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Six (6) Virtual Cultures to Edge over your Contemporaries Today

Virtual culture literally means our behavioural pattern on the digital space. How do we behave on the internet? Some people are excessively formal on all social platforms. Some are relatively informal. While others maintain a middle ground, which means they are either formal or informal depending on the situation at hand. I must say clearly that the way you comport yourself with friends online should be different from your habits at work 'virtually'. What then are the cultures to observe, learn and display in this new age?  Culture of Attendance and Preparedness Physical attendance and preparedness are absolutely one of the coveted attributes of serious-minded people in any given environment. How then do you reveal that virtually? You do that by simply preparing yourself to attend virtual meetings before the scheduled time. If you are not familiar with the app scheduled for use, it's best you rehearse before time to be abreast with how to run the app easily. There is no roo

Why You Don’t Have to Leave that Low-Pay Job of Yours Quickly

Jobs in Nigeria has proven to be one of the scarcest commodity for newly turned graduates and even the existing ones which brought about people occupying different positions lower than their expected paycheck based on their educational qualification.

How to Survive in a Marketing Job as a Lady in Nigeria

Today in Nigeria, marketing job seems to be the major option available for graduates, especially the ladies (regardless of their level of academic qualification; OND, NCE, BSc, MSc) due to job insecurity issues and the level of unemployment in Nigeria. Since the jobs available or the most accessible in a private organization remains marketing, participants experience lots of ups and downs. In this case, the positive end of marketing job in a capitalist world seems to be at an advantage for the employers at the expense of the employees who are challenged to work relentlessly week in week out to make ends meet. Noticeably, marketing jobs in Nigeria are filled with mostly females - who are favourite for the job either temporarily or permanently. As an employee marketing an organization's goods or services, there lies certain risks of meeting up with the target as a Lady. Such risks are at an unimaginable rate when the employees are on a contract basis i.e. Reserve Army/Tempor

Managing the Potential Risks of Marketing Job as a LADY

Research has shown that marketing is one of the toughest job anyone can be engaged in today anywhere in the world. In simplicity, the task of marketing involves the marketer getting it right - knowing where and when his/her product or service is most needed. It is indeed a job that challenges the physical, psychological, social and emotional ability of an individual as it takes the person out of his/her comfort zone. As employment is now the scarcest commodity in Nigeria, the few vacancies that get advertised are mostly in the line of marketing and as graduates are forever eager to bid unemployment farewell, they jump at this opportunity. Most organizations today employ young graduates as marketers or sales executives because they know marketing involves activeness and vibrancy. In the world of marketing today, the ratio of female to that of male remains outrageous due to their natural physique and the result it’s capable of bringing among others. As a lady engaged in a mar

Do These Things Consistently if You Desperately Need Job in Nigeria

In an earlier post on this blog, job hunt was likened to the scarcest commodity one can ever think of in Nigeria. Should in case you feel other things exist rivaling job opportunity in Nigeria, kindly drop that on the comment button. However, the reality of job opportunity and its accessibility for all and sundry in Nigeria remains a breathtaking endeavour because several factors come to play in the course of securing one's dream job - after due process; application-test-interview-selection. Such factors obstructing efforts of efficient and viable graduates are Godfatherism, Favouritism/Nepotism, Low Ratio of Industry/Company to the Yearly Turnout of Tertiary Institution Graduates to mention but a few. RELATED; How to Quench the Agony of Nigerian Graduates Today Against all odds, there lie significant chances for moving-up the social ladder (achieving one's dream) by carefully doing these important things consistently; Be prayerful Send your data (Curriculum

See the Need to Save the Reserve Armies "Casual Workers" from the Sambisa Forest

Special thanks to the enduring spirit of Nigerian soldiers out there who continue to fight relentlessly under a breathtaking weather in Sambisa Forest (regardless of the death of their brothers in the struggle/fight for the nation's security). Sambisa forest as described in the Nigerian dailies is a forbidden place (at present), dangerous to ply one's trade due to the presence of the Boko Haramist. This forest can be likened to the Nigerian organizations today - private parastatals where reserve armies "casual workers" plies their trade. By statistics, majority of organizations today utilize the reserve armies (especially females) to the brim offering them different bizarre treatment as they walk through the Sambisa Forest - often called "office". The pain and agony of employable graduates should remain the cause for concern to all and sundry in a higher position of authority but their interest remains fond in accumulating wealth for the nation (a