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Are you Ready for the Future you Beckoning to Come?

The central idea of this post was curled from one of the Facebook live session of popular multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, an award-winning Entrepreneur, and International Speaker " Edirin Edewor ". The theme of the session was: so you want to go viral? In the session, I learnt the importance of being ready for the future we calling to come. How we get set before it happens? All credit goes to her for continually shunning out values every now and then. From the session, I saw that preparedness is the mother of success. Your preparedness now determines your future when it finally comes. How prepared are you for the journey? Edirin shared three stories in the live session but I will share one here. One of the stories she shared was about Amanda Gorman, the first National Youth Poet Laureate at the age of 22years. Her story got to me because of how hardwork and persistence pay within a twinkle of an eye. Note, you only need one person, one moment, one event, one idea, one pla

Few Possible Threats to the Dreams of Nigerian Youths Come 2023

It is good to dream dreams of a better state of things but it is rather rewarding when such dreams become reality in one's lifetime. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. referencing a Black man rising up the ladder to rule a white nation became a reality in his afterlife. I hope this dream of ours to make Nigeria work, better and great won't be after our demise. On this basis, I foresee many possible threats to the actualization of this dream of ours as conscious driven youths in Nigeria. These threats are youths-centered, state-centered, ethnic-centered, cabal-centered, elders-centered. Invariably, all these stakeholders and activities would force the abortion of 2023 dreams. Youths, the frontline agitators of this new life, are to an extent the first to throw away the baby with the bathe water. It's funny you think, but that is what it is because large number of these youths lost fate in the country after the events of October 20, 2020. A whole lot of these people are emig

How to Stand Tall in the New Year "2021"

  It's a new year again around the world at different timeframes. What a uniqueness to understand, consider and leverage on! I must say we are privileged to be here against the mighty odds of year 2020. It was indeed an unprecedented and turbulent year for the entire world. How do we project ourselves in this new calendar year? How do we stand tall in the midst of the waves of COVID-19 ravaging the world? What do we need to do urgently now? What do we need to be proactive about? All these questions are begging for answers urgently from you and I.  With the look of things, it is crystal clear that the world is gradually shifting towards "digital everything" i.e. digital money, digital learning, digital worship, digital trade, digital meetings, digital media to mention but a few. What do we have to do as students, teachers, consumers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and professionals? Do we need to learn this new selling trade? Do we need to ignore this trade? Do we need to contra

Why You Need to Reflect on the Year 2020?

  Hello!  Can you pause a little bit, sit back and try to have a reflection of your achievements in the twelve (12) calendar months of the year 2020. I said pause before answering the next questions: What have you done this year? What did you overcome this year? What opportunities came your way? What opportunities did you grab this year? What were your winnings this year? These are questions begging for answers in the best way possible. Don't forget it's a great privilege to be alive, to reflect on this achievements in the midst of the ups, downs, shocks and surprises in the year 2020. A lot of people (professionals, spiritualists, artisans, freedom fighters , administrators...) died suddenly from different parts of the world through Coronavirus disease outbreak and mere illness that you have survived without having the wherewithal. Note, people who stacked up generational funds still lost their lives. Don't you think its worthwhile to be grateful by counting every bless

Twenty (20) Tips on How to Make the New Nigeria Possible

What started as a clarion call for #EndSars and #EndPoliceBrutality in Nigeria degenerated into the call to end deeper issues affecting Nigeria as a nation. Sadly, some people had died in this short time of peaceful agitations by unarmed youths coupled with the activities of hoodlums across the state. A minute silence for the fallen heroes at the Lekki toll gate protest ground, please. Indeed after the massacre, the state witnessed devastating attacks on both private and public properties by angry youths, especially the hoodlums. Places affected were not limited to TVC Communications, Shoprite, Police Posts, Lekki Toll Gate, and other small and medium scale businesses. It has been a difficult time at Lagos, Nigeria with increasing carnage of both youths and police officers. Due to these events put together, there was a wake-up call by youths across the country to get what the heroes fought for. This is linked to the call for a new Nigeria - a Nigeria where a son of nobody can become so

You Only Live Once (YOLO); Rest in Peace Bukky Ajayi

The most precious gift that happened to planet ‘earth’ amongst other planets in this current dispensation is the gift of life. Living is what makes everything spinning, changing, and progressive over time across national and international boundaries on earth. The organisms inherent in earth served different purposes for the survival, sustenance, and continuity of the system. However, the input of man as the most sensitive living being in the spinning of the earth cannot be underestimated. Lifestyles of man from time immemorial tend to justify this assertion because they always find means of surviving/ progressing under favorable and unfavorable conditions. In this current epoch, man irrespective of gender differences performs more than iota of roles directly or indirectly for the continuity of the system. Nevertheless, the fact that man can only live once leave them with their discretion of life, how it operates and how to live it. Since human being are rational thinkers, t