

Why Nigerians Need to Change Their Perceptions about Hotels

For a people easily split into Northerners and Southerners, Nigerians can still be held together by their sense of morality and religiosity. The genuineness of this though is a subject for another day, but in my casual observation, there is a taboo that seems to be attached to the hospitality industry with men who check into hotel rooms, considered straying husbands, and women seen with hotel room keys as unfaithful wives. What is worse is if you are a young girl, I do not have to say what already pops up in your head. And for young Nigerian boys, the tag of being a cyber-criminal doesn’t come off easily.  Why do these tags get attached to this demography of people? Why is it hard to imagine that a man might have an argument with his wife and it gets to the point where he needs time to be alone to cool off and so he checks into a hotel?  Or he may be on business from another state, and since his flight is not until the next morning it only makes sense to check into a hotel for the nig…

Ten Awkward Lifestyles of "Yahoo Boys" Worth Neglecting to the CORE

As promised earlier on a post on this blog "Why Yahoo Boys Lifestyle is all You Need to Win Big in Life" to uncover the awkward lifestyles of Yahoo boy worth neglecting to the core amidst the good attitude itemized earlier, I now publish this for your reading and digestion. In essence, the operations, activities and actions of Yahoo boys reflect; the good, the bad and the ugly side. Justice has been made on the good side of these folks worth emulating while the bad and the ugly side will be discussed in this article.
Basically, the awkward lifestyles of newbie and long-time Yahoo boys are as follows; Binge drinking of alcohol/spiritsLavish spending on luxuriesQuest for money at all costWomanizingHeavy smoking of any kind - cigarette, shisha, kanaku, skunk, weed...Excessive use of narcotic drugs Immoral dress senseClubbing every now and thenZero regards for tomorrowZero regards for the family name. Without mincing words, 90% of Yahoo boys/men today lived day-to-day on the hig…

Another Chance for Ijebu State to Come to Life; Take it Now or Wait Another Decade

As earlier highlighted on this blog, Ijebu-Ode the most popular pillar in the region of Ijebu as at today lack certain basic elements capable of scuppering the long desired cry for Ijebu State. The cry for Ijebu-State is apparently not a new desire by the Ijebus as it dated back to the reign of Ex-Presidents; Olusegun Obasanjo, Umar Musa Yar'adua, and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In this present dispensation "Buhari's"; the bid, urge and the cry for Ijebu-State remains at a low ebb because the challenge "economic turbulence" they met superseded their expectations and preparations. 
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See the Need to Save the Reserve Armies "Casual Workers" from the Sambisa Forest

Special thanks to the enduring spirit of Nigerian soldiers out there who continue to fight relentlessly under a breathtaking weather in Sambisa Forest (regardless of the death of their brothers in the struggle/fight for the nation's security). Sambisa forest as described in the Nigerian dailies is a forbidden place (at present), dangerous to ply one's trade due to the presence of the Boko Haramist. This forest can be likened to the Nigerian organizations today - private parastatals where reserve armies "casual workers" plies their trade.
By statistics, majority of organizations today utilize the reserve armies (especially females) to the brim offering them different bizarre treatment as they walk through the Sambisa Forest - often called "office". The pain and agony of employable graduates should remain the cause for concern to all and sundry in a higher position of authority but their interest remains fond in accumulating wealth for the nation (at the ex…

Reactions to Doyin Okupe's Notion on Why Osinbajo Must not Contest if Buhari Dies

Quoting, Doyin Okupe the former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan (2010 - 2015) of Nigeria noted that Vice President Yemi Osibajo should not contest come 2019 if Buhari dies. He said the current Acting President (while the President-elect undergoes medical treatment abroad presently) should not vie for The Presidency come 2019 for the sake of the Northerners. Okupe's stand is based on the way and manner Zoning principle is highly respected and strictly followed in Nigeria's politics but certain circumstances beyond human control have often truncated such plans. For instance, incapacitation as a result of ill-health which can later lead to the demise of the Mr President is a serious issue. When such cases arise, constitutionally all power shifts gears to the Vice President.

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The first experience Nigeria had under the reigned of late President Umar Musa Yar&#…

Why Ijebu-Ode Will Not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon

Ijebu-Ode, one of the popular town in the heart of Ogun State - Nigeria, remains less-developed from earliest time till date for numerous reasons. One of which is why people move in and out of the area majorly for celebrating yuletide season (Ileya, New Year, Ojude Oba...). It is, therefore, worrisome when rich folks of Ijebu origin flocks around major cities within and outside Nigeria, leaving their beloved home in an apologetic state. This state is apologetic because Ijebu-Ode could not boast of certain essential elements (good roads, employment opportunities, sound/affordable public health care system, vibrant business activities...).
There are numerous factors raised to justify why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon among her contemporaries. Carefully, go through these factors and see for yourself
Interest of Ijebu's
It is often believed that interest of indigenes is a formidable factor to consider whenever there is a need for change and development. Such c…

Buruji Kashamu Kindness "Donations" to Ogun State Parastatals Today

The name Senator Buruji Kashamu is a popular name in Ogun State known for a lot of empowerment programmes to citizens within and outside Ogun State. He has, therefore, supported less privileged people (irrespective of their background) with cash and kind at huge rate.
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Information flying here and there as relayed to Realities of Today's Blog by Wale around last week revealed that he planned to donate materials to state and local parastatals in commemoration of his Birthday.

As he celebrates his 59th Birthday, he donates hospital beds to state-owned hospitals.

Happy Birthday Senator Buruji Kashamu, enjoy the rest of your years in good health.

See pictures below 

How to know whether you are Underweight or Overweight??

Improving body composition is essential to developing and maintaining optimal health. To measure body composition, Body Mass Index (BMI) has been regarded as a standard means of measurement. BMI is an attempt to quantify the amount of tissue mass (muscle, fat and bone) in an individual and as a result categorize that same person as either underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese in correlation with the attained value.
BMI is therefore most common and simplest way to determine if you are underweight or overweight, as it only make use of the individual's Weight and Height. BMI is defined as follows: ratio of body weight to height²
According to this  formulae,  it is believed that  a person  with a high weight  in relation to  height has a higher BMI and vice versa. Various studies support the fact that an increased BMI invariably means an increased risk of various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke etc.

After knowing the BMI, it is necessary to  know the Body Composit…

President Muhammadu Buhari Death Rumour; Tips and Considerations

Arguably, the death of a poor man in the society has no meaning and account to the general public while the sojourn of a rich popular person raises a lot of eyebrows. Simply put, the irony of life is like a chameleon full of dramas where life is light while the opposite (death) is "darkness". The respect given to the life of an individual is directly connected to their position in the society (profession, occupation, national duties/assignment), which therefore grants them the same respect at their demise.

Death rumour in Nigeria's politics is not a new development to the updated/informed being from inception till date (except for cases withheld for traditional rites). Among the list of the death-rumoured dignitaries who lived afterwards were;  Awujale of Ijebu Land - Oba Sikiru Adetona,Ooni of Ile Ife - Oba Sijuade Okunade, Governor of Kogi State - Yahaya BelloFormer Delta State Governor - Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan,Former President - Ibrahim Babangida, Former President - Olu…

Reasons Why President Muhammadu Buhari and co Seek Medical Care Abroad

The notion "health is wealth" is not just an assertion to the rich (as against the poor who placed survival first) but rather a do or die affair. In essence, the rich people "World Leaders", "Business Moguls", "Celebrities" (Entertainment Icon) seems to spend more money checking and rechecking their health status on a day-day basis for continuity of their lifespan. Due to the differences in the level of development across countries - such people tend to sort medical care within or outside their locals.
The case of African leaders is a pointer to the level of their structural (health in particular) imbalances which amongst other grant them the peripheral seat (as used by Immanuel Wallerstein). In simplicity, there are many developed nations of today (Cuba, America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Israel...) which are way ahead of others (sub-Saharan Africa in particular) by standard of health care service and it's delivery to urban-rich,…