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Twenty (20) Tips on How to Make the New Nigeria Possible

What started as a clarion call for #EndSars and #EndPoliceBrutality in Nigeria degenerated into the call to end deeper issues affecting Nigeria as a nation. Sadly, some people had died in this short time of peaceful agitations by unarmed youths coupled with the activities of hoodlums across the state. A minute silence for the fallen heroes at the Lekki toll gate protest ground, please. Indeed after the massacre, the state witnessed devastating attacks on both private and public properties by angry youths, especially the hoodlums. Places affected were not limited to TVC Communications, Shoprite, Police Posts, Lekki Toll Gate, and other small and medium scale businesses. It has been a difficult time at Lagos, Nigeria with increasing carnage of both youths and police officers. Due to these events put together, there was a wake-up call by youths across the country to get what the heroes fought for. This is linked to the call for a new Nigeria - a Nigeria where a son of nobody can become so

You Only Live Once (YOLO); Rest in Peace Bukky Ajayi

The most precious gift that happened to planet ‘earth’ amongst other planets in this current dispensation is the gift of life. Living is what makes everything spinning, changing, and progressive over time across national and international boundaries on earth. The organisms inherent in earth served different purposes for the survival, sustenance, and continuity of the system. However, the input of man as the most sensitive living being in the spinning of the earth cannot be underestimated. Lifestyles of man from time immemorial tend to justify this assertion because they always find means of surviving/ progressing under favorable and unfavorable conditions. In this current epoch, man irrespective of gender differences performs more than iota of roles directly or indirectly for the continuity of the system. Nevertheless, the fact that man can only live once leave them with their discretion of life, how it operates and how to live it. Since human being are rational thinkers, t