How to Play Safe on any Date with New Found Love of Yours

One of the most anticipated days for lovebirds in a new year is the Valentine’s Day, which incubated in itself anticipations and surprises as spouses, incoming spouses, and crushes are on the lookout. The market also feel the effect as most people are buying and making reservations for the one they love and cherish. This Romania holiday is often a day of gift exchange and romance and it is often tagged the ‘most romantic day of the year’.

In as much as we crave to show love to our partners on this romantic day, it is also pertinent to know that danger also looms especially for those lovers who haven’t known themselves for a long time. This scenario is also applicable to new lovers experiencing their first date.

On this anticipated first outing, reports via television/radio/social media have shown there have been cases of girls being drugged and raped, while the lover boy files for blackmailing. Such acts have also led to the deaths of so many ladies. These evil perpetrators have a laid down plan of going about this act. They profess love to a girl, promising heaven and earth. The unsuspecting lady falls head over heels in love and do as he bids. As such, it is advisable to be on the lookout if you are going on a date for the first time. Don't assume you know him because he might not be who he claims he is. 

Also, don’t be too careless in eating or drinking anything that is presented to you. There is no law that binds that you must eat at an inviter’s house (if you are seeing him/her in his house). You can feed yourself to the brim before going or pretend as if you are filled, and be watchful of the environment. If you notice any suspicious act, be ready to give a flimsy excuse to leave or even leave with informing him. 

Nevertheless, it is also very dangerous to go on a date with someone you hardly know without confiding in someone very close to you. It is highly imperative to write the address and the telephone number of the person you want to meet with your confidant. By doing this, your loved one will have a head start in case something goes wrong. 

Most ladies, when going on a date have this notion that their new found love should pay the bills, so they go with little or no money with them. This is a very careless orientation that needs to be changed. When going on a date, go with enough money (one that will at least take you back home). Let it be hidden so that you can bail yourself out when needed. 

There have been reported cases of guys taking ladies out and abandoning them at payment point. This, most of the time is embarrassing to the ladies. Who are always at the receiving end. So, if you want to order for anything, don’t order for what you cannot afford. That dude ain’t saving for your sake alone as he has other budgets too. 

Worthy of note, it is also advisable to meet your new found love in an open place (at least for the first time) to avoid stories that touch the heart. I appreciate your patience to read through this piece, kindly leave other suggestions to save our ladies that fall in love easily like myself from guy's traps.


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