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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Notable Lessons from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's Documentation about Atiku in his Book "My Watch"

Obasanjo's Book "My Watch" and Atiku
Writing a book for public consumption is a remarkable thing to do but documenting an autobiography requires a lot more thoughtfulness, consciousness and sagacity. These criteria are quintessential in all writings though, just that pouring down thoughts about other people "without holding anything back" can be very disastrous immediately and subsequently.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to Live and Triumph in the Nigeria Society We Find Ourselves Today

By nature, there are some things that are basically unchangeable. Such is the case of; where we were born, who rode us in here, our gender (transgender case is abominable) and all sorts. The beauty of this description is that where we find ourselves goes a long way to determine our lifestyles, thought pattern/orientation, belief systems and behavioural patterns.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Twelve (12) Trends that Rocked the Year 2017 in Nigeria

Nigeria Trends in 2017
In a span of 365days, there is a likely tendency for certain occurrences to manifest with 100% level of certainty in any country. Occurrences like Accidents, Birth, Death, Holidays, Seasonal Changes (Raining, Dry and Harmattan), Criminal Acts, Court Cases, and all sorts are natural mystic that comes every year in most if not all countries or communities today.

For instance, it is obvious that Nigeria recorded a significant amount of birth and death rate this year; different climatic conditions; and numerous police/court cases as a result of peoples' involvement in any crime or deviant act. Having established this fact, it is, however, imperative to enlist the peculiarities of the Year 2017 among other years in Nigeria. This year alone has accommodated many dramas emanating from both the government and the governed. All these acts of theirs individually and collectively make up the trend that rocked the Year 2017 in Nigeria.

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For better clarity, it is quite important to list the trends before discussing them one after the other.
  1. Economic Recession
  2. Exchange Rate 
  3. Boko Haram Activities
  4. Death of Beloved Ones
  5. Kidnapping Cases
  6. Independent People of Biafra's Activity
  7. Yahoo Plus Activities
  8. Pool of Unwanted Pregnancies
  9. Buhari's Death Controversy and the Other Room's Saga
  10. Whistle Blowing Activities
  11. Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) Controversy
  12. Creation of Statue and Ministry of Happiness
The occurrence of economic recession in the Year 2017 rocked the ship of Nigerians to the extent that the ship almost collapsed. The economy was so breathtaking for all and sundry - particularly the general masses because their means of livelihood - earnings could not account for their livelihood. All that people strived majorly for was just survival before thinking of anything else. In short, hardship and poverty were more than the anticipated from the CHANGE advocate in the year 2017.

In the year 2017, the exchange rate value for the very first time in Nigeria SKYROCKETED to the range of 400-700 in relations to other world currencies - Dollars ($), Pounds (£), Euro (€) and so on. The highest rate exchanged for one dollar was over N400 in the year 2017 but it never reached the N500 tally respectively. In short, the exchange rate of Nigeria currency "Naira" is quite higher than what we used to have in subsequent years.

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The year 2017 like other years since the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's administration also witnessed the bombing activities of the suicide bombers deployed by Boko Haram leaders as well as the falling of a number of our gallant soldiers on the battlefield. The year 2017 also experienced kidnapping cases of both innocent Nigerian citizens (though not as pronounced as the 250 Chibok girls) as well as the capture of prominent Boko Haram terrorists as claimed. This, therefore, justifies that Boko Haram activities lives on in Nigeria as at date.

The year 2017 witnessed the arrest, re-arrest and release of the popular agitator of the sovereign state of Biafra "Nnamdi Kanu" in the 21st century after the last struggle spearheaded by Late Lieutenant Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in the year 1967. For the very first time in the year, the group instilled fear in the Nigerian government by creating indigenous soldiers in their so-called "Biafra Region". This was the last time we heard anything about Biafra - with their leader acclaimed missing (after the Nigerian army stormed the arena)  along with the controversy that surrounds IPOB being named a terrorist group.

Kidnapping cases is a pervasive issue in Nigeria as far back as the millennium but the year 2017's case(s) leaves most people in a jaw-dropping state. The year 2017 was the year popular millionnaire Kidnapper Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans was napped. His activities have often branded him as the king in the game for he demands dollars ($) for ransom from the families/relative of the victims. This act in itself justified kidnapping for ransom as an official illegal business carried out in all the states of the federation in the year 2017.

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The year 2017 also reflects the transformation of the "Yahoo Yahoo" activities to Yahoo Plus or in simplicity "Ritualist". It was revealed on television stations, documented in newspaper dailies that Youths no longer deal on Yahoo Yahoo basis alone anymore but rather on rituals. This was noticed based on the several human parts found with Yahoo boys apprehended by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria. All these activities have made some run mad while it has also brought about the untimely death of the so-called game players in Nigeria.

The year 2017 also justify the increasing rate of youths involved in pre-marital sex due to their exposure via the mass media - television programmes, internet materials. Since there is always an end result of such actions, a majority of the youths now roam the public places - street, school, market... with unwanted pregnancies.

The year 2017 like other years also recorded a significant amount of different calibre of people's death in the society. Am quite sure, you are conversant with the death of at least one or two people around your - neighbourhood, workplace, marketplace, school, religious homes in the year 2017. As inevitable as death is, the departure of some of our celebrities whom we have no blood connections to often leaves more grief than expected. Such is the demise of Toyin Majekodunmi, Pastor Ajidara, Olumide Bakare, Royhillz Edozie, Eric Arubayi jnr., Moji Olaiya, Jide Tinubu, Wasilat Ayinde, and host of others in the year 2017.

The year 2017 happened to be a year President Mohammadu Buhari was presumed dead due to his longtime medical trip to London without any official speech from him during this period. Someone categorically said at an intense point that if President Buhari returns alive, he will commit suicide. Eventually, he came back alive though lean and pale but he came back.
Based on the Other Room Saga, this is a word acclimatized to President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria when he replied his wife interview to BBC from Germany. He said that his wife, the first lady of Nigeria, "Aisha Buhari" knows nothing about politics because she belongs to the other room. Dear reader, feel free to do your interpretation of the other room.

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The year 2017 also witnessed something alien in the history of Nigeria in terms of the search for corrupt politicians and their cash hide-outs. Surprisingly, the year 2017 reveals the cash hide-outs of the corrupt past administrators with the help of the whistleblower policy. Such places were; Mortuary, Abandon Houses, Soak Away, Underground e.t.c. All thanks to the whistleblower for leaving us with something jaw-dropping "unbelievable" but real as claimed. How I wish I can blow a whistle too

This is a recent act that also made a wave in the year 2017. The perpetrator of this act is no other person but the much respected Governor of Imo State Godwin Okorocha. He has therefore erected a lot of statues of people that don't even have any peculiarity to Imo State or even Nigeria at large. This is why people are suggesting he erects the picture of the first Nigerian artiste to win the Best International Act popularly known as "Wizkid" or Daddy Yo. In the same vein, Governor Okorocha also woke up one morning in 2017 and deem it fit to create a ministry of happiness based on the fact that people are not happy.

Feel free to add to the list on the comment button. Happy ending 2017 readers, wishing you heavens best this year.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why Black Slave Trade Thrives in Libya Today

Libya Slave Trade
From time immemorial, slave trade has been a thing of the Whites against the Blacks residing in the regions of their colonization. In essence, colonization begat the idea of the slave trade with or without the knowledge of Black frontline elders on the consequences for the Black race and its long-term benefits for the White.

On a contrary note, it is appalling, shocking and unexpectedly that a Black race will ever think of enslaving one another for whatsoever reason or benefit in this present dispensation. The case of Libya today is a living proof. Basically, Libya has been one of the richest countries in Africa, at least during the long-term reign of their supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi". This wealth, therefore, attracted all and sundry within and outside neighbouring African states to Libya. But after the forceful dethronement and death of this supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi" on several pressed charges nationally and internationally, Libya has hereby faced serious turnaround in their economic fate and political space. This is a likely pointer to why Black slave trade thrives in Libya.

Noticeably, the source of revenue generation (i.e. natural/non-natural resources) for Libyan are been severely contested with by its occupant - where the majority were non-Libyans such as Nigerians, Cameroonians and so on. Also, considering the harsh global economic condition, survival of the fittest now become the order of the day. Hence, the quest for survival by the Libyans with physical strength guided with arms and ammunition is a pointer to the case of the slave trade in Libya today. 

Worthy of note, the act of Black slave trade in Libya would not have been this severe if not for the rich receiving hands from all over Europe in exchange for any goodies (cash and its accomplice) much desired by the slave lords. Besides, the current administration of Libya should also be held accountable for all these inhumane treatments. This is apparently because such case would not have escalated in this dimension without the support of the government. In essence, this is a strategy adopted to put away neighbouring Africans from their soil (remember Ghana must Go saga).

It can also be established that the treatment of slaves (who are arguably refugees in the town) in this present dispensation now escalates beyond measures (where most were hanged, tortured and beaten severely) compared to what Blacks in African region experienced in the hands of the Whites. 

slavery in libya

These act, therefore, makes it imperative for all and sundry (Libyan government, other African leaders, non-governmental organisation and so on) to attend to this course practically and bring justice. With this Libya case, Whites will forever wish table does not turn against them.

I, OBILEYE Abolaji Adewale join the rest of humanitarian in the fight against slavery in Libya. On behalf of the entire staff of Realities of Today's Blog, we;

Saturday, November 04, 2017

As the Clock Ticks, These Things Can Happen to you Without Noticing

As the Clock ticks, These Happen

As the clock ticks, you begin to ponder which way to go or what step to take; 

As the clock ticks, you wonder why you have only been able to achieve some of your goals and not all; 

As the clock ticks, it bothers some older people that have yet achieved nothing, while some younger people are almost at their peak; 

As the clock ticks, it brings new challenges our way – some it weakens, some it breaks and some it gives strength; 

As the clock ticks, it brings you to new opportunities and ideas leaving you with how you maximize them; 

As the clock ticks, it gives you so many reasons to laugh or cry – depending on your fate at the moment; 

As the clock ticks, it reminds you of past memories you are grateful or sober about which makes you prepare for the future without giving a clue of the unforeseen occurrence that lies ahead;

As the clock ticks, it brings you to a crossroad of success or destruction leaving you in a dilemma of the right path to take;

As the clock ticks, it gives room for the lazy to wisen – up and wisdom to the hustler to double-up his/her hustling;

As the clock ticks, slow but steady only the swift makes it to the end of the pitch. 

What would you have yourself do with your ticking time now? 

No matter how fast or slow your clock ticks, undermining what it brings your way can be very shocking. There is only one fact that lives on; the ticking of your clock brings you closer to the end every now and then. 

Hence, live day by day to optimize your time.

Ozioma Felix Rejoice
P.K.A Yvonne Tee 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Why Venture into Things that Threatens your Freedom

Freedom and Guys

Naturally, every human being is born free at any point in time anywhere in the world but the laid down procedure in such society can, therefore, manipulate the freedom into another thing entirely. In this case, the clan or group one comes from in a society determines to an extent whether the individual is totally free, partially free or a slave. 

Freedom in whatever form is, therefore, nature in the making but it can also be seized, threatened or suspended by one’s dealing – day to day activities or by the society one lives in. although, a threat to one’s freedom by the society might seem in obscurity due to the human rights guaranteed in the constitution of the land but, in the real sense – such freedom can be threatened/seized by the leading authority of the land. This notion brings the quote of President Idi Amin’s of Uganda necessary “Freedom of Speech is Free but Freedom after Speech I can’t assure you. In the same vein, the current hate speech campaign by APC government is another worthy example which threatens freedom of expression.

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Based on the theme of this article, it is therefore worthy to reveal the activities that threaten or wage war against one’s freedom in conjunction with its end result and why it is necessary to avoid such activities. No matter how good freedom is, some people still venture into things (different) and activities that put them in a tight corner for reasons best known to them. 

To mention but a few, such activities are; 
  • Occultic practices “cultism” 
  • Yahoo Yahoo – Yahoo Plus or Yahoo Minus 
  • Robbery (Armed Related)
  • Use of Narcotic Drugs 
Having listed the points overleaf, it can be said that such activities are more of a masculine thing than feminine. This is not to say females are God sent but the emphasis of this piece centers more on the males’ daily engagement in the name of work or enjoyment. For instance, why venture into Cultism, Yahoo Yahoo, Narcotic Drug Use, Robbery? When it threatens your natural gift of freedom. Why involve yourself in cultism when you know you can’t publicly declare your identity? 

Why, is it 
  • for protection, 
  • for material gain, 
  • for oppression,
  • to instill fear or what. 
I want to believe all of this put together is not worth your freedom – which is why most top intelligentsia leaders in cult groups today advice people not to join (because their freedom is at a risk already). In essence, what you enjoy as a free citizen they don’t get to enjoy – because they are always running for their life which would one day be seized by their group members or their co-hunters from another group. 
On a second note, Yahoo Yahoo or say Yahoo Plus is another trending activity of guys that threatens their freedom nowadays. This activity today is more or less like the game of hide and seek played by children (if you don’t know the game, try to ask your younger ones). This game of guys today is apparently an illegal activity that has tarnished the image of Nigeria as a nation. This act has branded Nigerians as one of the most fraudulent people to deal with in the world today. Due to this, guys continue to play this game hiding and seeking shield from some police officers especially the Special Anti Robbery Squad because their freedom to play the game is under threat. 

Why run helter-skelter when your freedom is a natural gift?
I want to believe their conscience pricks them, that’s why they hit and run. Hence, for the sake of the natural gift from God, it is necessary for you to switch from your current activity to that which guides your freedom. 

Robbery as a case is a crime committed by either male or female all in the name of making ends meet. This act is not restricted to a particular age, group or gender (most especially males). This activity, therefore, wages serious war against their freedom because the perpetrator operates like a ghost in the dark but the moment light shines on the perpetrator, his/her freedom gets threatened seized automatically. 
Last but not the least, drug use today is becoming a trending activity among niggas – guys today in the name of enjoying life. Worthy of note, the enjoyment is always presumed to be in camera because of the legal provision against such use. As such, the moment the perpetrator get exposed or caught. The freedom of such fellow remains either seized or suspended temporarily. 

  • Never live a life that threatens your freedom.
  • Never involve yourself in any fraudulent dealing. 
  • Never use or abuse drugs prescribed to be injurious to man’s health. 
  • Never engage in activities that leave the receiving party with scars/pain.
  • Never live your life in a hurry. ``

Friday, September 15, 2017

With the Look of things Today, this Occurrence Might End the World Soon

End of the World
As at today, there seems to be many questions left unanswered that keeps pushing intellectual people to think thoroughly outside the box. So far, regardless of their level of intelligent quotient, thought pattern and the pool of material resources, the result (answer) remains in obscurity. One of the unanswerable questions of the moment is; When will this World end? When will this World stop breathing? or better put, Can this World seize to exist?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Five Mind-Blowing Kissing Techniques You Need to Master Today

Mind Blowing Kissing Technique

Trust me on this, you will never ever again crave for what's below the pants once you figure out how the sacred art of kissing can skyrocket your pleasure to unimaginable heights. In fact, scientists have confirmed that the mouth is a very erogenous zone. And if that is something to be believed, then it is quite foolish for a man to jump "the opening credits".

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Why Ojude-Oba Celebration in Ijebu-Ode Carries More Weight than Other Regions in Ogun State

Awujale of Ijebu Land
Ojude-Oba celebration is a day of joy pertaining to Ogun State (precisely the Ijebu region) which usually occur some days after Ileya festival depending on the region’s calendar. Some regions celebrate their Ojude- Oba after three days of Ileya festival, some after two days, while some after the Ileya festival e.t.c. 

For the benefit and sake of non-Ijebu indigenes, Ojude-Oba celebration is precisely a day set aside to dine and wine (i.e. celebration of life) with the king of a particular area in Ijebu and also to promote the cultural heritage of the land. For more clarity, diverse social groups (Bobakeye, Bobagbimo, Bobagunte, Regbe Regbe...) in the land known and accepted by the King assemble to celebrate the traditional values of the land via choreography, dancing, singing, eulogizing e.t.c.

Without mincing word, this act of celebration in Ijebu land can be dated back to the 18th century which is a pointer that it’s a generational course passed on from our fore-fathers down to us. As at date, the Ojude Oba celebration in Ogun State is apparently observed in Ijebu-Ode, Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu-Isiwo, Ijebu-Imushin, Ijebu-Ife, Odonselu, and lately Ilese respectively. 

Among all these regions, Ijebu-Ode has proven to be the most decorated of all due to various reasons. To begin with, various yardstick can be used to evaluate this pronouncement viz; age of existence, population, land mass, social amenities, infrastructural facilities e.t.c. Indeed, Ijebu-Ode is still far behind some cities and towns in Nigeria such as Abeokuta, Lagos, Ibadan and some others but it supersedes other regions highlighted earlier on all the developmental indexes. 

By any of the enlisted yardsticks, one can say Ojude-Oba celebration in Ijebu-Ode is the most decorated of all but there are many more reasons why this location/venue is accorded much respect and regard. These reasons are under-listed; 
  1. It is the genesis of the celebration.
  2. It is the location of the incumbent reigning Awujale of Ijebu land. 
  3. It is the home of prominent rich Nigerians as well. 
  4. It is an arena marred with great success in the past (may the Almighty God return the lost glory in Jesus name). 
  5. It is one of the prominent provinces created under the British council. 
  6. It is the most exposed arena and popular in the region of Ijebu. 
  7. It is a dramatic arena that attracts visitors from far and near. 
  8. It has played host to all living democratic President in Nigeria (except the current President whose health is under constant check).

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Why Kingpin Kidnapper - Evans Should be Utilized and not Crucified

Why Evans Should be Utilized

The story of billionaire Lagos-based kidnapper "Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike" popularly known as EVANS has raised a lot of contending issues and would remain a remarkable occurence in the history of Lagos, Nigeria. As regards his crucifixion or utilisation, it is highly imperative to enlist the reaction of people towards the case. Some people hail his level of professionalism, some value-oriented folks crucifies his action while some intelligentsia sees more positive than negatives in the story of Evans.

Information gathered through the internet and his confession (via interview) on television stations revealed lots of jaw-dropping secrets about him and his modus operandi;
  • He is a knowledgeable and successful being in the business.
  • He has businesses outside Nigeria just to leave out unnecessary suspicion about his activities.
  • He chooses to receive dollars in all his dealings.
  • He is adequately knowledgeable of his terrain.
  • He knows the people that matter around him.
  • He is strategic in his dealings at all times. 
Due to these distinguishing factors, the Nigeria at present (who deems it fit to fight corruption) has gotten a strategic manpower who can be used for making ends meet. If you are wondering why a criminal should be utilised, you need to understand the requirements of nailing a higher criminal - experienced and strategic one. To support this notion, it is the belief of the Yorubas that "Ole lo mo ese ole nto lori apata". This saying simply means only an experienced/professional thief (criminal) can unravel another criminal footprint on a mountain.

At this juncture, it is advised that Evans should be drafted into the department of intelligence in charge of fighting corruption cases (DSS preferably) with strict monitoring, supervision, and law binding his involvement in criminal cases with a very good salary scale which might not necessarily meet his standard of living but it must not be too far from it. A close door meeting with Governor Ambode and important security personnels will aid the utilisation of this.

On another end, his investments in form of businesses can be brought down to Lagos, Nigeria just as punishment for his misdeeds. The state government should take care of the recruiting exercises for the firm and all other management operations - in order to aid the fight against poverty and unemployment. This act would, therefore, increase the employability of Nigerian graduates thereby reducing poverty level in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Another pointer that can leave the footprint of Mr Evans on Nigerian history (aside from this current misdeeds), is his business/entrepreneurial orientation. From all his dealings, it can be deduced that Mr Evans would be a highly successful businessman due to his;
  • intelligence,
  • in-depth understanding of the environment he lives,
  • strategic dealings,
  • technological awareness,
  • team player, and
  • game changer
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Invariably, the utilisation of this Evans group would do more benefits to Nigeria than his crucifixion. This is arguable because his crucifixion will only;
  • increase kidnapping businesses - the rest of the team are out there I believe (precisely out of Nigeria)
  • make Lagos rich folks live in fear as they would experience more cases of kidnapping
  • make state government gain the financial wealth of Evans at the expense of the benefits to the general masses and the reduction of kidnapping experience.

Monday, June 12, 2017

12 Cogent Things that Have Happened to Nigeria after the Demise of Chief M.K.O. Abiola

M.K.O Abiola death
As celebrated today in Nigeria- the 12th day of June 2017, marks the 24th year that the late global figure, powerful businessman, philanthropist and politician named Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola popularly known as Chief M.K.O Abiola contested for The Presidency in 1993. It was indeed a day worth remembering for Nigerians who massively voted for Abiola to rule the nation but surprising an unexpected occurred.

The day that should have been a day of celebration for Yoruba folks and Nigeria at large later turns out to be mere history as we speak without any official note that Chief M.K.O once ruled the nation, Nigeria at a particular time. History reveals that General Ibrahim Babangida's administration reportedly annulled the election for reasons best known to him. During this period, all efforts by Chief M.K.O to be reinstated as the winner of the election was futile regardless of his international connections.
Eventually, he was imprisoned on a treasonable charge for declaring himself as President at Epetedo area of Lagos Island (since Efe Nwosu - the then NEC chairman was incapacitated to make such decision). As long as he spent 4years in the prison custody, with several awkward treatments. Alas, he lost his life on the 7th of July, 1998. At the declaration of his death, a lot of people (citizens from far and near) follow suit for the sake of June 12 1993, election.

However, its been a long year to this time (decades) leaving Nigeria with a lot of memories - worries, pains and agony to mention but a few. Invariably, a whole lot has happened after the demise of 1993 people choice President of Nigeria.

The 12 cogent things that have happened to Nigeria after the demise of Chief M.K.O. Abiola are as follows;
  1. Democracy lives on
  2. Communication at all fronts now available in Nigeria
  3. Increasing number of social problems
  4. Substandard state of existing social structures
  5. Discrimination and marginalisation lives on
  6. Economic stagnation at national level
  7. FGN lives on with massive debt
  8. Hope for Nigerians (as championed in 1993) remains a mirage
  9. Standard of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb
  10. Cost of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb
  11. Dangote lives as the richest living African man
  12. Corruption thrives on
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The crazy democracy of 1993 who annulled the election of M.K.O remains the practice of Nigeria as a nation. Due to constant pressure on General Babangida, he left the seat of GCFR for Ernest Adegunle Oladeinde Shoneka (who reigned as an interim President for three month) who was later toppled by the ferocious and fearless late military leader General Sani Abacha. At the demise of the LORD, return to democracy was realistic for Obasanjo's case. Since 1999 till date, democracy lives on.

Prior the death of Chief M.K.O Abiola, communication at level was not easily available and accessible to all and sundry in Nigeria. At the transition to democracy in 1999 (until this present time), communication has been made available and accessible to an average Nigeria regardless of his/her financial status.

Social problems affecting Nigeria and her development have grown wings from the dawn of time till date. Poverty, unemployment and increasing crime rate been the frontliners of the nation's challenge from earliest time have taken a twist leading to new dimensions and increasing rates. Trending dimensions of social problems are Kidnapping for ransom, Kidnapping for ritual, Rape of the Elderly, Boko Haram Insurgencies, Fulani Herdsmen and lots more.

Substandard state of existing social structures. All the existing basic social structure (polity, religion, education, economy and family) today is marred with lots of ups and down.

Discrimination and marginalisation thrive on in Nigeria. This is noticeably based on the allocation of favoured position to one zone ahead of others. Another pointer to discrimination and marginalisation in Nigeria is the long cry for independence by the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) under the current stewardship of Nnamdi Kanu. Another rationale for discrimination is noticeable when a group of Northerners gave a notice of October 1st for Igbos residing in their region.

Economic stagnation (if not retrogression) at the national level is the reality of Nigeria today. The dependence on the monopolistic product "Oil" has left the nation in a redundant state due to global relations and others. Another pointer to the economic stagnation is the havoc wrecked by past administrations (quoting APC government) as well as the lack of efficient and appropriate manpower holding the position of power today.

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FGN at all level - federal and state government lives on with massive debt regardless of the Paris bailout funds received and distributed to necessary quarter.

Hope for Nigerians championed by Chief M.K.O Abiola remains a mirage in present time. There is no hope for average Nigerian youths and old folks regardless of their educational background and qualification. Since unemployment and poverty thrive on while the economy remains unfavourable to all and sundry. HOPE for Nigerians today remains worrisome due to past glory.

The standard of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb today since economic stagnation hits the nation hard.

Cost of living for an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb today because of the massive effects of exchange rates (since most goods are imported), economic recession and inflation rates to mention but a few.

Prior the arrest of Chief M.K.O Abiola, he was one of the richest businessmen in Africa and at home while the current business mogul Aliko Dangote was far from reach. As at this day, Dangote products (cement, sugar, flour, rice, spaghetti, pasta) have gained wide reach and acceptability leaving him as one of the formidable business moguls in Nigeria, Africa and the World in general.

Corruption thrives on in Nigeria as exposed by relentless efforts of Buhari government.

#June12 spirit lives on, be mindful of your activities today.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dammy Krane Alleged Fraud Saga; Moral Lesson for Nigerian Youths

dammy krane alleged fraud
Popular Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste with the name "Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel", also known as Dammy Krane alleged credit card fraud on 2nd June, 2017 has raised lot of eye popping reactions from Nigerians home and abroad. According to TripJet, the Faleela crooner booked for private airline with fake credit card. His action was therefore narrowed to a 9 count charge which revolves around grand theft, credit card fraud, intent to defraud, identity fraud, forgery, and conspiracy.

Internet has been fried, diced, roasted and burnt ever since the news broke out. Lot of shady comments have been passed to the music artiste by all and sundry (particularly the EFCC says; 'Ladies and gentlemen, please do NOT mortgage your future in exchange for the transient thrill of ostentatious display. #EmbraceYourTruth) - 99% of such comments revolves around living a FAKE LIFE.

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Be that as it may, Nigerian youths are obliged to learn from this shady act which brought nothing but; 
  • public disgrace to the music crooner
  • international stain to his career and future
  • shame to his family name
  • loss of respect and dignity to a commonsensible being
  • bad signal to the outter world who strongly believed Nigerians are fraudsters
  • shame to the generation of up and coming youths
  • daunting stain on his music career
  • loss of fans to mention but a few.
All the highlighted points, justified a breach to indigenous Yoruba cultural heritage which preached sternly hardwork, perseverance, patience, moderacy, commitment and other good values you can ever think of.

The moral lesson for Nigerian youths today says;
  • live within your means
  • do not be covetous
  • do not live to please anybody 
  • remember to guard and protect your family name (if not yours) at all times
  • remember the daughter and son of whom you are 
  • remember your cultural values/heritage at all times
Above all, live responsibly.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why Ijebu-Ode Will Not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon

Ijebu-Ode and Development Issues
Ijebu-Ode, one of the popular town in the heart of Ogun State - Nigeria, remains less-developed from earliest time till date for numerous reasons. One of which is why people move in and out of the area majorly for celebrating yuletide season (Ileya, New Year, Ojude Oba...). It is, therefore, worrisome when rich folks of Ijebu origin flocks around major cities within and outside Nigeria, leaving their beloved home in an apologetic state. This state is apologetic because Ijebu-Ode could not boast of certain essential elements (good roads, employment opportunities, sound/affordable public health care system, vibrant business activities...).

There are numerous factors raised to justify why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon among her contemporaries. Carefully, go through these factors and see for yourself

Interest of Ijebu's
It is often believed that interest of indigenes is a formidable factor to consider whenever there is a need for change and development. Such change and development will be undesirable when the occupants (indigenes) are not convinced and ready for such alteration regardless of how lucrative it might seem. 

The interest of Ijebu's (indigenes not migrant)  is vehemently the first and paramount factor to consider if development is likely to surface in the area. There is a common saying, "Kekere Ijebu - Owo ni, Agba Ijebu - Owo ni" (meaning - small and elderly from Ijebu are stinkingly rich). It is worthy to ask few questions at this juncture; Where are the riches catered to?, Why are the riches not channelled towards the development of this area? How does the area benefit from their riches?

Going by the saying above, it is agreeable that development of the area should not be a problem since the wherewithal is within reach. However, due to the state of the area at present, it is apparent to note that the interest of Ijebu's (particularly the rich ones) are not formidable enough to help the area out of its state of epilepsy.
Location of Rich Ijebus
The quality of people occupying one area/jurisdiction arguably goes a long way to determine the level of development in the place. In essence, an area populated by poor folks is less likely to experience development compared to an area populated with rich and average folks where basic amenities and infrastructures are not joked with. The mixture of poor and rich people in an arena is quite preferable to an arena flux with poor folks for development tendencies.

In Ijebu-Ode for instance, the larger part of its occupants is average people coupled with a large number of poor folks. Location of rich Ijebus before and after fame is worthy to mention for weighing the chances of achieving development anytime soon. Most rich Ijebus live outside Ijebu (precisely far away - within and outside Nigeria) but often visit their self-built house "occasionally" during festive periods.

Had it been the majority of them "rich folks" lived in the area, they will be familiar with the apologetic state of their beloved area and see the necessity to put certain essentialities "good road network, improved security measure/agency, job opportunities..."  in place.

Lack of Job Opportunities
Availability of varying opportunities for occupants diversities (educational background, ethnic group, gender, occupation, religion) is an important pointer for achieving development in any area. On the other end, the non-availability of these opportunities would affect the individual cost and standard of living.

In Ijebu-Ode, job opportunities are scantily available for all and sundry. When indigenes of Ijebus find nothing sustainable to do, what hope lies for the immigrants. Lack of job opportunities is, therefore, normal in Ijebu-Ode because industries are in diaspora.
Myopic Minds of Most Self-Reliant People in Ijebu-Ode
Entrepreneurial orientation has proven to be the deciding factor behind the development tendencies of any nation whatsoever. In essence, the minds of occupants as regards business activities goes a long way to determine the extent at which development can surface in the area.

I begin to ask myself, why small scale enterprises flocks around Ijebu-Ode. This is agreeable because the total number of containers and shops in the area itself is equivalent to the number of houses in the area if not more than.  However, the noticeable businesses in the area are "Filling Stations" which does little or nothing to either contribute or enhance development in the area.

Security Challenges
Security of life and properties is a proven yardstick for measuring development in any area in the World. In Ijebu-Ode's case, security of life and properties is not guaranteed regardless of the criminal justice system presently situated in one corner of the town. It is indeed worrisome if a popular town in the heart of Ogun state "Ijebu-Ode" still battles with the insecurity of inhabitants life and properties.

Anyway, Ijebu-Ode will not/never experience development anytime soon if adequate attention is not taken into consideration - to reduce cases of armed robbery, shop burgling, kidnapping, extortion... Although this scenario is noticeable anywhere in Nigeria, it is quite disappointing when the same security agents in the area demonstrate efficiency when dignitaries have a function.

Absence of Industries
Availability of industries is a key decider for ensuring development in an arena  - the more industries are situated in a place, the more likely such place has developmental tendencies. The prominent industry in this area is the banking industry which has little tendencies of contributing to the development of the area because the banks are majorly situated in one area of the town (Folagbade to be precise).

Since security challenges are inherent in the area, investors won't find the place attractive and safe for their business. Non-availability of industries capable of employing thousands of people in the area is another justification as to why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon.

Without an urgent approach to these aforementioned facts, Ijebu-Ode development remains a mirage in totality.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why You Don't Have to Joke with this Season of Ramadan

Season of Ramadan 2017
Ramadan! Ramadan!! Ramadan!!!
It is another season for Muslims all around the Globe to observe their yearly fasting and prayer. The importance of this season to Nigerians is nothing one can shy away from due to the awkward experiences in Nigeria today.

Actually, no sensible being from any religious background; Islam, Christianity or Traditional should be pleased with the situation of things in Nigeria. Hence, praying and fasting is a necessity for all and sundry regardless of their religious preference. Although, current acting President - Prof Yemi Osibajo said lately that Nigeria's situation has gone past fasting and prayer. Am sure he said that due to the level of havoc done by past governments.

I, therefore, obliged all and sundry to neglect the declaration of Acting President and purely dedicate their body, mind and soul (BMS) for the fasting and praying programme which is capable of resuscitating Mr President and the nation's economy as a whole.

In essence, I beseech you - brothers and sisters at home or in diaspora to kindly utilise this season for self, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and importantly for your beloved nation "Nigeria". Taking a microscopic view of all that has happened since the transformation to the Change government, it is agreeable that lots of calamities have befallen Nigeria and its citizen. For instance, the nation's economy experienced a drastic fall, cost and standard of living dropped, new trends of perpetuating crime sprang up to mention but a few.

Since no condition is said to be permanent. And also because Change remains the only constant thing. This season "Ramadan" needs to be taken with utmost seriousness to ameliorate the highlighted setback. Thus, the incubated blessings in this season are more than enough for all and sundry to take with levity.

However, this Ramadan season will only deliver your portion of blessings if and only if;
  • your body, mind and soul are genuinely dedicated to the season practices.
  • your faith is as strong as your will.
  • you are full of hope with no room for doubts.
Against all odds, dedicate your BMS throughout the season and your story will never remain the same.
 #PreachLove #PreachPeace

Monday, May 15, 2017

Five Places Knowledge can be Easily Acquired in Life (No 3 will Surprise you)

Places knowledge can be acquired
There is no gainsaying "Knowledge is Power" when there is no particular place linkable to such saying. Arguably, learning starts from one's cradle and ends at one's death. There exist some designated institutions/establishments to instil discipline and knowledge about how life operates.

Noticeably, the starting point of an individual learning begins with his/her family. Here, family members imbibe or teach new and existing members acceptable ways of life - behavioural expectations are imbibed in the life of children so as not to be a scapegoat of life and government.

Another important institution that teaches people real hard is the school system at a different level. At the primary level, the 3R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) is the focal point of the institutions while the next level built on the 3R's to prepare one for the higher institution. At the entry of higher citadel of learning, students focus on their courses estranged with a vocation in order to be useful in the society. Other platforms for learning under this system include seminar, symposium, conferences, etc.

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Having graduated from the University/Polytechnics, real life experiences now form another basis for acquiring knowledge. This, therefore, supports the longtime saying "Experience is the Best Teacher". Hence, Life, therefore, takes it upon itself to teach people regardless of their academic achievements at different centres.

To start with, real/uncensored/unpurified knowledge also comes out (surfaces) during a gathering with elders. Here, people talk about their life experiences for the fun of the moment and not really to orientate fellow folks. This gathering at a party, beer parlour or during festive periods makes it worthwhile because utterances exchanged there cannot be found in any school curriculum.

However, whenever someone fails to learn from the aforementioned, he/she now becomes a victim of the situation. Victim of the situation here means he/she will find him/herself within the confines of the state institution (Police) charged for one offence or the other. Although, the experience of developing nations (Nigeria in particular) does not include only the offenders but also the innocent fellow who falls prey into the hungry lion's den. Knowledge fly here and there while in the police custody, it only takes the wise one to detect and isolate the bad lessons from the good ones to live as a responsible citizen of a nation.

At the detriment of it all, people can also learn from their mistakes and be a changed person within the prison custody. This is somehow related to the police custody because interaction will be made with people with different experiences. This is so because "variety is the spice of life" i.e. various experiences are shared day in day out amongst inmates and wardens capable of improving their knowledge about life.
In simplicity, all the aforementioned is a justification that life itself is a teacher - "the more we live, the more we learn". I pray life teach you softly but if the other way round is what you need to resuscitate your consciousness, then GOODLUCK.

Friday, April 14, 2017

How to Save People from Committing Suicide in a Breathtaking Economy

Save People from Suicide
When someone we love or acquainted with commits suicide, the most common question on our lips is 'Why did he/she do that?' especially in cases where the victim did not leave behind any clue as to the reason why. I feel our lips should be dancing not to gossips nor our assumptions as to what made the victim resort to suicide but to what we could have done to help as family, friends, neighbour or acquaintance. 

Many a time, we respond to people's indirect cry for help in very harsh manner. We say things like 'If you don't like it, go and die', 'Do you feel you are the only one with problems in this world?', e.t.c. Though, those words are not intended to hurt other people's feelings but it could happen to do just that. 

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We would be surprised at how much a 'simple accidental smile' or a 'good morning', could make another person's day better. Maybe we couldn't have stopped that person from committing suicide or maybe we could have; we can never tell, but we can help by not being a part of the problem. 

The harmless things to consider as a neighbour, colleague, acquaintance or friend to prevent people from taking their lives are highlighted below; 
  • To that neighbour that always sit alone, pass
    How to prevent suicide
    a smile each day when you walk by. 
  • To that your colleague that always feel as if she can never make it through that exam, let her know that she is doing better and you believe that with a little more determination, she can compete with the best. 
  • To that acquaintance always feeling left out, let him know that he is loved and cherished. 
  • To that friend that feels like her life is falling apart, it is only so that a better structure would be erected and that amidst every rubble, there is always a pebble with a diamond cut. 

Let's learn to always remind people of how important they are and how proud we are of them. Don't be negligent in treating others well and should we ever realize someone needs professional help, we shouldn't hesitate to direct them to people who can help and ensure they get the necessary help; because though we may not know it but we might be saving someone's life and family from grief.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Big Brother Naija TV Show is Culturally Disastrous to Nigerians

 BBNaija and Nigerian Culture
People of different races in the world - white, black, half-caste hold in high esteem different things about their life; outlook, lifestyle, choice/preference among other options. As regards things about oneself, there are some things that should be private to an extent; physically, socially, spiritually, financially and all the``-ly`` you can ever think of. But when what is supposed to be private has been aired, then it is no more private except when it is without the permission of the victim, then, it is simply invasion of privacy which attracts legal implication.

Gone are those days when the human genitals have pride and sexual intercourse was private, done with dignity and enjoyed by wedded couples but now, reverse is the case. I don't have a problem with anyone having s3x with an unmarried person or even animals (only God will cleanse the land) . What I have a problem with is having s3x and publicizing it. We now have more porn stars than graduates, I mean what is the point of having s3x with one's boyfriend, recording it and publicizing it? It all started with leaked s3x video and it's been “legalized” with the popular televised programme called Big Brother Africa cum Big Brother Naija.

A reality show is supposed to have a purpose at which it is aiming at. For example, Gulder Ultimate Search, MTN Project Fame, Maltina dance all to mention but a few, have an obvious vision at which they are aiming at but nothing moral can be said of the “entertaining” Big Brother Naija which is known for its excessive immorality, publicized private actions, and corrupt action and so on. It has successfully debased the moral standard of a typical Nigerian youth, and has offended the sensibility of the children. Although it is rated 18 but when a child "stumbles" on it, he/she has been exposed to it.

People who are supposed to be role models for younger ones are the ones leaving bad footprints (example). What happens to the culture, morals, values and traditions? It has all been washed down the drain and now we celebrate immorality like its' no big deal. We now have immorality and insanity wrapped in one package "Big Brother Naija" under a more sophisticated name "entertainment". 
I wonder what happens to the nation's broadcasting control agency, which is meant to curtail the raw edges of this programme. At least, those pornographic scenes could have been excluded from the public viewing. The havoc of this television series to the present generation and the upcoming will only harm the cultural values of dignity and sanity.

On a global scale, this era currently celebrates indecency and immorality since financial status gets skyrocketed from the awkward practices. I therefore believe the world is severely sick, a divine healer is needed to cushion these disastrous platform among others.
#Operation Save Nigerian Culture
#Cry to Destroy the Evils of Globalization
#Spread Sanity

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Forbidden Fruits Ate by Nigerians in Diaspora; Tips and Considerations

"Home, sweet home" they say. Whenever the home is not rosy or palatable for the homies (dwellers), hope lies outside the beloved "home" for their survival and development. Nigerians regardless of their complexities; ethnic groups, religion, race spread across the face of the

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Worries and Shame of Celebrating Ex-Convict with the Caption "Lion is Back"

Worries of Celebrating an Ex-Convict
The return of the former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, from UK jail has been applauded as a great defeat by his kinsmen. The Oghara born was welcomed with great celebration, ranging from thanksgiving to congratulatory messages on the media, even after serving a 13-year jail term in the United Kingdom.

Personally, I have less issue with people (of Delta state) painting the whole town red to celebrate his “victorious” return, what I'm mostly concerned about is the metaphor used to describe him in a congratulatory message in one of the Nigerian dailies-“the lion is back”. 
I cannot but be perplexed at the pride, effrontery, and encouragement these people have given him to do more.  What is so “lionable” in being an ex-convict?
  • A disgrace to the nation, 
  • A bad example to the youth, 
  • A  living testimony of corruption - who used looted public funds to buy luxury homes; fleet of cars and a private jet. 
Can the metaphor “The lion is back”  used for the ex- convict mean that since he has been bruised, he will come back like a wounded lion, or a lioness in labour and the only thing that will suffer is the Nigerian economy? In an ideal sense, he should;
  • cover his face in shame under the light of the world
  • stay indoor for the fear of being seen
  • keep mute for a particular period until he has done something adorable for the nation.
Well, a similar case has happened with the then national vice chairman in the south-west zone of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, who was also welcomed in a grand style of thanksgiving service for a “well-served jail term”. I don’t blame the celebrated “Icons” but I blame those that supported in their show of shame, all in the name of celebration.

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The former governor, James Ibori after been convicted said African Politicians never retire; yes, he has every nerve to say that, because we live in a country where an ex-convict can rule the whole nation and nobody dare says anything about it. “Nobody wants to die, but they want to go to heaven”, I won’t be surprised if he contests in the next election. In this part of the world, anything goes.
To Mr James Ibori (sorry, chief Ibori), no matter what you do, you are still an ex- convict. Well, you are swimming in the fame and popularity.