Twitter Ban in Nigeria: Important Considerations and Way Forward

Twitter Ban in Nigeria: Important Considerations and Way Forward

Twitter was literally banned by the Federal Government of Nigeria yesterday the 4th June 2021 owing to the removal of the genocidal posts made by the Presidency on his official Twitter page. Correspondingly, Facebook also removed the post from the Presidency page too due to its incitement of violent threats towards average Nigerians. We really do not know if the Federal Government will ban Facebook too. It's very funny and unexpected that Nigerian government placed a ban on Twitter in the country and also used the same app to make such post.

As at today, 5th June 2021, the Twitter app is still working without the use of VPN and I wonder what a ban it is and when it's going to take its full effect. To think a press conference was organized immediately after the removal of the Presidency's post on an app against many heinous acts going on in the country without receiving such attention is telling us many things. One, this government has chose to prioritize comedy against the threat of Nigerians existence by kidnappers and bandits. Two, the government and its officials have shown to us that their will is to run down the economic stand of the country by thinking of taking away technological flow of information.

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Thirdly, freedom of speech is so costly under this administration which was why hate speech bill was passed. Literally, they want us to be stoogies or toothless bulldogs that would just observe their mess and walk away forgetting their public agitations against the former government. It is also clear that Twitter ban if it eventually happens, many stakeholders will be affected from the telecommunication providers to an average youth in the country. Businesses return on investment will be affected, jobs will be lost, some opportunities shared on the app will be lost, our voices may not be has pronounced to the world as it used to be. May be this is the time to think outside the bird app. I mean, it might be time to think outside Internet. All we do on the Internet has warranted the global awareness but it has not really given us the magic we want. It's time to go glocal.

Until we fully understand the motive behind their movements, our public outcry might not be enough. I have seen this government as a self-centered one with their interest against the public good. Their interest so far does not concern making viable jobs available. They do not prioritize securing our lives and properties. Our continued impoverished state makes them happy. Their joy is their self-gain. Their wards are not living in this mess. And they don't want us to seek greener pastures. Do not forget, they strategically restricted the availability of International passport. What a shame!.

Against all odds, what can we do right now? Twitter app is one of our top voice platforms. How can we guard it from being taking away from us? What is the most feasible things to do now without being in any messy situation with their officers in black? If protesting physically doesn't work, online engagements must continue to work. In light of these, it is important to keep the Twitter app alive in Nigeria to continually rise up against injustice, bad governance and generational backwardness. One proven way out of this mess is to get a VPN often called Virtual Private Network. This is simply a route to access apps restricted in one's geographical location.

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I know this isn't the first time we are talking about using VPN's in Nigeria. All we need to do is get prepared for the winter is coming. I mean we are still going to see many more dramas, restrictions, before 2023. Get your VPN now, to stay connected to the world. I know of few VPN's that is free for android users while the iPhone users will pay for theirs. These are not but limited to Windscribe, Betternet VPN, Turbo VPN, Thunder VPN... This ban of Twitter either literally or officially won't be the end of it all, there are many more to come. Stay awoke. 

In all your gettings, make sure you get your international passport too. It is clear we all can't jet out for developed countries now but it is best we find solace around to avoid being consumed by these hyenas. Remember "he who fights and run away lives to fight another day". Peace.

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