Are you Ready for the Future you Beckoning to Come?

Are you Ready for the Future you Beckoning to Come?

The central idea of this post was curled from one of the Facebook live session of popular multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, an award-winning Entrepreneur, and International Speaker "Edirin Edewor". The theme of the session was: so you want to go viral? In the session, I learnt the importance of being ready for the future we calling to come. How we get set before it happens? All credit goes to her for continually shunning out values every now and then.

From the session, I saw that preparedness is the mother of success. Your preparedness now determines your future when it finally comes. How prepared are you for the journey? Edirin shared three stories in the live session but I will share one here. One of the stories she shared was about Amanda Gorman, the first National Youth Poet Laureate at the age of 22years. Her story got to me because of how hardwork and persistence pay within a twinkle of an eye. Note, you only need one person, one moment, one event, one idea, one platform to change your story forever. When that opportunity comes, are you ready to draw everything in?

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Amanda Gorman is a poet who started her craft as early as her teenage years. She was dogged, persistent and intentional about her goals. Note, she had her poems in prints and soft copies before the one-time opportunity shows. What exactly was the opportunity? The opportunity was to read out her poem 'The Hill We Climb' at the inauguration of the most coveted President alive 'Joe Biden'. As an expert in her field, she went to the stage and own it like hers. She got applauded for the delivery and uncountable doors of opportunities opened unto her. She got interview offers from high-rank personalities like Opray Winfrey, and Michelle Obama and also endorsement deal with IMG models. If she wasn't ready for the future, will she deliver? No

How ready are you for your future?  When your moment comes, are you not going to waste it? Do you have something to show for it? Do you have products to sell already? Do you have legacies to show for it? Do your platforms sell you and your products? You need to provide honest answers to these questions and act accordingly. 

The future is almost here with God and your efforts either online or offline. In fact, your online space must be well organised to depict who you want the world to see when they come for you. Edirin said to be prepared, be intentional, have your products available, have a platform running to see it, clean up your online space to shut gates against spoilers.

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My dear, the future is almost here. A wise man once said, "the future you do not create will scare you but that you carefully build will not be surprising". Make hays while the sun shines. One of the things I vouch to do to be prepared for the future is not to joke with Edirin Edewor. My digital book coach from afar, thanks for all you do. 

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