7 Reasons Why Ladies Fall to Wrong Guys Repeatedly

Ladies and Wrong Guys
Relationships in the 21st century is a compendium of more than a few dramas (fights, quarrels, show-offs, party time, night-out, gifts exchange…), by the party involved. Although, the beginning of the so called "relationship" or "dating" is only known by the parties involved but the outburst later becomes a public issue. Thus, it is never an understatement to say relationships in 21st century is a conundrum of heartaches, heartbreaks or total loss of heart except where one finds the flesh of his flesh or the bone of his bone. 

Moreover, the rate of heartache/heartbreak experienced by women can be attributed to the things they do after the outburst or say the kind of guy they encountered. A question of what did I do comes to your mind. Here are the funny things some girls do when they are heartbroken; 
  • They change their relationship status to being single immediately they are jilted. This invites potential attackers without having any serious intention. 
  • They put up with hateful words against the race of men (All guys are crazy, men are evils, men are snakes, men disappoints – God never). 
  • They channel their display picture (dp’s) and personal message (pm’s) on social media - twitter and Facebook to their current emotional status. 
  • When anybody asks after the guy, the reply will look more like an arrow to the heart. You get answers like; As he stopped using his mobile number? I don’t give a damn about where he is, either dead or alive. Please, don’t ask about that crazy bunch from me again. 
  • They listen to advice offered to them by their consoler without having a second thought. Most times, their consoler hooked them up with guys to get out of the trauma but whose interests is not a long term. 
  • They tend to hook up with any guy that approaches them without learning from the past experience (the cause of the break up). They are so much in a hurry to get out of the mess they just experienced not knowing it’s a frying pan to fire path. 
  • They get involve with unusual mechanisms; binge drinking, smoking, partying, clubbing, just to pass the time without knowing it will only do them more harm. 

All the aforementioned signs, alerted sharp guys in spotting ladies without men at the moment and thus attack with all the available strategies they have without wasting time which is sine qua non to a grape planted by the road side. Against all odds, there lies an alternative. It is therefore noted that maturity needs to come to play in managing the situation. Here, the victim should endeavour to absorb/conceal the emotional status in order to avoid falling into wrong guys hands. 

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Obviously, the reasons are more than the said 7 but if the seven highlighted are adhered with its a win-win for you.


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