See the Need to Save the Reserve Armies "Casual Workers" from the Sambisa Forest

Save the Casual Workers
Special thanks to the enduring spirit of Nigerian soldiers out there who continue to fight relentlessly under a breathtaking weather in Sambisa Forest (regardless of the death of their brothers in the struggle/fight for the nation's security). Sambisa forest as described in the Nigerian dailies is a forbidden place (at present), dangerous to ply one's trade due to the presence of the Boko Haramist. This forest can be likened to the Nigerian organizations today - private parastatals where reserve armies "casual workers" plies their trade.

By statistics, majority of organizations today utilize the reserve armies (especially females) to the brim offering them different bizarre treatment as they walk through the Sambisa Forest - often called "office". The pain and agony of employable graduates should remain the cause for concern to all and sundry in a higher position of authority but their interest remains fond in accumulating wealth for the nation (at the expense of the reserve armies in Sambisa Forest.

Less blame should be apportioned to them because a personal experience of joy and happiness is a different scenario to the views of Nollywood Artist/Actresses having a happy ending in a movie - which does not happen in reality. Invariably, the people occupying top echelon in Nigerian society today feel nothing (i repeat nothing) about the way and manner people trail Sambisa Forest.

At this juncture, a remarkable and apologetic saying seems worthwhile for this discussion "whosoever that can survive Nigeria, can definitely survive the World" Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!. this saying implies Nigeria is an extreme place where fitness test is been carried out forgetting some talents that die a natural death due to their breathtaking experience.

In essence, the life of the reserve armies in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. This is because they experienced;
  • Poor salary scale,
  • Poor working conditions,
  • Zero say in the organization,
  • Prolonged working hours,
  • Excessive workload,
  • Job security is at risk,
  • Non-utilization of package meant for permanent armies,
  • Little or zero chances for promotion,
  • Poor standard of living
  • Longtime delay in the actualization of lifetime purpose
  • Usefulness for self is at a reduced level
  • Health challenges are at the extreme
Note: If this article seems confusing, the reserve armies as used in this post means the underemployed, casual or contract staffs. All the aforementioned challenges coupled with the current economic situation of Nigeria is nothing different from the life in the Sambisa Forest. 

Saving the Reserve Armies should seem practically necessary and important having noted the bizarre experience as they sail through the breathtaking office termed as - Sambisa Forest. Hence, the Nigerian government through her legislators should enact policies that would protect the Reserve Armies from bizarre treatments in the hands of their employers - especially the banking industry.

Also, provision of job opportunities for all armies without sentiments/favouritism i.e. the 'who brought you' syndrome is another path to reduce the rates of the reserve army. A practical example is the current viral scheme of Federal Government of Nigeria, "NPower" - whom its beneficiaries are not necessarily known before being selected. All hopes high, this will come to reality.



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