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Ten (10) Key Observations from the #EndSARS Movement so far and the Future

#EndSARS movement is not a new development in Nigeria as it's first call dated back to the year 2017. The movement started and usually ends by the declarations of the government that the unit Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) has been disbanded from the Nigerian Police. The same thing has been happening whenever the youths raised an eyebrow on the inhumane practices of this unit from the year 2017 up until 2019.This year's clarion call to end the brutal activities of SARS took a different shape, approaches and tactics from across the Western, Eastern, and Southern part of Nigeria while the Northerners were on the other side of the reality. What then were the keynotes from #EndSARS movement so far? Kindly feed your minds below.The acclaimed lazy youths by the President has risen in one voice regardless of their sociocultural diversities to speak against the brutal nature of the Nigerian police, especially those representing the unit SARS.The youths were so organised, well-coord…

Why #EndSARS Campaign Alone won't do the Magic

#EndSARS campaign today, #EndSARS campaign tomorrow won't really give us the result we need in Nigeria. What then is the way forward? We all know the way forward to this situation if only we can make it happen. First and foremost, it is disheartening to think, hear or even see that the body saddled with the responsibility to protect lives and properties is in charge of its threat, extortion, brutality and killings at the extreme. I hereby use this opportunity to join others to condemn the acts of police brutality at any nooks and crannies in Nigeria.
It is indeed a shameful act at this age and time for the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) to extort, intimidate, brutalise, and at the extreme kill resourceful youths under the assumption of discharging their duties. There are no excuses for that but we need to understand that this act of terrorism in the Western and Eastern part of Nigeria is not an issue in the Northern part of Nigeria. Maybe, we can recategorise the Nigerian terror…

Six (6) Basic Certainties to Manifest in Nigeria's 2019 Election

As the days of the 2019 election draws closer in Nigeria, a lot of intriguing events, reactions, utterances and activities continues to reflect itself from the aspirants to the political gods, non-aspirant and finally to the political parties. All of these dramas had made and continue to make the year's election predictable and remarkably different from the past. On that note, the following are the indicators and certainties to manifest in the 2019 electoral activities in Nigeria.

Notable Lessons from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's Documentation about Atiku in his Book "My Watch"

Writing a book for public consumption is a remarkable thing to do but documenting an autobiography requires a lot more thoughtfulness, consciousness and sagacity. These criteria are quintessential in all writings though, just that pouring down thoughts about other people "without holding anything back" can be very disastrous immediately and subsequently.

Play these Political Cards and Smile Eventually After 2019 Election

As election year draws closer by the day, incumbent officeholders and prospective ones are busy applying various strategies to win the soul of voters “the general masses” in Nigeria. Whether or not the general masses are beneficiaries of this particular government, their collective voice “vote” has the power to either retain the stone or move it completely. 
In essence, there are several cards that can be played by the general masses to enable them "smile" after 2019 electoral processes. Such cards are worthy of discussion considering the controversies surrounding President Buhari’s administration and his second term bid.

In the midst of plenty cards, it is advisable for the general masses to: get permanent voter’s card exercise the power of the permanent voter’s card to the brim sensitize people on the need to vote sensitize people on the risk of low turnout accept stomach care plan without any form of ritualism get involve in all the electoral processbe a watchdog in your …

Facts Surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari’s "Controversial" Second Term Bid

It is no longer news that President Buhari eyes a second term bid just like his predecessors in the history of Nigeria except for the case of untimely death. This public declaration of Mr President has generated a lot of controversies among different categories of people – intelligentsias, politicians, business mogul and the general masses. 
The first direct attack on this second term bid can be traced to an open letter served by Ovation International CEO “Mr Dele Momodu”. In case you are not familiar with the letter, the bottom line of the statement he made was that Mr President should let go of the second term bid stating that majority of the frontiers were just against the Realities of Today. He noted clearly that it would be more dignifying i.e. grace saving to leave the helms of Nigeria’s affairs without further harm or accident to the general masses and the state of the economy. The embodiment of his letter is similar to a letter served by Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan. 

Why Innocent Killings Will Not Stop in Nigeria Today

By Nature, death remains a special gift packaged for all living creatures (human being inclusive) regardless of their socio-demographics, popularity as a result of wealth or even position in the society. Some deaths are naturally caused, some are coincidental by individual actions or reactions to one another while some are consciously engineered by either an individual or group of people for a "just cause".

The core concern of this piece addresses the innocent killings engineered by/for an individual or group of people in Nigeria. Without mincing words, innocent killings of individual/groups have been as old as Nigeria itself. A recap of the sudden demise of frontline freedom fighters, politicians - Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Muritala Muhammed, Tunde Idiagbon, M.K.O Abiola and host of others. On a group note, clashes between religious groups/communities have also led to several innocent killings too. For instance, Ife-Modakeke clash, Maitatsine Operation, Ogoni Nine (Ken Saro-Wiw…

Eighteen (18) Things to Manifest in Nigeria Before 2018 Runs Out

The journey of 365days usually begins with one second, ticking from the month of January and definitely stopping in the month of December with so much drama to talk about in between. The year 2017 like other outdated years has come and gone with jaw-breaking experiences in Nigeria under the rule of the change advocators. However, as fresh as the year 2018 is, it has also come with its own drama visible to the blind and in fact, audible to the deaf. In essence, lots of activities, both good and bad would manifest this year to individuals, private and public establishments, as well as the society at large.
Naturally, these things would be recorded - births, deaths, seasonal change, and all sorts. On the other hand, there lie other things to manifest this year in Nigeria without natural inclinations. Few of which manifestations are: Economic recoveryMr President's health challengesDeaths of strong political opposition at key levelsLies and deception at the highest levelHeavy cash flo…

The Face of the CABAL Affecting Nigeria's Growth and Development

My very first encounter with the word CABAL as formed by five intriguing ministers of Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale) was at my secondary school level through an erudite grammarian scholar's textbook. In his teaching, he described the term as a secret agency which comprises of selected few people that play an inextricable role in the operations and activities of a particular government - organisation, constituency and so on.
Since the good old days "secondary school", it has been a popular story every now and then that Nigerian government is been controlled by some small sect tagged CABAL. At this juncture, I begin to wonder who the CABALs are? Where they are? Why their faces have been secretive? and above all, Why they exercise power over a constituted authority?
Before giving a detailed answer to the questions above, it is an utmost priority to state what bore out this piece and particularly what spur the author to action. On the 3…

Why Black Slave Trade Thrives in Libya Today

From time immemorial, slave trade has been a thing of the Whites against the Blacks residing in the regions of their colonization. In essence, colonization begat the idea of the slave trade with or without the knowledge of Black frontline elders on the consequences for the Black race and its long-term benefits for the White.
On a contrary note, it is appalling, shocking and unexpectedly that a Black race will ever think of enslaving one another for whatsoever reason or benefit in this present dispensation. The case of Libya today is a living proof. Basically, Libya has been one of the richest countries in Africa, at least during the long-term reign of their supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi". This wealth, therefore, attracted all and sundry within and outside neighbouring African states to Libya. But after the forceful dethronement and death of this supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi" on several pressed charges nationally and internationally, Libya has hereby faced ser…

Eight Qualities of Donald Trump that WON'T make him Achieve Desired Result

The name "Donald Trump" as it is today rings a bell and commands respect from anywhere in the World due to the seat occupied by this person and also because of his demonstrations/drama/pronouncement before, during and after the election processes. Without exaggeration,  President Donald Trump remains one of the controversial leaders the World has ever seen - alien to the history of America itself.
As every born individual (Slave/Freeborn) has certain qualities (inborn/cultivated) best used to describe them, such is the case of every leader/ruler in any country respectively. Some leaders are CCD in nature i.e. Cool, Calm and Diplomatic, some are friendly and destructive, some are cunning and deceiving to the core (just like the popular China leader Zhuge Liang nick-named "Sleeping Dragon") while some are very aggressive even in a democratic terrain.
As it is now, a short recap of Donald Trump's drama from his days as an aspirant up until this current time has a…

Weighing the Chances of Achieving Secession in Nigeria

Today in Nigeria, from the East to the North and from the South to the East drums of secession seems to be louder and louder by the day. Among the regions, the paramount advocate of this goal from time immemorial in Nigeria were the Easterners for various reasons under the household name "Marginalisation", "Underdevelopment", "Segregation" and so on. 
Lately, as read on - Adeyinka Grandson (President of the Young Yorubas for Freedom) advocated for the independence of the Oduduwa republic which is also similar to the notion of Opeoluwa Akinola at a press conference held in Lagos. This in itself also corroborates with the insecurity of Easterner's in the North having heard Arewa group declared October 1st, 2017 as the deadline for all Easterner's to vacate the North. For reasons best known to them, the pronouncement has raised another controversial statement implying "the Northerners are tired of tolerating the Easterners" - whic…

What will give ROOM for Worthy Aspirants in Nigerian Politics Today

Politics in Nigeria as it is today has incubated in itself several obstacles that restrict and limit the chances of participation for all and sundry; especially the youths, less privileged, and less influential. It is in light of the above, that certain campaigns have been staged as well as series of protest from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria's jurisdiction. One of the fundamental changes expected in our political engineering is about aspirants and party nomination. Hence, the need for quality representation and leadership demands that the following should be ensured;  Aspirants are qualified by their educational status Aspirants are not influenced by corrupt expectations but by the ability to lead effectively. There should be a pre-political training school for any Nigerian aspiring to be a politician in the future. This will form a training hub for future sound politicians in our own battered political sensibilities that are tilted towards corruption. Aspirants must undergo …

How a Replica of Lagos Island Flood in Other Places can be MORE Devastating

Lagos State today is arguably one of the megacities in the heart of Nigeria due to the massive transformation that had taken place from the reign of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola and to the incumbent Governor Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. All administrators - past and present collectively ensured continuity programme by developing the state which has so far yielded tremendous goodies - wealth and popularity on a global scale ahead of other city-states in Nigeria.
In the course of ensuring transformation and development of the areas (mainland and island), a lot of natural resources - water, land... have been altered/moderated without taking cognizance of its likely devastating effect. Of all the resources highlighted earlier, "Water" (river/lagoon) seems to be the most powerful in entirety, capable of ruining whosoever that manipulates it without adequate caution and supervision. This is why major mega cities (China, Japan, Ibadan, Lagos) had experienced diff…

Another Chance for Ijebu State to Come to Life; Take it Now or Wait Another Decade

As earlier highlighted on this blog, Ijebu-Ode the most popular pillar in the region of Ijebu as at today lack certain basic elements capable of scuppering the long desired cry for Ijebu State. The cry for Ijebu-State is apparently not a new desire by the Ijebus as it dated back to the reign of Ex-Presidents; Olusegun Obasanjo, Umar Musa Yar'adua, and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In this present dispensation "Buhari's"; the bid, urge and the cry for Ijebu-State remains at a low ebb because the challenge "economic turbulence" they met superseded their expectations and preparations. 
RELATED; Why Ijebu-Ode will not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon Worthy of note, all fingers pointed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo - a typical Yoruba man who controlled the realms of Nigeria's affairs for 8years (thanks to a truncated third term bid) without significant efforts on the development of Yoruba State "LAGOYOSUN"- Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and …

Why Kingpin Kidnapper - Evans Should be Utilized and not Crucified

The story of billionaire Lagos-based kidnapper "Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike" popularly known as EVANS has raised a lot of contending issues and would remain a remarkable occurence in the history of Lagos, Nigeria. As regards his crucifixion or utilisation, it is highly imperative to enlist the reaction of people towards the case. Some people hail his level of professionalism, some value-oriented folks crucifies his action while some intelligentsia sees more positive than negatives in the story of Evans.
Information gathered through the internet and his confession (via interview) on television stations revealed lots of jaw-dropping secrets about him and his modus operandi; He is a knowledgeable and successful being in the business.He has businesses outside Nigeria just to leave out unnecessary suspicion about his activities.He chooses to receive dollars in all his dealings.He is adequately knowledgeable of his terrain.He knows the people that matter around him.He is strategic…

See the Exact Plan Nnamdi Kanu Needs to Achieve more than Biafra's Independence

Nnamdi Kanu, the current frontier of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) strategic plan to achieve the aim of independence (engineered by the late Odumegwu Ojukwu) for his region has been fruitless overtime. This is because the wish(es) of the small sect is statistically insignificant to other region/zone. Due to this, the intensity of the protest via different strategies (Radio-Biafra launching, public rally, use of placard...) as therefore led to his arrest and at the extreme a short trip to the total institution.

While in the custody, his followers agitated for his release without foregoing the ambition of seceding from Nigeria. At a point, his followers threaten the Federal Government of Nigeria "could anything happen to Kanu, Nigeria is finished. After so much tension and pressure, the efforts of his followers and well-wishers were futile by his release with certain bail conditions.
At his return, his BMS - body, mind and soul remains the same towards the targeted goal &quo…

12 Cogent Things that Have Happened to Nigeria after the Demise of Chief M.K.O. Abiola

As celebrated today in Nigeria- the 12th day of June 2017, marks the 24th year that the late global figure, powerful businessman, philanthropist and politician named Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola popularly known as Chief M.K.O Abiola contested for The Presidency in 1993. It was indeed a day worth remembering for Nigerians who massively voted for Abiola to rule the nation but surprising an unexpected occurred.
The day that should have been a day of celebration for Yoruba folks and Nigeria at large later turns out to be mere history as we speak without any official note that Chief M.K.O once ruled the nation, Nigeria at a particular time. History reveals that General Ibrahim Babangida's administration reportedly annulled the election for reasons best known to him. During this period, all efforts by Chief M.K.O to be reinstated as the winner of the election was futile regardless of his international connections.
READ ALSO; Why Ijebu-Ode Will Not Experience Desired Development Anyt…