Why Ponzi Scheme is not for you? See Five (5) Important Lessons

We all want to make money and live happily, right? It's a good thing. The path to get riches and happiness is what separates us. Some of us are so heady about getting rich through the fast route while some people are so calm and strategic to delay the gratification towards getting rich. Whichever way you sought, it usually comes with consequences. Fast-illegal routes can be so sweet at first, burning and painful eventually while the long elongated routes might be stressful and worth it at the end of the day. 

Ponzi schemes from MMM down to the recent one "RACKSTERLY" came to teach us lessons. I was once a victim too but the loss was well calculated and prepared for in my own case. Let me tell you my story. For a very long time, my clique knows I don't believe and deal in money doubling schemes no matter who is selling the idea to me. Fortunately, I keyed into Tradera's educational plan to learn how to make money through FOREX. In the midst of work and familial engagements, I ran out of subscription unknowingly before finishing my learning. 

Ordinarily, I was supposed to renew the subscription with another $50 (like N40,000) but I refused believing the people who introduced me to the platform would give me their login details to complete my training. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one person to help me through the long campaign post I put up. In response, the admin told me to delete the post immediately but I refused by saying he has to remove me instead. And so he did. I couldn't complete the training and I went into the game without calming down. Damn! I lost money (slightly above the equivalent I invested earlier though) before I ran for my life.

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As for Ponzi, either online or offline, I have never been involved in it. I only get to hear about the investment days, maturation dates, and crash dates with a lot of consequences. See why Ponzi scheme is not for you.  

Lesson One

The scheme will crash and there is nothing you can do about it. Ponzi schemes are usually not sustainable. It doesn't stand the test of time i.e. there is a specific opening window and closing window usually known to the masterminds of the scheme.

Lesson Two

Never invest your life savings into a Ponzi scheme, it can be very disastrous. I know some people love taking risks having learnt about rule 1, why then will you break the bank and bank it on a Ponzi scheme? Do you think that is reasonable?

Lesson Three

When the Ponzi scheme crashes, why should you take your own life? Remember, you didn't really work for the money you are expecting. So, killing yourself ain't the option since rule one (1) says it will crash someday.

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Lesson Four

Never involve yourself in a Ponzi scheme if you know you don't have a solid shock absorber. Yes, shock absorber! This will, therefore, sustain you when the scheme crashes. Your shock absorber could be friends, families, workplace, or your personal company. 

Lesson Five

If you don't participate in this scheme that keeps coming out with different names, and games you won't die and you are still going to be rich and successful in life. Goodluck.

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