#Silouhettechallenge everywhere: Where do we go from here?

Technology no doubt brought good tidings to the world by making the world closer and making things easier to do. On the other end, this same technology has been successfully interrupting existing status quo, especially cultural standards. In some nations where they preach and practice liberalism, it isn't a worry for them but a continent like Africa naturally despise such behavioural displays in the public arena. Although, what Nigerians have traditionally frowned at is gradually becoming the order of the day, today. All these can be publicly seen in dress codes, hair styles/cut, music genre and all, thanks to the internet. 

The internet no doubt quite useful but it's porosity is gradually becoming a major issue, especially through the #onlinechallenges rolled out every now and then. There are good online challenges (on food, health, exercises...) put together by celebrities for cultural enrichment. However, there are those online challenges threatening to pluck out one's eyes, corrupt ones mind and change ones mindset accordingly. The recent online challenge fitting to this discussion is the #bussitchallenge, and #silhouettechallenge. From the westerners' mindset, it's nothing to worry about considering their culture but we don't find that funny around here.

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As an African, we are taught to dress decently and project ourselves better in the public by covering all the coverables. Invariably, the nudity shared lately through the #onlinechallenge is outrightly not within our cultural context but it's gradually penetrating through it and we all laughing about it. A time is coming where all these behavioural displays will come back haunting and taunting us as Africans. The comments you make online, the videos you share, and your likes on a content can come back at you in the nearest future. It's really nothing to worry about though if you have the full consciousness of your actions and you are ready to bear the consequences when it boomerangs.

What we see now wouldn't be extreme I believe because many more will soon come in no time now. What I fear is the future of morality in our souls now, not even outside Nigeria. I also have a question lingering in my heart for days now, how easy will it be to train our children traditional value in a strange land? If you have any answer for me, please leave a message in the comment section.

Where do we go from here, then? What do we have to do to turn things back aright? What do we filter? What do we intensify efforts on?. The fight is real against our purified culture in this age. Parenting in this dispensation, like I told my fiance, is a greater task ahead. Hence, the media bodies and the government need to be involved in this struggle to save African culture from the propagation on the internet.

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Lastly to the elders, do not fold your arms to watch this generation of youths waste away. Please this struggle is ours to fight and I believe we have seen nothing awkward yet. I will love to receive your feedback in the comment section. Thanks.


  1. Most people tend to lean towards the bad things because it's a easier concept or lifestyle to follow. This mindset has allowed children of nowadays to only see the disadvantages rather than the advantage and practice the bad part of the internet to get views or video likes or other things they call easy fame but they don't realize that they are moving away from the part already set for us by our ancestors, parents and society.

  2. boluwatife (architectural student)11:08 AM, February 02, 2021

    The social media is a powerful tool both to pass information and to learn new things, a new orientation needs to be made to young ones on how these various medias should be used. Nudity is wrong and shouldn't be promoted. Thank you sir for this is highly needed.

  3. I think most parents have done their best in training their children. The people engaging and participating in this disgusting act are people old enough to differentiate good from bad.
    The youth and teenagers need to sit upright and think differently, you don't have to follow the trend to be popular, there are better trends out there on social media but most people just decide to flow with the bad ones. I see a lot of potentials in the youth and teenagers of the 21st century. Be of good impact to the society and don't ruin your future because of a trend that would end within a few days, don't leave a scar of regret on your future. We can do better.


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