Reasons Why President Muhammadu Buhari and co Seek Medical Care Abroad

Why President Buhari Seek Medical Care Abroad
The notion "health is wealth" is not just an assertion to the rich (as against the poor who placed survival first) but rather a do or die affair. In essence, the rich people "World Leaders", "Business Moguls", "Celebrities" (Entertainment Icon) seems to spend more money checking and rechecking their health status on a day-day basis for continuity of their lifespan. Due to the differences in the level of development across countries - such people tend to sort medical care within or outside their locals.

The case of African leaders is a pointer to the level of their structural (health in particular) imbalances which amongst other grant them the peripheral seat (as used by Immanuel Wallerstein). In simplicity, there are many developed nations of today (Cuba, America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Israel...) which are way ahead of others (sub-Saharan Africa in particular) by standard of health care service and it's delivery to urban-rich, urban -poor, rural-rich, and rural-poor.

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However, Nigeria's scenario is more worrisome as majority of them (richest) sort after medical care outside Nigeria - President Muhammadu Buhari is not an exception. On a realistic note, the rationale behind President Muhammadu Buhari medical care outside the country are simply;
  • Competence Level
  • State of Health Care System
  • Trust Issues
  • Following Trends
  • Against all Odds
  • Cover his Medical History
On competence level, President Muhammadu Buhari like any other Nigerian subscribers to foreign care believed strongly the practitioners in diaspora are way ahead of their locals. Hence, the risk of managing the health issue (be it cancer, kidney problem, stroke or what have you) is at better chances than relying on the knowledge of local practitioners.
The Nigerian State of Health Care System be it private or public is nothing compared to the realities of the developed foreign nations. By standard of health care system, the concern and attention of developed nations of today is challenged at a higher level compared to that of the developing nations where they still battle with health issues conquered. Human and material resources inherent in Nigeria are mostly outdated for current practices compared to the happenings in foreign land.

On trust issues, President Muhammadu Buhari like other African leaders sort medical care in diaspora because they feel safer in the hands of foreign practitioners as against their national workers who has the tendencies of compromising on political grounds. As country's number 1, its quite risky to take risk while there are lot of options available for better and safer treatment.
Following Trends is simply subscribing to the way past leaders have done - Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and Late Dora Akinyuli. It is therefore no excuse to elude President Muhammadu Buhari from the luxurious train. 
Against all Odds is worthy of inclusion because the odds in question are strong and mighty. The Odds here are simply regarded as the likely options capable of threatening the longevity of Presidents' life. Hence, the incumbent President therefore gives no room for anything whatsoever that can scupper his existence. As regards the issue of medical history, medical care in diaspora tends to keep the details of the health issue as against the national reality.
#Cry to Develop Nigerian Medical Institution#
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#God Bless Nigeria#


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