Thursday, January 19, 2017

Innovations Sustaining Nigerians Today; Diminishing Values in Return

Society today hold in high esteem certain code and conduct which might not be common to other nations of the World - within/outside their continent. Practically, the fashion sense of the Westerners today (Americans and co) is totally contrary to the African (Nigeria in particular) ideology. Values thence differs from the global north to the global south which makes understanding individual orientation (background, culture, values) paramount before raising eyebrows.

Since independence, values/customs/traditions of Nigeria as an entity had been successful melted/suppressed/changed (in part or in whole) at the expense of the borrowed phenomenon. Occurrences in 21st century is a living proof of the above from any angle of analysis; polity, economy, family, religion, education. Economically, the deeds as a result of globalization is quite diminishing lot of values without any trace.

For instance, the modelling job today (for the ladies) is more or less the parade of natural boob butt which is contrary to the African sense of dress code. As Nigeria economy toughens, Nigerians traditional values began to lose its stand and standard because survival is all that matters at all cost- pursuit of money wise illegally is now the order of the day.
Noticeably, recent trends for surviving economic downturn is linked to ponzi schemes, networking business, betting system established through the internet and social media sites by Nigerians and non-Nigerian. Such schemes are Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM Nigeria), E-cooperative, MMM West Africa, Entrepreneurship Forum, iCharity, Bet 9ja, Rich Forum, Naira Bet, MerryBet... The most controversial of all these innovations is MMM Nigeria which left people in stitches (agony) as they vacated operations in December 2016 and resumed fully January 2017.

On another note, Yahoo-Yahoo (Yahoo Plus inclusive) from the onset is often frowned at by all and sundry. As time roll by, security agents (Police - Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS) starts generating personal revenues through them, some parent encourage their wards due to the extravagant life Yahoo boys live, some often go to the extent of equipping their child with the wherewithal to thrive in the illegal cyber business. More worrisome in this case is the trending child (by the name Segun Wire) that says when he grows up he wants to be a Yahoo Boy. Quite absurd, people find fun in his utterances while values are diminishing at a faster length amongst people of his age and beyond.

Due to the implication of the innovations (listed above) values diminishing day in day out are;
  • hardwork through vocational skills (entrepreneurship) or education
  • living a moderate life without yearning for what's outta reach
  • decency of outfit
  • patience as regards luxuries of life
  • contentedness with financial state through hardwork
#Operation Save Nigerians Value# 
Save Nigerian Mentality

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reasons Why Gambia's Abacha Fears Status Quo CHANGE

Gambia - one of the tiniest country in Africa governed by both democratic leaders and military lord from inception till date is currently under duress for a new course. The earliest noticeable twist in Gambia's leadership and governance can be attributed to the successful coup-de-tat carried out in 1994 by Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh (now incumbent President) and hosts of other young officers against President Sir Dawda Jawara. Since the transition, history holds that the experience of the ruled had been worrisome due to series of human rights violations recorded against Gambians (causing inhabitants fears) and others on Gambia soil. 

As democracy became the order of the day in the globe (African soil inclusive), the military lord "Gambia's Abacha" created the platform for the switch/transition. He triumphed at the first engagement in 1996, same as 2001, 2006, and 2011 while his fifth quest in 2016 came as a shock (just like Hillary Clinton defeat). Noticeably, the 2016 attempt for continuity in governance challenged by the business mogul "Adama Barrow" took an unexpected swipe in favour of BARROW. 
 Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow

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At first Yahya Jammeh admitted the defeat (a replica of former Nigerian President "Goodluck Ebele Jonathan" act in 2015) while he contested for the annulment of the election shortly due to some irregularities by the electoral bodies under his watch. His worries and fears lies in the way the incumbent President and International community will treat his deeds while in office (from 1994 till date).

In simplicity, all actions to convince Yahya Jammeh locally by African leaders, ECOWAS, AU and internationally proved abortive as AU declares January 19, 2017 as the end of Yahya Jammeh reign as Gambian President. To cushion the disaster, Nigerian House of Representatives voted for his asylum while President - Elect revealed issues can be resolved from within. In response to AU declaration, Gambians are fleeing their residence for safety while incumbent President shut gate against switch to neighbouring country (Senegal in particular).

He is likened to Abacha in this post and not BABANGIDA because;
  • he ruled with iron fist regardless of the transition to DEMOCRACY
  • he sponsored killing of antagonists
  • he is greedy to the core 
  • he ordered arrests of any opposition spotted (military and civilian)
  • he sees himself above the law (locally and internationally) which is why he violates human rights without worries
  • he instill fear in the heart of Gambians and its immigrants (this took him as far as 22years in power - 2016)
#Arise Africa#
#Arise for Gambia's Salvation#
#January 19 Calls for Progress#

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Religion influences Politics; Pastor E.A. ADEBOYE Legacy

Religion and Politics from anywhere in the world (Nigeria inclusive) has never been for once "dissected" or totally independent from the other i.e. religion influences politics either negatively or positively and vice versa. The practicality of the aforementioned cannot be underestimated due to the accounts, records, happenings and scenario in the world today. 

To mention but a few, is it the;
  • role played by the Islamic terrorist group overtime - ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram 
  • role of Emir of Kano and Sokoto at local level
  • power vested in the hands of Pope or Imam on foreign affairs
  • might (weight) in their utterances as regards issue affecting the peace and stability of the state.
Another unexpected/unanticipated rapport between religion and politics is attached to the recent action of the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (R.C.C.G) home and abroad in person of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. The much celebrated G.O personally decided to step-down (something difficult for Jahmeh Yahya of Gambia) as the Overseer of Nigeria's - the source of the globally recognized church to Pastor J.O. Obayemi. This sole act has brought about lot of controversies.

Obviously, the act was a commendable one by the general public without any trace that such could ever turn to law. Reactions by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) to the news leaves many people in stitches - henceforth, the law states that the G.O seat of any religious organization should not be occupied by an individual for more than 20years - Pastor E.A. Adeboye Legacy. 

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Nevertheless, this new law has brought about raised eyebrows amongst intelligentsia (general masses in particular) as regards it necessity to all and sundry. Diverse opinion were channeled towards this; some regarded the new law as totally unnecessary (advising FGN to mind their business), some felt its quite a bizarre thing to meddle with the sacred body's activity (pokenosing into the religious affair).

In light of the law passed, it is thus envisaged that a related law (on political office holders) should be passed to protect the right of people as well as the goodwill of the land. Practically, the new law should say all office holders (political in particular; executive, legislature and judiciary) be weighed and measured by the general public at exactly 2years in office. If any is found wanting, befitting punishment in the interest of the nation should be passed without any sentiment.

If only such law can be passed, Nigeria will be heading to re-direction, progression, growth and development.
God bless Nigeria
God bless R.C.C.G.
God bless Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Awujale of Ijebuland Autobiography Saga; Obasanjo Reactions and Considerations

By calibre and status in Nigerian heritage (Yoruba race inclusive), the duo "Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Oba Sikiru Adetona" in question are nothing but a god in their calling within and outside their jurisdiction (more credit to Obasanjo). I doff my hat Sir's for your quota in the state of Nigeria Today. Meanwhile, their historiography has documented by Wikipedia is full of jawdropping, interesting lifetime experiences across all walks of life within and outside Nigeria.

Lately, the Awujale Autobiography - an enclosure of lifetime events or moments with important dignitaries - published in 2010 by Mosuro Publishers became the talk of the town. Worthy of mentioning amongst the issue raised revolves around the then President of Nigeria - Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Mike Adenuga and host of others. As published in the except pp. 187-195 of the book, Obasanjo was polished as a leader who established Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to trail and hunt down his enemies - Mike Adenuga as at that time.

The autobiography further revealed Obasanjo was more or less a failure to Nigerian government during his 8years reign as the head of state and head of government. It was stipulated there that Obasanjo couldn't nail down the cankerworm "corruption" while the epileptic state of the nation's electricity lingers on regardless of his two terms in office. Obviously, his royal majesty Oba Adetona has been the traditional ruler of Ijebu land (Ijebu Ode his residence) prior that time achieving tremendous growth and development in the area. Am quite sure, Ijebu people has a negative feelings towards this.

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In light of these, Obasanjo reactions via letter rebuffed the accusations stated in the Autobiography with detailed explanation as if the scenario years back remains fresh in his memory. Obasanjo claimed the inclusion of that section of the book was to blackmail him while he claimed never intruding into Nuhu Rihadu affairs as the then EFCC boss. As for Mike Adenuga saga, Obasanjo noted he never had any issue with him. 

Nevertheless, the godfathers have made their points with an element of truth still hidden - whichever way, it is quite essential to make huge considerations about their standpoint. On a realistic note, Nigerian leaders has proven to be an expert in defending self (when the evidences against them are visible) talkless of an issue that lives without any trace. This is agreed upon based on the level at which they reply to accusations (via letter) which often leaves the general masses with great confusion as to who is right or wrong. 


Thursday, January 05, 2017

Entrepreneurial Options for Making 2017 Count in Nigeria's Recession Period

Year 2016 like no other in Nigerian history is marked with shocking twist in her economic fate under the anticipated governance of All Progressive Congress (APC). Although, the situation "economic recession" was a global phenomenon at that terrain but its (global) reaction and people's experience remains worrisome particularly in Nigeria. Recession clothing comes with numerous unworthy accomplices that needs adequate attention by rural-poor, urban-poor, rural-rich and urban-rich. 

Such accomplices are;
  • Inflation, Poor Standard of Living, High Cost of Living, Abject Poverty, Health Risk Factor, Increasing Crime Rate...
Regardless of any/all these highlighted accomplices, sustenance and survival seems an highly essential thing craved by all because heaven is far from reach for an Average African man. Thus, the situation at hand requires diverse coping mechanism within (self discovery) and outside (government intervention) the dwellers reach. Prominently, 21st century has proven to be an age destined for entrepreneurs (as described by Joseph Schumpeter) reflective in the statistics of key decision makers in the globe today. 


The options discussed herein are restricted to entrepreneurship scope leaving out job placement within the private and public sector. These options are evaluated on the basis of the risk, opportunities involved before giving it a shot.

Trading; Literally, buying and selling of goods (depending on one's choice) seems to be the easiest to kick start in this breathtaking time but its shockingly with its own shortcomings. Obviously, capital to start is often the major problem while it is mostly advised to; start small, endure through difficult times, plough back profits, borrow from financial institutions (cooperative societies...), consider the 4p's - Place, Product, Price, and Promotion.

The success of this business is realistic but its' often threatened by environmental factors (in this perilous time) which is capable of determining its livability, sustainability and continuity. Hence, security of the goods must be provided by the operation manager (because security of lives and properties are in oblivion in the hands of the government) in order to avoid "armed" robbery cases capable of shattering the dreams/goals of the business. 

On a practical basis, Real Estate is a living proof of undying and highly lucrative business but its dealers (intending ones inclusive) needs serious understanding of the dynamics and gimmicks of the business (like other demands) to thrive successfully through thick and thin as competition triples.

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Service Delivery; Another path to surviving in this breathtaking time is to render service based on one's individual preferences and capabilities. This has proven to be an inextricable platform for making ends meet particularly when the entrepreneur is very versatile, inquisitive and distinctive at its vocation/calling - fashion designing, shoe making, make over and spa...

Manual labour cannot be out-rightly ruled out here because of how demanding the task is and how lucrative it can be. In essence, for manual labourers to thrive (at least for a desired time) he/she must be well acquainted about people, the task involved and a commensurate figure for the task assigned.

Online Business; Obviously, this is an information age where whoever gets informed first leads and others follow. Trends today continue to showcase internet as an inextricable mechanism for people/nations motives, orientations and preferences; business, entertainment, health, religion, polity, sports, education. At inception, the motive was slightly for improved means of communication but its tentacle has spread beyond the creator's imagination.

Noticeably, the level of competition on internet basis today makes it difficult for a starter to break-in easily without much effort compared to the yesteryear. Regardless of how easy the past was or how tedious the present is, passionate pursuit of desired goal tirelessly in line with training and guidance will thus guarantee success sooner or later. Options here revolves around; marketing, blogging, branding, website designing, app designing, delivery service...  

Agriculture; The mainstay of Nigerian economy from time immemorial is not the last option on the least but that which can provide individual massive wealth in the midst of this perilous time.  Agriculture the household name are not limited to; farming, food processing, ranching, animal husbandry, livestock, horticulture, apiculture, viticulture, aquaculture to mention but a few. Applying entrepreneurial orientation, skill and expertise to any of the aforementioned agricultural foci is solely enough to succeed in this recession period. Do not forget to provide yourself security which can be a little demanding.

Wishing you all a Successful 2017
#Entrepreneurship is Key#
#Entrepreneur Rules#

Monday, January 02, 2017

Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies in 21st Century; The BUMBAY Experience

Dating today cannot be assumed a succinctly different notion from Marriage owing to the way it is being perpetuated. Hence, relationship between GUIRLY - Girl and Guy comes with a lot of dramas; fights, showoffs, surprises, outings in various dimensions. Noticeably, the juice in relationship today is far from just "SEX" and surprisingly it is mostly anchored on SEX by the party involved.

Prior 20th century, the orientation and attitude of the duo towards "Sex" as a prerequisite in a relationship was at a low ebb compared to this age where lots of sexual experiments have been carried out within and outside the laboratory leading to commonly tagged "Unexpected/Unwanted" Pregnancies.

Unwanted pregnancies in a relationship today does not necessarily assumed the position ascribed to it because it is a product of the "Piston and Ring" which cannot but work hand-in-hand to support and power the engine for effective production "Pregnancies". At the occurrence of the so-called "unexpected" pregnancy, different bizarre actions and reactions begin to pop up between the two party. 

On the guy's part - the giver of the other egg needed, 
  • he tends to continue his life with little or no concern for the partner in crime.
  • he grooves on with other girls
  • he tends to give flimsy excuses (you know I don't have a job)
  • he tends to deny the responsibility (financial, social, psychological, emotional) for 9months and thereabout
  • he returns after several years to claim the "unwanted baby"
On the girl's part - carrier of the major responsibility;
  • she tend to loose focus (in all ramification)
  • she tends to loose taste (physique inclined due to lack of proper care)
  • she suffers serious neglect from family members (if not total)
  • she mostly lacks basic necessities  - food, clothing and shelter which can be detrimental to her and the unwanted baby
  • she misses her monthly visitor (only a rare cases where it visits)
 The aforementioned is the reality of BUMBAY which is not quite different from the experiences of GUIRLY today.

If Abstinence is not an option.

Use Condom to avoid the "unwanted" and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Face the Reality and embrace the Unexpected

Monday, December 26, 2016

Common Misinterpretation of Celebrating Boxing Day in the WORLD Today

Boxing day celebration WORLDWIDE cometh every 26th December of the Year (the next day after Christmas) with a lot of scintillating surprises while it is sometimes misinterpreted to mean something else.


Some people often believe the day is all about the BOXING SPORTS that is why you hear
  • Meet me at the ring
  • Lets' exchange fist
  • If you are man enough lets fight it out
  • I chose you as my ring mate prior the real day (26th December)
Now imagine, if this is actually it's meaning - What do you think of the GLOBE today? Can you account for the casualty of the scenario? Obviously, today will be for the LEGENDARY BOXERS (Floyd Mayweather, Pacquaio...) which will affect the lifespan of the globe. Due to the strength in their fist, some people will die instantly while some will sustain serious injuries which can lead to death afterwards. 

*see the real meaning below*  *see the real meaning below*  *see the real meaning below*


Arguably, this day is all about exchange of Christmas box which
  • is often the moment of love.
  • is to show appreciation to loved ones.
  • is the demonstration of Christ like behaviour.
  • is often time used for exchanging gifts between friends and families.
  • is to show the act of being ones brothers keeper 
Show some love for people today regardless of the differences (cultural, religion, race...)
Don't Forget to Box US

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Fake CWAY Agent Duped Administrators of Primary Schools in Ijebu Ode

Nigerians have not stopped creating scenes with the path they trail in getting rich at all cost. Often times, people tend to go into;
  • Money Rituals
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Armed Robbery
  • Stealing by Trick
  • Embezzlement of public funds
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Kidnapping for Ransom (Lately)
The list is just endless....
It is no longer surprising people go to the extreme to make money neglecting the ideal ways - for various reasons. The case that happened in Ijebu Ode will leave you in stitches. A woman presented herself as a CWAY (drink) Agent and approached Nursery and Primary Schools that the company is planning a Christmas Fun Fair for Kids at the Ijebu Ode stadium.

Pictures at the scene; the Fake CWAY Agent on CAP (More Pictures to follow)

The Approach was formal - using a letter to relay the message to the headmasters/headmistresses which made them believed at stance and gave her thousands of money amounting to millions of Naira in total. Here, are some of the affected primary schools in the area;
  1. Dynasty Model School
  2. Golden Fleece Nursery and Primary School
  3. Omoniyi Nursery and Primary School
  4. God's time Nursery and Primary School
Videos showing reactions of the duped Administrators vs the FAKE CWAY Agent

PhotoCredit: Poise

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tears of Coming Together - An Awful HouseWife Experience in the 21st Century

Marriage is the most beautiful thing craved and embraced by young chaps (especially ladies) in the 21st century but its clothing can be disheartening (as times goes on) if adequate care and caution are not acknowledged. The ceremonial avenue is always sweet, rosy and breathtaking but because its a journey full of ups and downs - series of cases arises.

Patiently attest to the underlined questions with a deep thought.
  • Why come together when you cannot stand with her through thick and thin?
  • Why change her name when you know you won't treat her like your very own?
  • Why house her when you know all you will do is make her unhappy day in day out?
  • Why take her to the altar while you cannot withstand her foolishness? 
  • Why screw her to the extent of giving you beautiful babies when you know you are still going to make her miserable afterwards?


The issue at hand is not to agitate for equality at home but rather to showcase the beauty without leaving out the beast in coming together. Union of man and woman "marriage" from any historical epoch, geographical concentration/foci, cultural pole remains a thing of joy at the ceremony (at first) which can later assume a bitter/sour/ pole in the life of the party involved. The two in question assumes different qualities often termed as compatibility which is key to a successful ending - where the man supposedly the bread winner, the woman (wife) the supporter of the continuity and livability of the household.  
On a realistic term, the roles of the duo have shifted grounds in the 21st century which has brought about serious manageable/unmanageable situation (crises at its biggest form). Worthy of note, the way the pressing issues are been attended to remains a source of worry. On that note, most "atavistic" man result to physical act with their helpless counterpart (by their normal nature) which has therefore led to bruises/scars at least, coma at worst and carnage at the extreme.

Nevertheless, that woman you swore "for better for worse" with for whatsoever reason does not deserve to be battered in this age. Their nature warrants  them to be pampered, cared-for like sucklings, caressed like pets at most. Without mincing words, there are "trouble shooters" "war mongers" amongst them which you chose yourself for a lifetime.

Why worry then?
Why batter them?
Why abandon her?
Why deny her that reason which she accepted your proposal?

As a reasonable and responsible man, the act of wife battery for whatsoever reason should be out of the tool for punishment in this globalization age. As the pharmacist advises, if symptoms persists see doctor. In this case, if battery persists - divorce is the only way out to avoid premature death. This is more or less an assurance that the doer "man" is not man enough, he deserved to be reprogrammed, re-organized, and re-orientated. GOD above all, when the case is not a normal case - a divine intervention is another way out.

I Stand with "Serious Minded" Housewives who deserves the best from their HUSBAND but always get their ass/face whipped every now and then for "unreasonable" and "selfish" reasons.  
#Celebrate Womanhood#
#Celebrate Life#
Life without them "The GOOD, The BAD" is totally INCOMPLETE 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Unimaginable Height Reached by Real Madrid Talisman "Cristiano Ronaldo" Over the Years

The sensational Portuguese "Cristiano Ronaldo" started his career at Sporting Lisbon (where fellow countryman "Nani" sailed too) before moving to Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United at 18 in 2003. Prior his England switch, he was particularly outstanding as a youngster but there is no football pundits that ever predicted his long reign in the World celebrated sport "Football".

At Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was re-baked and re-shaped by self and the irreplaceable coach "Sir Alex Ferguson". CR7 has often called, developed his deposited talent with serious training (on & off pitch) which made him extraordinary to challenge the alien sent from another planet "Lionel Messi" in quest for stardom.

Reminiscing his life at Manchester United, lots of glory was recorded individually and collectively. For himself, he won the highest goal scorer for the League, won the Best Player in the World (2008) while collectively as a team WON all living cup challenge during his reign at United. In the search for more glory, he felt his time was up with the RED DEVIL - where they transferred him for a whooping some of money £80Million (the highest in the World history in its time).

At the switch to Real Madrid - legendary club in 2009, the World felt it was to challenge Lionel Messi reign in Spain. Obviously, the el-clasico had never been a dull moment for hitherto- most times (early days) had been without Ronaldo's touch but lately his presence is more of an issue due to it's deadly touch on and off the air.

As at today, the talisman "CR7" had more than enough titles; awards and records (La Liga Best Player, Goals, Forward, Most Hat-trick in La Liga, Real Madrid Highest All-time Goal Scorer) in his cabinet. CR7 at the moment holds 3Champions League title, more than a dozen domestics cup (England & Spain), 2 World Club Cup. All of these has accorded him MFP - Money, Fame and Power amidst the stiff competition from arch rival "Lionel Messi" of Barcelona.

Without mincing words, this trajectory is worth tracing because the result of fervent hardwork cannot be underestimated. Over the years, the tussle  for the Balon d'or had been between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with the former on 5th tally and CR7 on his fourth.

Congratulations CR7 on your 4th Balon d'or
Madrid Living Legend
Most Expensive Athlete
Most Decorated Athlete

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