Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reports from Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries Anniversary/Convention Press Conference 2017

Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries (PSBM) WORLDWIDE celebrates her 21st Anniversary/15th Annual Convention today, the 11th March, 2017 with a Press Conference at her headquarter situated at 9, Araromi Lane, Odo-Egbo, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. The programme started with prayers around 11am, afterwhich praises and worship was led by the choristers. Thereafter, the General Overseer of the Ministry, Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade, made an official presentation about the church.

The auditorium was filled with Press men from far and near, Congregation Members, and Anointed Ministers of God from different branches within and outside Ijebu-Ode.

Special guests at the High table were Pastor Bode Keyede, Pastor (Mrs) A. O. Aina, Pastor Wole Onanibosi (Chairman of Convention), Iya Oyinbo of Oke Aje Market, Pastor Oladele Sanumo, Deacon Oshokoya, Deaconess Ogunsanya and the hosts "Prophet & Dr. (Mrs) S.D. Iyunade". Press men also flooded the house from Vanguard, Tribune, Punch, Royal Mirror, NTA Ijebu-Ode, First Weekly Magazine, News Direct, The General, News Telegraph, and Realities of Today Blog.

The President of the Ministry - Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade welcomes all and sundry to the Church Anniversary and Annual Convention tagged "Occupy till I come". He listed the schedule of the programme as follows; 

Saturday      -             11th March - Press Conference (Venue: Headquarter)
Sunday         -             19th March - Convention Rally - 3pm
Monday - Thursday   20th - 23rd March Revival  - 5:30pm  (Venue: Headquarter)
Tuesday - Thursday   21st - 23rd March - Ministers' Conference 9am 
Friday          -              24th March - Praise Night - 9pm (Venue: PSBM Campground "Zion City")
Saturday      -              25th March - Holy Communion Service  - 4pm (Venue: Headquarter)
Sunday    -      26th March-Thanksgiving & Ordination Service -10am  (Venue; PSBM Campground)

The Prophet/President made some scriptural backup to the theme of the convention and also linked that to a quote "No One Can Go To War Unprepared". He graced the day with Prophecies for this year which raised questions from the Press Men and the audience in general. 

His Prophecies, goes thus;
  • Famine will surely continue if this government keeps doing things their way
  • An economic boom is coming to Nigeria but it will not come in the time of this government 
  • Politicians will rise against one another
  • Southern Nigeria will experience continued marginalisation
  • SouthWestern Nigeria will experience retrogression as against the promised development
  • Other regions will collide to crush the SouthWest
  • People will move from far and near (Lagos in particular) to reside in Ogun State due to her massive development
  • International business will experience tremendous growth and development
The Prophet also took his time to relate the way out;
  • Nigerians should pray fervently so that God will shorten the days of famine/drought in the land
  • Spokesperson of the government in power should endeavour to utter nothing but the truth at all time
  • Nigerians should pray and fast relentlessly like they did in the time of Ebola
  • Nigerians should call themselves to repentance
 One of the Press men asked a question pertaining to the Prophecy of the Man of God. He said, what can be attributed to the current state of Nigerian economy. Is it the problem of the past government or the present government? The Prophet linked the question raised to the JESUS parable of the talents - he likened the current government to the servant with one talent. He said, the incumbent government actually met little and did no other thing than to bury the so called "little".

He further explained that the incumbent government actually worsened the case of Nigerian economy by locking up the nation's treasury in one account named Treasury Single Account (TSA). He linked the current economic downturn to wrong policies implemented at the detriment of the masses.

Another person asked about the role Church plays in fighting corruption. The response of the General Overseer was "righteousness exalts nation" saying no church is designed to promote corruption except for the political oriented ones. The curtain was therefore drawn with a closing prayer (for Nigeria) by the President of the Ministry "Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade" around 2pm.

Happy Anniversary PSBMITES!!!
Pictures from Event

Guests of honour at the Press ConferenceProphet Iyunade Press Conference Presentation

General Overseer Closing Prayer

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Hausa and Yoruba People Clash on Yoruba Soil "Ile Ife" Today: Tips and Consideration

Hausa Vs Yoruba Clash on Yoruba Soil
Trending news today revolves around the Yoruba - Hausa bloody clash in the heart of Ile-Ife, Osun State leading to different people sustaining injuries, loss of properties while at the extreme some actually lost their life.

An eye witness "Mr. Kamoru" revealed that the chaos started due to an accusation passed unto an Hausa man. Be that as it may, an average Hausa man rallies round his brother at all times regardless of whether they are at fault or not. The truth of the matter is still under water but as soon as it unfolds itself - we will let you know.

Pictures from the scene are as follows;
Riot at the scene

Casualty from the clashRiot underway

Death in Ile Ife ClashDeath in Ile Ife Clash

Indicators of these scenario is nothing compared to the storm ahead for the set-to-be President.
At the moment, the Sabo Area of Ile Ife is under surveillance by the Police Force in the jurisdiction.
#Spread the News#
#Save Nigeria#
#Together We Stand#

How to know whether you are underweight or overweight??

Determine your exact weight

Improving body composition is an essential to developing and maintaining optimal health; To measure body composition, Body Mass Index (BMI) has been regarded as a standard means of measurement. BMI is an attempt to quantify the amount of tissue mass(muscle,fat and bone) in an individual and as a result categorize that same person as either underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese in correlation with the attained value.

BMI is therefore most common and simplest way to determine if you are underweight or overweight, as it only make use of the individual's Weight and Height. BMI is defined as follows: ratio of body weight to height²
How to measure BMI

According to this  formulae,  it is believed that  a person  with a high weight  in relation to  height has a higher BMI and vice versa.  Various studies support the fact that an increased BMI invariably means an increased risk of various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke etc.

After knowing the  BMI, it is necessary to  know the Body Composition Status by comparing with a standard BMI classification . The following are the current BMI classification

Stature by BMI

Body Mass Index Classification

Like every other process, BMI has also got its limitations in the sense that it cannot be totally generalised. For Instance, muscle tissue is denser than fat which could cause an Athlete's weight to increase significantly and thereby increasing the BMI which does not necessarily mean the athlete is overweight or obese.

Note, understanding BMI and how it relate to your health really go a long way in helping you to understand your health status so as to maintain long term wellness #Health is Wealth

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Big Brother Naija TV Show is Culturally Disastrous to Nigerians

 BBNaija and Nigerian Culture
People from anywhere in the world - white, black, half-caste hold in high esteem different things about their life; outlook, lifestyle, choice/preference among other options. As regards things about oneself, there are some things that should be private to an extent; physically, socially, spiritually, financially and all the``lly`` you can ever think of. But when what is supposed to be private has been aired, then it is no more private. Except when it is without the permission of the victim, then, it is simply invasion of privacy which attract legal implication.

Gone are those days when female and male genitals have pride and sexual intercourse was private, done with dignity and enjoyed by wedded couples but now, reverse is the case. I don't have a problem with anyone having s3x with an unmarried person or even animals (only God will cleanse the land) . What I have a problem with is having s3x and publicizing it. We now have more porn stars than graduates, I mean what is the point of having s3x with one's boyfriend, recording it and publicizing it, hereby making me a porn star. It all started with leaked s3x video and it been “legalized” with the popular televised programme called Big Brother Africa cum Big Brother Naija.

A reality show is supposed to have a purpose at which it is aiming at. For example, Gulder Ultimate Search, MTN Project Fame, Maltina dance all to mention but a few, have an obvious vision at which they are aiming at but nothing moral can be said of the “entertaining” Big Brother Naija which is known for it`s excessive immorality, publicized private actions, and corrupt action and so on. It has successfully debased the moral standard of a typical Nigerian youth, and has offended the sensibility of the children, Although it is rated 18, but when a child "stumbles" on it he/she has been exposed to it.

Peoples who are supposed to be role models for younger ones are the ones leaving bad footprints (example). What happens to the culture, morals, values, traditions? It has all been washed down the drain. Now we celebrate immorality like its' no big deal. We now have immorality and insanity wrapped in one package "Big Brother Naija" under a more sophisticated name "entertainment". 
I wonder what happen to the nation's broadcast control agency, which is meant to curtail the raw edges of this programme. At least, those pornographic scenes should be excluded from the public viewing. The havoc of this television series to the present generation and the up and coming will only harm the cultural values of dignity and sanity.

On a global scale, this era currently celebrates indecency and immorality since financial status gets skyrocketed from the awkward practices. I therefore believe the world is severely sick, a divine healer is needed to cushion these disastrous platform among other.
Operation Save Nigerian Culture
Cry to Destroy the Evils of Globalization
Spread Sanity

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Forbidden Fruits Ate by Nigerians in Diaspora; Tips and Considerations

"Home, sweet home they say". Whenever the home is not rosy or palatable for the homies (dwellers), hope lies outside the beloved "home" for individual/group survival, and development. Nigerians regardless of their complexities - ethnic groups, religion, race, spread across the face of the earth like the sky.

Invariably, Nigerians of any color is seen as a tourist with different motive/goal achievable through socially acceptable means or the societal forbidden fruits. Forbidden fruits used in this realm is a frowned at form of behavior locally or internationally. Although a forbidden fruit in diaspora might not be such at home, one needs to be cautious of where he is; thereby accepting and internalizing their realities.

By reputation, African nations (particularly Nigerians) have been underscored in various fronts as they relate with outer worlds (other Nations of today). In essence, Nigerian like other blacks are branded/labeled as bad omen due to the way they have interacted with others- which is why Donald Trump's discrimination against blacks race is worthy of reckoning.

Nonetheless, the household name for the forbidden fruits ate by Nigerians in diaspora is "crime". Although crime is a part of every living activity but it is quite worrisome when the perpetrator of such act is an outsider - a native of other land/nation. Such frowned at form of behaviour are;
  • cyber crime
  • drug sales and trafficking
  • prostitution (male and female)
  • 491 (Advanced form of 419- fraudster)
  • organ sale (kidney/liver)
All the above are fashioned out as a surviving scheme in diaspora either to replenish the family members at home or for a status change. These acts has therefore brought the Nigeria's name to dust due to deportation rates, importation bans, temporal/lifetime imprisonment and at the extreme public extradition (deaths).

Note: the forbidden fruits in question are held in high esteem by nations today which made it attract severe punishment to any perpetrator. GOD BLESS NIGERIA to the extent that checking out other nations will only be for tourism and not for SURVIVAL.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why you must Think Beyond Valentine's Day Celebration

Why think beyond valentine's day celebration
The special day celebration of Saint Valentine mostly called Valentine's Day anywhere in the World is nothing but a reflection of beautiful moment of love as roses (and other pleasant things) keep flying in and out (before the d-day and afterwards) from one locality to the other. I begin to ask myself why much preference is attached to this day when it's not the Christmas, the Boxing Day or even the New Year celebration.

An idea immediately pop up like my friend "Ayo Bankole" would say - its the season of love". Since love is the first and binding of all laws, I therefore succumb to the day's celebration and its' celebrants (ladies and gentleman). For the good in the day to be an everlasting one, CUNCAR must be considered by the parties involved. CUNCAR here implies;
  • C - Care
  • UN- Understanding
  • CA - Caution
  • R - Reasoning

Care and Understanding here can sustain a rapport/relationship for a while but Caution and Reasoning can make it stand the test of time. Why you must think beyond this memorable day "valentine" is worthy of mentioning due to what the day bringeth - fond memories;
  • Gifts exchange
  • Shopping
  • Outings
  • Showoffs
Beyond the good tidings, the aftermath of the day might bring;
  • Emotional trauma
  • Heart Break leading to change in status (from relationship to single and seriously searching)
  • Psychological problems
  • Eternal scar

In simplicity, the reason for the season is inherent in people's action and reaction. In other words, one of the party (either guy or lady) in an accord prior the day celebration does more than the necessity all in the name of the season and nothing more. After the show time (valentine celebration) issues begin to spring up not just because the season is over but also the fact that the proclaimed and demonstrated love was not originally there.

Valentine or No Valentine - Let Your Every Day Speaketh Truth, Life and Love.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Worries and Shame of Celebrating Ex-Convict with the Caption "Lion is Back"

Worries of Celebrating an Ex-Convict
The return of the former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, from UK jail has been applauded as a great defeat by his kinsmen. The Oghara born was welcomed with great celebration, ranging from thanksgiving to congratulatory messages on the media, even after serving a 13-year jail term in the United Kingdom.

Personally, I have less issue with people (of delta) painting the whole town red to celebrate his “victorious” return, what am mostly concerned about is the metaphor used to describe him in a congratulatory message in one of the Nigerian dailies, which reads “the lion is back”. 
I cannot but wonder the pride, effrontery, and encouragement these people have given him to do more.  What is so “lionable” in being an ex-convict?, 
  • A disgrace to the nation, 
  • A bad example to the youth, 
  • A  living testimony for corruption - who used looted public funds to buy luxury homes; fleet of cars and a private jet. 
Can the metaphor “The lion is back”  used for the ex- convict mean that since he has been bruised, he will come back like a wounded lion, or a lioness in labour and the only thing that will suffer is the Nigerian economy. In an ideal sense, he should;
  • cover his face in the light of the world
  • stay indoor for the fear of being seen
  • keep mute for a particular period until he has done something adorable for the nation.
Well, a similar case has happened with the then national vice chairman in the southwest zone of the People’s Democratic Party, Chief Bode George, who was also welcomed grand style of thanksgiving service for a “well served jail term”. I don’t blame the celebrated “Icons” but I blame those that supported in their show of shame, all in the name of celebration.

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The former governor (James Ibori) after been convicted said African Politicians never retire; yes, he has every nerve to say that, because we live in a country where an ex- convict can rule the whole nation and nobody dare says anything about it. “Nobody wants to die, but they want go to heaven”. I won’t be surprised if he contests in the next election. In this part of the world, anything goes.
To Mr. James Ibori (sorry, chief Ibori), no matter what you do, you are still an ex- convict. Well its giving you fame and popularity sha.