Ten (10) Key Observations from the #EndSARS Movement so far and the Future

#EndSARS movement is not a new development in Nigeria as it's first call dated back to the year 2017. The movement started and usually ends by the declarations of the government that the unit Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) has been disbanded from the Nigerian Police. The same thing has been happening whenever the youths raised an eyebrow on the inhumane practices of this unit from the year 2017 up until 2019.This year's clarion call to end the brutal activities of SARS took a different shape, approaches and tactics from across the Western, Eastern, and Southern part of Nigeria while the Northerners were on the other side of the reality. What then were the keynotes from #EndSARS movement so far? Kindly feed your minds below.The acclaimed lazy youths by the President has risen in one voice regardless of their sociocultural diversities to speak against the brutal nature of the Nigerian police, especially those representing the unit SARS.The youths were so organised, well-coord…

Why #EndSARS Campaign Alone won't do the Magic

#EndSARS campaign today, #EndSARS campaign tomorrow won't really give us the result we need in Nigeria. What then is the way forward? We all know the way forward to this situation if only we can make it happen. First and foremost, it is disheartening to think, hear or even see that the body saddled with the responsibility to protect lives and properties is in charge of its threat, extortion, brutality and killings at the extreme. I hereby use this opportunity to join others to condemn the acts of police brutality at any nooks and crannies in Nigeria.
It is indeed a shameful act at this age and time for the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) to extort, intimidate, brutalise, and at the extreme kill resourceful youths under the assumption of discharging their duties. There are no excuses for that but we need to understand that this act of terrorism in the Western and Eastern part of Nigeria is not an issue in the Northern part of Nigeria. Maybe, we can recategorise the Nigerian terror…

Six (6) Virtual Cultures to Edge over your Contemporaries Today

Virtual culture literally means our behavioural pattern on the digital space. How do we behave on the internet? Some people are excessively formal on all social platforms. Some are relatively informal. While others maintain a middle ground, which means they are either formal or informal depending on the situation at hand. I must say clearly that the way you comport yourself with friends online should be different from your habits at work 'virtually'. What then are the cultures to observe, learn and display in this new age? 
Culture of Attendance and Preparedness Physical attendance and preparedness are absolutely one of the coveted attributes of serious-minded people in any given environment. How then do you reveal that virtually? You do that by simply preparing yourself to attend virtual meetings before the scheduled time. If you are not familiar with the app scheduled for use, it's best you rehearse before time to be abreast with how to run the app easily. There is no room…

How to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) at all Cost in Nigeria

The wave of Coronavirus Disease popularly known as COVID-19 has been unimaginable across the globe. What happened to the powerful nations of the world like the United States, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain within the span of four months during these times are disheartening to the core. Developing nations like Nigeria and other parts of Africa had a very mild experience of the global pandemic.
At the comprehensive level, the pandemic has successfully turned the year (2020) upside down on all grounds. Economies have crashed. Mortality rates have increased drastically. Unemployment rate has been jaw-dropping. Businesses have collapsed. Religious homes have been shut down to mention but a few.
In order to contain this dreadful disease, public sensitization at all levels of society is important. The guidelines created by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) serves as a point of sensitization in today's world, Nigeria is no exception…

Twenty (20) Important Lessons from the First Half of the Year 2020

The year 2020 has been a year praised long before its presence in Nigeria. Remember “Vision 2020”. If we had known this is what we have in stock, we would have changed the vision a long time ago. The year met us unguarded and shocked the entire world with the outbreak of Coronavirus disease leading to unexpected circumstances affecting all and sundry.It is worth saying that hunger virus also attacked many Nigerians during the lockdown session of Coronavirus outbreak. Some people lost their lives. Some lost their beloved ones. Some lost their jobs partly while some lost it completely. At the extreme, some people lost their focus.Read Also: How to Play Safe on any Date with New Found Love of Yours
Positively, some people have successfully risen above the waters. This is why the saying “opportunity exist in every situation” is appropriate. What then are the important lessons from the first six months in the year 2020 filled with opportunities, shocks, disruptions, pains to mention but a f…

Ten (10) E-exam Tips for Nigerian Students in Private Universities

Running an electronic exam is not a new development in the developed parts of the world but it is a forced reality on all Nigerian private universities. Thanks to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). It is indeed a big issue to run online learning programmes around here due to issues of network providers, power outage, uncoordinated social networking to mention but a few. To arrest this situation is therefore imperative to triumph in examination situations. As we all know, exams are no joke for students either online or offline. What then can you do to block the waves of the village people? See the following Tips:Tips 1 of 10: Use Laptop for your examinations. This is a better way to avoid any form of distraction.Tips 2 of 10: Make sure you use a newly registered sim card if you have to use your mobile phone for the examination. All these rants on your social media platforms status for people to avoid calling you won’t do the magic.
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Six (6) Basic Certainties to Manifest in Nigeria's 2019 Election

As the days of the 2019 election draws closer in Nigeria, a lot of intriguing events, reactions, utterances and activities continues to reflect itself from the aspirants to the political gods, non-aspirant and finally to the political parties. All of these dramas had made and continue to make the year's election predictable and remarkably different from the past. On that note, the following are the indicators and certainties to manifest in the 2019 electoral activities in Nigeria.