Twenty (20) Tips on How to Make the New Nigeria Possible

Twenty (20) Tips on How to Make the New Nigeria Possible

What started as a clarion call for #EndSars and #EndPoliceBrutality in Nigeria degenerated into the call to end deeper issues affecting Nigeria as a nation. Sadly, some people had died in this short time of peaceful agitations by unarmed youths coupled with the activities of hoodlums across the state. A minute silence for the fallen heroes at the Lekki toll gate protest ground, please.

Indeed after the massacre, the state witnessed devastating attacks on both private and public properties by angry youths, especially the hoodlums. Places affected were not limited to TVC Communications, Shoprite, Police Posts, Lekki Toll Gate, and other small and medium scale businesses. It has been a difficult time at Lagos, Nigeria with increasing carnage of both youths and police officers.

Due to these events put together, there was a wake-up call by youths across the country to get what the heroes fought for. This is linked to the call for a new Nigeria - a Nigeria where a son of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody (Aisha Yesufu, 2020). 

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No doubt everyone is chanting about the year 2023 already, which isn't a bad idea. However, there are basic necessities to put in place before then. Just look at how coordinated the whole #EndSARS movement went across the nation. All deliverables were catered for without any official letter soliciting for funds. All differences were set aside to fight for one course and everything played out well. These are a few indicators of how the new Nigeria will run.

What do we need to do now to birth this dream of ours? All hands must be on deck to make this possible against all odds. We must begin to do these things in no particular order to make the new Nigeria possible.

  1. We must walk and work together as a team today. 
  2. We must coordinate ourselves well both online and offline as displayed during the #EndSARS movement. 
  3. We must begin to assist ourselves genuinely the way we did during the protest. 
  4. We must be politically and strategically ready for the struggle ahead. 
  5. We must strive to break all ethnoreligious barriers.
  6. We must increase the sensitisation of all age categories in different tribes, religion either educated or not about the dream of a new Nigeria.
  7. We must strive not to leave anybody behind. No room for discrimination
  8. We must have an agenda set or map for the journey ahead.
  9. We must identify the political team early, screening must be done early and decisions must be taken early.
  10. We must shut all doors against godfatherism. 
  1. We must have candidates for all positions of power and we must stand together to work for this reality to come to life.
  2. We must begin to read and take lectures on African politics to edge over all odds. I am sure you know our politics is different from global politics.
  3. We must get all tools, resources, machineries... needed to make a new Nigeria possible. 
  4. Let's fast and pray using different languages and religion to make this dream come true.
  5. Let there be strategic meetings held online, offline, and even behind close doors to make a new Nigeria possible. 
  6. Let there be representative heads across all local and state governments in the country. 
  7. Let there be accountability at every point in time and proper feedbacks must be given to the new Nigeria populace as at when due.
  8. Let's begin to collaborate with Nigerians at diaspora on how to birth a new Nigeria. 
  9. With all these running, we would have experimented politics inside-out to understand and make a new Nigeria possible. 
  10. Any other suggestion is welcome in the comment button.

This dream can only come to reality if we start moving now. A wise man once said, "a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step in the right direction". Having read through, what do you think we still need to do to make a new Nigeria possible? Kindly leave that in the comment button.


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