Why You Need to Reflect on the Year 2020?


Why you Need to Reflect on the Year 2020


Can you pause a little bit, sit back and try to have a reflection of your achievements in the twelve (12) calendar months of the year 2020. I said pause before answering the next questions: What have you done this year? What did you overcome this year? What opportunities came your way? What opportunities did you grab this year? What were your winnings this year? These are questions begging for answers in the best way possible. Don't forget it's a great privilege to be alive, to reflect on this achievements in the midst of the ups, downs, shocks and surprises in the year 2020.

A lot of people (professionals, spiritualists, artisans, freedom fighters, administrators...) died suddenly from different parts of the world through Coronavirus disease outbreak and mere illness that you have survived without having the wherewithal. Note, people who stacked up generational funds still lost their lives. Don't you think its worthwhile to be grateful by counting every blessings from God this year.

This is why I have subscribed to what Jack Ma said "seeing the end of the year 2020 is a great achievement". Lockdown or not, count your blessings one by one.

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Kindly see my little achievements in the year 2020 as an academia, entrepreneur, and a responsible Nigerian.

  1. The grace to write this piece.
  2. Official fiancè.
  3. Started fencing project.
  4. Volunteer for Club 200.
  5. 2 journal papers under review.
  6. 3 Book chapters contribution.
  7. Forex learning, trading and investment (LTI)
  8. 300copies of Unwritten Rules for Guaranteed Academic Success sold.
  9. Friends at UK, US, Cyprus, Germany.
  10. Micro online courses certification.
  11. Started mini snail farming.
  12. And many more.

Please celebrate the process of winning without waiting till the end of the journey. After this reflection, its good to have a projection of how year 2021 should be better than this year. Begin to plan the new year from now because a wise man once said "you cannot plan to win a war on the battlefield".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.


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