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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Six (6) Basic Certainties to Manifest in Nigeria's 2019 Election

2019 Election in Nigeria
As the days of the 2019 election draws closer in Nigeria, a lot of intriguing events, reactions, utterances and activities continues to reflect itself from the aspirants to the political gods, non-aspirant and finally to the political parties. All of these dramas had made and continue to make the year's election predictable and remarkably different from the past. On that note, the following are the indicators and certainties to manifest in the 2019 electoral activities in Nigeria.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Notable Lessons from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's Documentation about Atiku in his Book "My Watch"

Obasanjo's Book "My Watch" and Atiku
Writing a book for public consumption is a remarkable thing to do but documenting an autobiography requires a lot more thoughtfulness, consciousness and sagacity. These criteria are quintessential in all writings though, just that pouring down thoughts about other people "without holding anything back" can be very disastrous immediately and subsequently.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Play these Political Cards and Smile Eventually After 2019 Election

Cards and 2019 Election
As election year draws closer by the day, incumbent officeholders and prospective ones are busy applying various strategies to win the soul of voters “the general masses” in Nigeria. Whether or not the general masses are beneficiaries of this particular government, their collective voice “vote” has the power to either retain the stone or move it completely. 

In essence, there are several cards that can be played by the general masses to enable them "smile" after 2019 electoral processes. Such cards are worthy of discussion considering the controversies surrounding President Buhari’s administration and his second term bid.

In the midst of plenty cards, it is advisable for the general masses to:
  1. get permanent voter’s card 
  2. exercise the power of the permanent voter’s card to the brim 
  3. sensitize people on the need to vote 
  4. sensitize people on the risk of low turnout 
  5. accept stomach care plan without any form of ritualism 
  6. get involve in all the electoral process
  7. be a watchdog in your environment
Getting Permanent Voter's Card
Basically, the first card worthy of playing as a Nigerian is to obtain a permanent voter’s card in the course of exercising one’s right and determining one’s preferred political leader ideally. Without permanent voters card, all the rants on social media and physical discussions about the current realities of Nigeria cannot be turned around for good. Get PVC today.

Exercising the Power of the Card to the Brim
Having obtained the permanent voter’s card, it is also worthy of reckoning that the exact purpose of the creation of the card “for voting” must be exercised amidst other latent functions – banking operations, physical verification and so on. It is hereby suggested that voting should be the paramount reason for collecting PVC - to simply determine the fate of who rules at the expense of others. Use your PVC appropriately.

Sensitization on the Need for Voting 
This card is quite necessary because the majority are fed up with current structural realities in Nigeria as against the past glories. Due to the current political and economic mess, some folks have vowed not to exercise their right to vote. Such feelings will not turn things around for good but rather continually leave things in the hands of the supposed "bad" leaders. This is where sensitization comes in - to change any government worth changing. This sensitization card is also very important because low-turnout for elections can give room for electoral irregularities which can be incontestable based on the government in power and their proposed will to continue. Hence, the turnout rate of voters is key for determining who is likely to triumph in 2019 electoral race. 
Stomach Care Plan
This card has often been a culture in Nigeria's politics. It usually manifests in various ways – empowerment programs, public distribution of cash and food items in any political meetings (as election-year draw closer). I would say accept any stomach care plan tabled before you without any form of oath not because you want to sell your votes but because you are taking your share of the "stolen" national cake. 

Get Involve
This card “Get Involve” is not a new card to the updated minds. It is a card imploring people “youths in particular” to get involved in political affairs. In this case, the Get Involve card is channelled towards electoral process – registration, voting, collation, and counting respectively. Hence, all these stages of electoral processes need proper monitoring to avoid any electoral irregularities capable of scuppering the chances of a better political candidate.

Watchdog in the environment
This card is quite crucial for determining the possible outcome of the entire voting exercise - to prevent electoral irregularities by either the officials in charge or the voters respectively. The results of the election would, therefore, be with little or zero level of malpractices based on the number of voters in the polling booths, their votes after counting, when there is a watchdog.
Against all odds, the possibility of these cards success rests on the will and interest of the government in power. In other words, the transparency level of the government in power would lead to the much-desired change or chaos at the national level.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Facts Surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari’s "Controversial" Second Term Bid

Buhari's Second Term Saga
It is no longer news that President Buhari eyes a second term bid just like his predecessors in the history of Nigeria except for the case of untimely death. This public declaration of Mr President has generated a lot of controversies among different categories of people – intelligentsias, politicians, business mogul and the general masses. 

The first direct attack on this second term bid can be traced to an open letter served by Ovation International CEO “Mr Dele Momodu”. In case you are not familiar with the letter, the bottom line of the statement he made was that Mr President should let go of the second term bid stating that majority of the frontiers were just against the Realities of Today. He noted clearly that it would be more dignifying i.e. grace saving to leave the helms of Nigeria’s affairs without further harm or accident to the general masses and the state of the economy. The embodiment of his letter is similar to a letter served by Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan. 
In a span of days to the Mr Dele Momodu’s letter, much-respected icon and politician Chief Olusegun Obasanjo dropped twenty pages of an elaborate letter (according to Premium Times) against Mr President’s second term bid. The content of the letter captured Nigeria’s reality as a result of the actions of the government in power and not as a product of past political administrations. The letter also emphasized on the health status of Mr President which plays against his will to lead and approach issues appropriately for the benefit of all and sundry. 

Worthy of note, this is the usual way of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s warning about political catastrophe, which has never failed to manifest. Some history-minded fellow “politicians” rebuffed the letter saying the writer who tried everything possible for a third term bid has little or nothing to say on Mr President’s desire to bid for a second term. 

From my end, I think Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s past deeds are resurfacing to mitigate against his public declaration lately. This is another reason the likes of Ayodele Fayose (former allies), Dr Iyabo Obasanjo (his daughter) and host of other takes him to be a jester. As for Dr Iyabo Obasanjo, her response to her dad’s letter to Mr President is nothing but a reflection of her anger towards the kind of father she has (based on how he treated them right from childhood). 
I also want to reinstate the fact that it is crystal clear that Chief Obasanjo’s open letter touched every nook and cranny of Nigeria’s current milieus – which he believed the current government in power couldn’t manage or ameliorate at any point in time. 

For a better clarity, how best can you rate the performance of the almost concluded government in power per sector? Did you notice any “change” or “deterioration” in any of these sectors; education, health, economy, polity and religion? Nepotism is crystal clear in the operations of the current administration; the economic structure is currently in an epileptic manner; health infrastructures and facilities still not better as Mr President travels abroad for Medicare; education in a shitty state; security of lives and properties still not assured for commoner and host of other challenges. Why dream of a second term bid Mr President and his dear supporters? If four years is not enough to patch things up or put things in order, the next four years bid does not show any positive greenlight. 

This is basically a food for thought dear Nigerians as I will be dropping a piece on the basic features of who we need to lead and not rule us come 2019.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Why Innocent Killings Will Not Stop in Nigeria Today

Innocent Killings in Nigeria

By Nature, death remains a special gift packaged for all living creatures (human being inclusive) regardless of their socio-demographics, popularity as a result of wealth or even position in the society. Some deaths are naturally caused, some are coincidental by individual actions or reactions to one another while some are consciously engineered by either an individual or group of people for a "just cause".

The core concern of this piece addresses the innocent killings engineered by/for an individual or group of people in Nigeria. Without mincing words, innocent killings of individual/groups have been as old as Nigeria itself. A recap of the sudden demise of frontline freedom fighters, politicians - Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Muritala Muhammed, Tunde Idiagbon, M.K.O Abiola and host of others. On a group note, clashes between religious groups/communities have also led to several innocent killings too. For instance, Ife-Modakeke clash, Maitatsine Operation, Ogoni Nine (Ken Saro-Wiwa, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levera, Felix Nuate, Baribor Bera, Barinem Kiobel, and John Kpuine), Odi killings, Boko Haram's Activities and recently the Herdsmen's.

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All these basically has a political/economic undertone either for or against the current government in power. In the course of providing an adequate answer to this question, reactions of the seating government at federal and state level to such heinous act (forcefully reducing the population figure) is a major pointer to the cause of action. For instance, the majority of Nigerians question the reaction of the government in power who sent Nigerian police against the well-equipped "AK-47" herdsmen compared to how they reacted to the Independent People of Biafra's case.

Whether or not the Presidency supports the claim of sponsorship, all pointers confirm that innocent killings of individual or groups of people in Nigeria remain a political strategy to:
  • instil fear in citizens
  • silence major potential opposition
  • threaten any fierce freedom fighter 
  • exercise power over the weak
  • make the government ungovernable for the incumbent authority
  • forcefully reduce population figure in a particular area
  • punish people for their misdeeds
  • justify nepotic actions
Above all, these killings of innocent citizens would not stop today or even tomorrow (regardless of Nigeria's age) until prospective office holders and our political leader yearns to serve the Nation truthfully without putting its' people in a state of confusion.
Do not be dismayed, it is a natural mystic that has taken away lots of beautiful musical talents - Lucky Dube, Bob Marley to mention but a few. Hence, the act will continue to occur within and outside Nigeria because it is one of the core strategies deployed by office holders at last resort.

As regards the current issues of the herdsmen, it is advisable for the Nigerian government to provide an enlightenment course/campaign for the "illiterate" herdsmen on cattle rearing in the real sense of it - to prevent chaos with farmers within and outside their territorial boundary. A template of Australia is a living proof that can be adapted to arrest the situation of innocent killings in Nigeria.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Eighteen (18) Things to Manifest in Nigeria Before 2018 Runs Out

18 things to occur in Nigeria's 2018

The journey of 365days usually begins with one second, ticking from the month of January and definitely stopping in the month of December with so much drama to talk about in between. The year 2017 like other outdated years has come and gone with jaw-breaking experiences in Nigeria under the rule of the change advocators. However, as fresh as the year 2018 is, it has also come with its own drama visible to the blind and in fact, audible to the deaf. In essence, lots of activities, both good and bad would manifest this year to individuals, private and public establishments, as well as the society at large.

Naturally, these things would be recorded - births, deaths, seasonal change, and all sorts. On the other hand, there lie other things to manifest this year in Nigeria without natural inclinations. Few of which manifestations are:
  • Economic recovery
  • Mr President's health challenges
  • Deaths of strong political opposition at key levels
  • Lies and deception at the highest level
  • Heavy cash flow in the economy
  • Tentative job opportunities for unemployed youths
  • Resuscitation of business activities
  • More savings than withdrawals
  • Diverse political stratagems
  • Increasing rate of carpet crossing
  • Corruption at the extreme
  • Empowerment programmes here and there
  • More opportunities for Youths
  • Continued rivalry between the two dominant religious groups
  • Degradation of educational standard
  • Health sector in an appalling state
  • More criminal cases against politicians and
  • Death of core legal practitioners.
It is a known fact far and near that Nigeria's economy hit the rock since the transition to the All Progressive Congress political (APC) in 2015. Although, the rationale behind the economic twist is presumed to be linked to past governmental misconducts and mismanagement of national resources alongside global crisis. The Year 2017 seems to be the most breathtaking year for the general masses because inflation was high, the value of Naria devaluated, cost of living was high, the standard of living dropped, survival was literally for the fittest with more withdrawals than deposits recorded.
This Year "2018" would rather experience economic recovery not in a total sense but at a positive probability, the reason being that there is a high level of political prick-teasing as election-year draws closer. Do not be surprised when an economic summit is staged pulling together the then "bad eggs" but economic wagon to save the nation from the economic mess. In essence, the change advocators would for the first time ever, take economic resuscitation very serious without shifting the burden to the general masses.

It is no longer news that Mr President's health situation is under intensive care due to his long-term medical trip abroad last year. Do not be surprised if he gets medical attention and supervision outside Nigeria again.

The Year 2018, being the year preceding the election year in Nigeria, is a normal occurrence for Nigeria to experience a political clash within and outside political parties. Such clashes could be very bitter, leading to the perpetual death of oppositions at local, state and federal level. The case of Dipo Dina, Bode George, Funsho Williams, M.K.O Abiola, Sanni Abacha has demonstrated the ferociousness of Nigeria's politics. 2018 would most likely also record this scenario irrespective of the geopolitical zone. 

Little is actually what we witnessed in past years, what is really in stock for us is the L&D which should not take one at unawares. Be calm audience! as 2018 would also serve you with L&D not just because the election year is at hand but because it is deeply inculcated into our political values.

Cash flow in 2017 was a big issue in Nigeria with the operation of Treasury Single Account (T.S.A.). This year would, therefore, experience a heavy cash flow from the government to the governed as witnessed in Nigeria during Jonathan's Second term bid in 2014/2015.

This year would experience the diverse use of political stratagem by aspirants and incumbent office holders to increase their chances of winning during the election come 2019. Such stratagems are; creation of empowerment programmes, carpet crossing, the creation of tentative job opportunities for youths, disbursement of funds to the ageing groups and so on.
The year 2018 would also allow more corruption to thrive among current office holders for the sake of the fast-approaching election year. This act would spread like wildfire just to finance the diverse political stratagem discussed earlier.

This year "2018" would not be the end of the rivalry between Christian and the hardened Islamists or the wrong believer as claimed. Hence, the attack would continue to be directed at Christians with the aim of moving closer day by day to achieve Islamization.

The standard of the education and health sector would continue to deteriorate because the government concentration this year is directed towards the election year. Little or no attention would also be given to the health sector because of the majority if not all of the officeholders seek medicare abroad. 

This year would also record the demise of core legal practitioners for socio-political reasons.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Face of the CABAL Affecting Nigeria's Growth and Development

CABAL and Nigeria's Growth

My very first encounter with the word CABAL as formed by five intriguing ministers of Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale) was at my secondary school level through an erudite grammarian scholar's textbook. In his teaching, he described the term as a secret agency which comprises of selected few people that play an inextricable role in the operations and activities of a particular government - organisation, constituency and so on.

Since the good old days "secondary school", it has been a popular story every now and then that Nigerian government is been controlled by some small sect tagged CABAL. At this juncture, I begin to wonder who the CABALs are? Where they are? Why their faces have been secretive? and above all, Why they exercise power over a constituted authority?

Before giving a detailed answer to the questions above, it is an utmost priority to state what bore out this piece and particularly what spur the author to action. On the 3rd December 2017 at around 2pm, the former aviation minister and powerful writer amongst other in Nigeria (Reuben Abati, Reno Omokiri, Wole Soyinka e.t.c.) Fani-Kayode shared a thoughtful piece on the Seven-Fold Yoke and the CABAL that own Nigeria. This piece in itself gave an encompassing note on the state of the nation as a result of the CABAL in question.
Nevertheless, the questions raised above becomes a necessity - pregnancy of 9months or more waiting to be delivered. Based on the first question related to who CABALs are in Nigeria, it is crystal clear that the face in question is as limited as possible - which is arguably lesser than the people that make up a cabinet in Nigeria. In the piece shared by Fani-Kayode, all arrows seem directed at the Hausa-Fulani Caliphate - as the core group (among others - Yoruba, Igbo) controlling the realms of the affair in Nigeria.

Based on the next question, Where they are? and Why their faces remain secretive? The simple answer to this question is based on their operations - which is usually by codes. Since they are humans too, they are definitely where they are. I want to believe they will have their Aso Rock too i.e. their meeting point with a strict invitation to whosoever that needs to be heard or sent an errand. As for their faces, they remain faceless to the public for their safety and continuity of purpose. As faceless as they can be to the general public, I also want to believe they are not faceless to all the past Presidents/Leaders in this country. In simplicity, all the past Presidents automatically belongs to this CABAL - because they have seen it all.

Last but not the least, the question of why the CABAL exercise more power than the constituted authority remains contestable because of the popular saying "Power pass Power". This saying in itself provides the perfect answer to the question raised coupled with the fact that Nigerians has not been lucky to give the mandate to a fearless leader like the Abacha of those days, Gambia's Abacha "Yahya Jammeh" and Donald Trump of today who can fiercely shake a nation without duress.
Worthy of note, if Nigeria is 57 as of date then the core CABAL are basically in their 70's. Logically, all the present politicians above 70 years of age are apparently a player in this game. In light of all these, I want to believe there is only one sure path to fight a faceless living being. The path can be spiritual or revolutionary based on the collective consciousness of the general masses. As regards the spiritual solution, all that is necessary at this breathtaking time is to pray for the disunity of whatsoever group working against Nigeria's growth and development.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why Black Slave Trade Thrives in Libya Today

Libya Slave Trade
From time immemorial, slave trade has been a thing of the Whites against the Blacks residing in the regions of their colonization. In essence, colonization begat the idea of the slave trade with or without the knowledge of Black frontline elders on the consequences for the Black race and its long-term benefits for the White.

On a contrary note, it is appalling, shocking and unexpectedly that a Black race will ever think of enslaving one another for whatsoever reason or benefit in this present dispensation. The case of Libya today is a living proof. Basically, Libya has been one of the richest countries in Africa, at least during the long-term reign of their supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi". This wealth, therefore, attracted all and sundry within and outside neighbouring African states to Libya. But after the forceful dethronement and death of this supreme leader "Muammar Gaddafi" on several pressed charges nationally and internationally, Libya has hereby faced serious turnaround in their economic fate and political space. This is a likely pointer to why Black slave trade thrives in Libya.

Noticeably, the source of revenue generation (i.e. natural/non-natural resources) for Libyan are been severely contested with by its occupant - where the majority were non-Libyans such as Nigerians, Cameroonians and so on. Also, considering the harsh global economic condition, survival of the fittest now become the order of the day. Hence, the quest for survival by the Libyans with physical strength guided with arms and ammunition is a pointer to the case of the slave trade in Libya today. 

Worthy of note, the act of Black slave trade in Libya would not have been this severe if not for the rich receiving hands from all over Europe in exchange for any goodies (cash and its accomplice) much desired by the slave lords. Besides, the current administration of Libya should also be held accountable for all these inhumane treatments. This is apparently because such case would not have escalated in this dimension without the support of the government. In essence, this is a strategy adopted to put away neighbouring Africans from their soil (remember Ghana must Go saga).

It can also be established that the treatment of slaves (who are arguably refugees in the town) in this present dispensation now escalates beyond measures (where most were hanged, tortured and beaten severely) compared to what Blacks in African region experienced in the hands of the Whites. 

slavery in libya

These act, therefore, makes it imperative for all and sundry (Libyan government, other African leaders, non-governmental organisation and so on) to attend to this course practically and bring justice. With this Libya case, Whites will forever wish table does not turn against them.

I, OBILEYE Abolaji Adewale join the rest of humanitarian in the fight against slavery in Libya. On behalf of the entire staff of Realities of Today's Blog, we;

Friday, September 01, 2017

Eight Qualities of Donald Trump that WON'T make him Achieve Desired Result

Eight Qualities of Donald Trump
The name "Donald Trump" as it is today rings a bell and commands respect from anywhere in the World due to the seat occupied by this person and also because of his demonstrations/drama/pronouncement before, during and after the election processes. Without exaggeration,  President Donald Trump remains one of the controversial leaders the World has ever seen - alien to the history of America itself.

As every born individual (Slave/Freeborn) has certain qualities (inborn/cultivated) best used to describe them, such is the case of every leader/ruler in any country respectively. Some leaders are CCD in nature i.e. Cool, Calm and Diplomatic, some are friendly and destructive, some are cunning and deceiving to the core (just like the popular China leader Zhuge Liang nick-named "Sleeping Dragon") while some are very aggressive even in a democratic terrain.

As it is now, a short recap of Donald Trump's drama from his days as an aspirant up until this current time has a reflection and demonstration of different qualities he possesses. There is no gain saying someone is diplomatic when all of his action reveals more than what diplomacy could absorb. To an extent, any leader that assumes office in this age needs to be able to adapt to a different kind of weather (situation) due to waving demands of the position.
Due to the basic qualities necessary for the smooth running of the states internally and externally, it is therefore necessary to streamline the bone of contention to Donald Trump's case. By age and stature, the incumbent President of United States of America meets certain required criteria but on a practical note i.e. governance. There lie certain qualities of Donald Trump that won't make him achieve the desired result.

Those qualities are highlighted below;
  1. Believing too much in himself i.e. "I too know".
  2. Aggressiveness.
  3. Open book quality.
  4. Ethnocentrism.
  5. Lack diplomatic orientation.
  6. Saying more than necessary.
  7. No strategy.
  8. Playing a blame game i.e placing all blames at the doorstep of past government
Above all, Donald Trump has therefore demonstrated that he lacks the political know-how due to his shallow experience in the political game (he has always being business man) prior his engagement to lead the United States of America. However, unless he looks back at the way and manner his leaders have practically run the administration (which I doubt might not occur because of his ego), he might not leave the office with the desired result.

Without mincing words, I implore you to see the discussions of his qualities and how it won't make him achieve desired result.

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Belief system as used in this article does not have any attachment to religion or race but rather on how the individual interprets and reacts to people's opinion about governance. In this case, President Donald Trump believes too much in himself and also in business oriented people (which is why majority of his cabinet are stinkingly rich) giving little or no regard for any other folks that are political in nature. Although, it is believed a President should be able to make decisions on his own but not in a way that will seem like a verdict - in a democratic terrain.

Being aggressive as a quality is not the best approach to relate with people on any particular dealing (business, politics, religion...) day in day out because of what its opposite, "calmness/composure" is capable of in the pursuit of the desired result. In the case of Donald Trump, it can be easily noticed that he is aggressive to situations - reflective in his daily twitter rants, reactions to other World leaders activities, and managing the affairs of the United States of America.

An open book quality is apparently not a good habit precisely when one attains a height in life - where power is at play. It is believed that an individual who desires to soar higher in any game must incubate within himself certain things - strategies, tactics, or techniques - that would ensure the actualization of the desired result in the game. Apparently, Donald Trump of today (can't say tomorrow) lives as an open book which will not but make him predictable and prove his aggressive efforts fruitless.

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Ethnocentrism - the feeling that one race/culture/belief is stronger/better than any other person's - is basically a good feeling on a personal note but could not be necessary when the dealings of an individual revolve around different faces in a particular jurisdiction. It is crystal clear that the United States of America incubate in itself (as at date) various people from various continents in the World for various reasons (political, economical, educational...) best known to them.

Why will a leader of such nation/country administer on an ethnocentric note? I want to believe it's apparently not a necessary thing to achieve the desired result. Hence, Mr. President should carry that ethnocentric heart without letting it out by utterances, actions, and reactions but rather strategically.

Diplomacy lays emphasis on a sound global relationship (on various affairs; business, politics, education...) among neighbouring countries and other ones outside its jurisdiction. In this case, the way and manner Donald Trump's administration goes about his diplomacy would lead to nowhere desirous - (because of his aggressiveness) by leaving an eternal scar in the history of the World.

Action they say, speaks louder than voice.One should therefore act more and say little for strategic purpose.
In the case of Donald Trump, he prefers to ditch out warnings,instructions and even gives replies to any threat to his administration from all and sundry repeatedly before he finally acts upon such. However, true power lies in he who says less than necessary - because such people can't be predictable.

By strategy, Donald Trump himself is not strategic enough on a political note. This is so because of the way and manner he handles situations, actions and reactions to matters at hand. Due to his lack of strategy, he has therefore joined the league of governments today, living to play the blame game.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Weighing the Chances of Achieving Secession in Nigeria

Today in Nigeria, from the East to the North and from the South to the East drums of secession seems to be louder and louder by the day. Among the regions, the paramount advocate of this goal from time immemorial in Nigeria were the Easterners for various reasons under the household name "Marginalisation", "Underdevelopment", "Segregation" and so on. 

Lately, as read on - Adeyinka Grandson (President of the Young Yorubas for Freedom) advocated for the independence of the Oduduwa republic which is also similar to the notion of Opeoluwa Akinola at a press conference held in Lagos. This in itself also corroborates with the insecurity of Easterner's in the North having heard Arewa group declared October 1st, 2017 as the deadline for all Easterner's to vacate the North. For reasons best known to them, the pronouncement has raised another controversial statement implying "the Northerners are tired of tolerating the Easterners" - which is no other thing but encouraging the proposed plan of the region.

However, shutting eyes against Grandson's opinion - it is crystal clear that the Yorubas i.e. Oduduwa group and the Hausa i.e. Arewa group have a cordial relationship for the sustenance and continuity of Nigeria. This itself justifies the low-interest of these groups in the cry for regional independence compared to the divided Easterners - where some are agitating for total independence while some are still sitting on the fence.
Nevertheless, as the drums of secession seem louder by the day there lies several pointers that would yield its success or total failure. To begin with, kindly run through these pointers;
  • The political makeup in Nigeria.
  • The will of current leadership.
  • The strength of the two elephants - contenders.
  • The interest of the general masses.
  • The financier of the two groups.
  • The readiness of the two groups.
  • The level of support internationally.
  • The will to carry on through thick and thin - No retreat, No surrender.
The political makeup today under the Action Progressive Congress (APC) is arguably dominated by the Northerners in all nooks and crannies of the Federation. This makeup (in support of few westerners and southerners) is an enough pointer to weigh the success or failure of secession in Nigeria.
As at today, the political makeup in Nigeria stands for Nigeria which is why secession game cannot be achieved. Although, efforts would be made from far and near - which might lead to war - to ensure the much-desired freedom/independence. The end result would still be fruitless leaving the region desolate - loss of life and properties.
In simplicity, the group/region agitating for independence is an insignificant group by statistics in Nigeria which cannot usurp and challenge the power of the current political makeup.

The will and interest of current leadership/politicians in Nigeria spell doom on the agenda of secession in any part of its entity. This will is crucial and incontestable because they have all the wherewithal (human and material resources) to enforce and carry out whatsoever they feel/deem fit for salvaging the continuity and sustenance of Nigerian.
Hence, should in case the will and interest of current leadership in Nigeria support secession then it will be achievable with ease. But the contrary is the case today, which is why Ojukwu led secession stumbled earlier on.

By strength, the contenders - Nigerian government and whichever region that pursue independence goal are believed to have different strength capable of yielding or supporting their desired goal. Such strength in question are; media strength, manpower strength, financial strength, arms strengths e.t.c.
On all ground, Nigeria as a nation today possesses much more strength than what Biafra or any other region can acquire. Hence, Nigeria will gain tremendously from the fight for any independence while the region will suffer heavily at the expense.

By support, it is worthy to assume Nigeria has a bigger support at home and abroad compared to any region agitating for independence. More surprising, the region agitating for independence have some sect in itself that is working contrary to the proposed agenda of secession. This in itself will make Biafra's agitation fruitless and disastrous.

On a readiness note, Nigeria as a nation is very much ready with full-fledged armed forces on all platforms; land, air, water to challenge whatsoever that threatens it's survival (as witnessed in the case of Boko Haram) while the readiness of the group/region cannot be ascertained due at the moment to display their cowardice because they have not display or showcase their power.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What will give ROOM for Worthy Aspirants in Nigerian Politics Today

Worthy aspirants in Nigerian Politics
Politics in Nigeria as it is today has incubated in itself several obstacles that restrict and limit the chances of participation for all and sundry; especially the youths, less privileged, and less influential. It is in light of the above, that certain campaigns have been staged as well as series of protest from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria's jurisdiction.
One of the fundamental changes expected in our political engineering is about aspirants and party nomination. Hence, the need for quality representation and leadership demands that the following should be ensured; 
  1. Aspirants are qualified by their educational status 
  2. Aspirants are not influenced by corrupt expectations but by the ability to lead effectively. 
  3. There should be a pre-political training school for any Nigerian aspiring to be a politician in the future. This will form a training hub for future sound politicians in our own battered political sensibilities that are tilted towards corruption. 
  4. Aspirants must undergo check by appropriate security agents to ensure that he/she is not with questionable character or past criminality before acceptance by electoral bodies. 
  5. Professionals should be encouraged to aspire for any political office in order not to keep our political offices in the hands of dubious and inefficient elements who aspire only to milk the economy without the value of input in it. 

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On the issues of party nomination, this has suffered greatly and is compromised on the altar of “godfatherism” and money bags. No wonder we experience terrible corruption in our political landscape. Party nomination should be made to reflect the zeal of a country that wants to grow and develop through the efforts of her leaders and not mere politicians. This could be achieved if the following can be considered; 
  1. Political parties should ensure levelled playing field in the process of nominating their candidates. 
  2. The criteria for nomination should reflect good character and attitude, with a good level of education. 
  3. Politically-mentored party members who have gone through some level of political system tutelage (like the pre-political training school or leadership training school) as mentioned earlier. 
  4. Parties should not kill qualitative candidates by demanding high fees for nomination forms. 
  5. Candidates who indicate interests within party level should be given the opportunity to address the party about their abilities for subscribing to be nominated. 
A group on Whatsapp named “Peoples Parliament” on the 9th April 2017 brought up the aforementioned topic for discussion which raised a lot of arguments among its members leading to various comments in form of correction and amendments where necessary. The discussion was kick-started by one Mr Onabanjo who stated that “if truly we want Nigeria to develop and claim her rightful position in the eyes of other nations, we must reduce the party nomination form fee to an affordable price in order to assist the less privileged exercise their constitutional civil right ”. 

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He, therefore, suggested that party nomination form fees should be reduced in contrary to the one given by the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki to a minimum rate: 
  • The Presidency should be reduced to N50,000.00 (Fifty thousand naira only)
  • Senate should be reduced to N45,000.00 (Forty-Five thousand naira only) 
  • Governorship should be reduced to N40,000.00 (Forty thousand naira only) 
  • House of Representative should be reduced to N30,000.00 (Thirty thousand naira only) 
  • House of Assembly should be reduced to N25,000.00 (Twenty-Five thousand naira only) 
  • Local Government Chairmanship should be reduced to N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand naira only) 
  • Councillorship should be reduced to N15,000.00 (Fifteen thousand naira only). 

Going by his suggestion, Mr Claire affirmed that there is a need for an urgent call to review the amount placed on party nomination form which will encourage the right people to emerge. But in a contrary opinion, Mr Olaniyi argued that bringing down the price to a ridiculous amount will render those offices useless to the extent that an ordinary mechanic will stand a chance to win based on the low price of the party nomination form. He added further that there will be no respect for those offices in anyway.

In another reaction from Mr Onabanjo, he stated that for the country to experience the exact change they voted for; they need to start from the nomination form and make it available and affordable for all and sundry. Due to this, the general masses will have to choose among the aspirants who they feel suit the post.

Mr Claire further agreed with Mr Onabanjo that the party nomination form should be reviewed and made available for the people with intellectual minds who are willing to drive the country to the dreamland. Placing a huge amount of money on party nomination form is a way of subjecting the masses or the less privileged to the lower ground. In order words, the amount placed on the form will only give the capitalist who owns the means of production in the society the opportunity to contest for any post since they can afford to pay the huge amount.

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Mr Onabanjo also agitates that implementation of Confab Report 2014 will drive Nigeria forward and save her from going into economic recession again. He buttressed further that even though the capitalist can still indulge themselves in using the money to buy the electorates, it will still be in the record that majority were given the privilege to exercise their constitutional civil right as good citizens.

Mr Olaniyi who suggested that it would be better if the Senate can deem it fit to use the Parliamentary power to reduce the amount based on these under-listed suggested amounts;
  1. Presidency – N5million naira
  2. Governorship – N2.5millin naira
  3. Senate – N1.5million naira
  4. House of Reps – N1million naira and below N1million should be shared among other political posts in the state and local government.
Mr Onabanjo hereby concluded that:
  1. The issues of constitutional civil right should start from the nomination form by reducing the amount to a minimum level to allow every citizen to exercise their civil right.
  2. No citizen should be deprived of contesting for any political post in-as-much-as he/she meets the criteria required by the Constitution and his political party.
  3. Restructuring the system is a way to curb and put an end to the economic recession and corruption in Nigeria if the Confab Report 2014 can be implemented.
In simplicity, all these will give room for youths participation in Nigerian politics.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How a Replica of Lagos Island Flood in Other Places can be MORE Devastating

Lagos State today is arguably one of the megacities in the heart of Nigeria due to the massive transformation that had taken place from the reign of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola and to the incumbent Governor Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. All administrators - past and present collectively ensured continuity programme by developing the state which has so far yielded tremendous goodies - wealth and popularity on a global scale ahead of other city-states in Nigeria.

In the course of ensuring transformation and development of the areas (mainland and island), a lot of natural resources - water, land... have been altered/moderated without taking cognizance of its likely devastating effect. Of all the resources highlighted earlier, "Water" (river/lagoon) seems to be the most powerful in entirety, capable of ruining whosoever that manipulates it without adequate caution and supervision. This is why major mega cities (China, Japan, Ibadan, Lagos) had experienced different water-driven challenges you can ever think of, especially flood and at the extreme tsunami.
A living proof of how powerful flood can be likened to the recent outburst in Lagos Island (where cars look like swimming pools, jacuzzi in sitting rooms and roads turned river) which has therefore generated a lot of controversies. Although flooding as a result of rain/erosion is not a new occurrence in Lagos, the recent outburst in Island shocked all and sundry. Some people took the privilege to mock Lagosians and its administrators by turning the scenario to a joking matter, while relatively few can see the occurrence as a normal phenomenon that needs to be addressed urgently by appropriate quarters to avoid a replica of such scenario which can be more dangerous than this.

Invariably, all the water areas in Lagos (Bariga, Lekki, Badagry, Lagos Island and so on) needs to be measured and monitored every now and then (especially during raining season) to avoid a replica of Lagos Island scenario. Can you ever imagine or quantify the amount of losses (human and material) Lagos and its occupants will suffer if the flood occurred around Third Mainland Bridge, or better still all the water areas in Lagos? Invariably, Lagos as a full-fledged State will suddenly live asan unforgettable memory just like the United States of America's 9/11 saga.

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Since nature will continue to be nature - rain will always fall in its time (as God decides), the sun will shine and set at the desired time, air would not still seize to blow (special thanks to God for this Grace). As often advised that human being needs to be conversant with the environment he lives for safety and development purpose. It is therefore important for the administrators to ensure the water flow in the area does not surpass it needs to avoid flooding or tsunami.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Chance for Ijebu State to Come to Life; Take it Now or Wait Another Decade

osinbajo and awujale of ijebu land
As earlier highlighted on this blog, Ijebu-Ode the most popular pillar in the region of Ijebu as at today lack certain basic elements capable of scuppering the long desired cry for Ijebu State. The cry for Ijebu-State is apparently not a new desire by the Ijebus as it dated back to the reign of Ex-Presidents; Olusegun Obasanjo, Umar Musa Yar'adua, and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In this present dispensation "Buhari's"; the bid, urge and the cry for Ijebu-State remains at a low ebb because the challenge "economic turbulence" they met superseded their expectations and preparations. 

Worthy of note, all fingers pointed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo - a typical Yoruba man who controlled the realms of Nigeria's affairs for 8years (thanks to a truncated third term bid) without significant efforts on the development of Yoruba State "LAGOYOSUN"- Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and Osun  compared to the Northerners who were highly spirited and concerned for their region and whosoever that hails from there.

Even though Obasanjo fails to grant/acknowledge the wishes of the Ijebus, he has left the whole nation with an eternal gift worth remembering "free flow of communication". However, having lost the bid for Ijebu-State under two consecutive governments - there lies another opportunity for the state's wish to come to life. As we all know, the incumbent President of Nigeria "Muhammadu Buhari" has been battling with his health for quite a while now, in his stead, our very own Professor Yomi Osinbajo has been representing him within and outside Nigeria. 

On a democratic note, Professor Osinbajo should be the rightful heir to the throne should in case Mr. President kicks bucket but for an ethnocentric or political reason - power can be shifted from Professor's nose if adequate care is not taken. This plan is simply democoup in nature i.e. coup in a democratic government.

In light of this, massive support for Professor Yomi Osinbajo from all and sundry (especially the Yorubas) should Mr. President finally dies can give Ijebu State another chance to come to life. Nevertheless, to ease off the stress of bidding fruitlessly, such issues highlighted on Why Ijebu-Ode will not experience desired development anytime soon should be taken serious coupled with the challenge of other regions. 

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Why Kingpin Kidnapper - Evans Should be Utilized and not Crucified

Why Evans Should be Utilized

The story of billionaire Lagos-based kidnapper "Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike" popularly known as EVANS has raised a lot of contending issues and would remain a remarkable occurence in the history of Lagos, Nigeria. As regards his crucifixion or utilisation, it is highly imperative to enlist the reaction of people towards the case. Some people hail his level of professionalism, some value-oriented folks crucifies his action while some intelligentsia sees more positive than negatives in the story of Evans.

Information gathered through the internet and his confession (via interview) on television stations revealed lots of jaw-dropping secrets about him and his modus operandi;
  • He is a knowledgeable and successful being in the business.
  • He has businesses outside Nigeria just to leave out unnecessary suspicion about his activities.
  • He chooses to receive dollars in all his dealings.
  • He is adequately knowledgeable of his terrain.
  • He knows the people that matter around him.
  • He is strategic in his dealings at all times. 
Due to these distinguishing factors, the Nigeria at present (who deems it fit to fight corruption) has gotten a strategic manpower who can be used for making ends meet. If you are wondering why a criminal should be utilised, you need to understand the requirements of nailing a higher criminal - experienced and strategic one. To support this notion, it is the belief of the Yorubas that "Ole lo mo ese ole nto lori apata". This saying simply means only an experienced/professional thief (criminal) can unravel another criminal footprint on a mountain.

At this juncture, it is advised that Evans should be drafted into the department of intelligence in charge of fighting corruption cases (DSS preferably) with strict monitoring, supervision, and law binding his involvement in criminal cases with a very good salary scale which might not necessarily meet his standard of living but it must not be too far from it. A close door meeting with Governor Ambode and important security personnels will aid the utilisation of this.

On another end, his investments in form of businesses can be brought down to Lagos, Nigeria just as punishment for his misdeeds. The state government should take care of the recruiting exercises for the firm and all other management operations - in order to aid the fight against poverty and unemployment. This act would, therefore, increase the employability of Nigerian graduates thereby reducing poverty level in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Another pointer that can leave the footprint of Mr Evans on Nigerian history (aside from this current misdeeds), is his business/entrepreneurial orientation. From all his dealings, it can be deduced that Mr Evans would be a highly successful businessman due to his;
  • intelligence,
  • in-depth understanding of the environment he lives,
  • strategic dealings,
  • technological awareness,
  • team player, and
  • game changer
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Invariably, the utilisation of this Evans group would do more benefits to Nigeria than his crucifixion. This is arguable because his crucifixion will only;
  • increase kidnapping businesses - the rest of the team are out there I believe (precisely out of Nigeria)
  • make Lagos rich folks live in fear as they would experience more cases of kidnapping
  • make state government gain the financial wealth of Evans at the expense of the benefits to the general masses and the reduction of kidnapping experience.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

See the Exact Plan Nnamdi Kanu Needs to Achieve more than Biafra's Independence

Nnamdi Kanu, the current frontier of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) strategic plan to achieve the aim of independence (engineered by the late Odumegwu Ojukwu) for his region has been fruitless overtime. This is because the wish(es) of the small sect is statistically insignificant to other region/zone. Due to this, the intensity of the protest via different strategies (Radio-Biafra launching, public rally, use of placard...) as therefore led to his arrest and at the extreme a short trip to the total institution.

While in the custody, his followers agitated for his release without foregoing the ambition of seceding from Nigeria. At a point, his followers threaten the Federal Government of Nigeria "could anything happen to Kanu, Nigeria is finished. After so much tension and pressure, the efforts of his followers and well-wishers were futile by his release with certain bail conditions.

At his return, his BMS - body, mind and soul remains the same towards the targeted goal "secession" amidst his tour on the justice corridor. However, if they follow their forfeited/usual plan of secession as used between 1967-1970 civil war. Alas, the result would definitely remain the same. Nonetheless, there are better strategies hovering around the sea waiting for Nnamdi Kanu to fetch easily. Such strategy will do no other thing but to leave the said leader's (Nnamdi Kanu) footprint on Nigerian soil and particularly the Biafran's region.
Considering the popular saying "Whenever two Elephants fights, the grass definitely suffers", it is necessary to give the appropriate answer to these questions.
  • Why stir up what you don't have the strength to finish up?
  • Why start up what you don't have the manpower to end?
  • Why fight when there are better ways of winning?
  • Why cry for Independence when you can be much better without it?
Before I move on, the readiness for Biafrans secession from Nigeria seems unrealistic by the look of things - manpower strength, will and support. There is a practical and living moral lesson from what happened in Gambia. Remember the powerful - Yahya Jammeh which was once tagged "Gambia's Abacha", at the sight of massive destruction fled for his life at the darkest hour.

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Above all, I salute your C2S2 - Courage, Collective Consciousness, Spirit of Patriotism and Spirit of Brotherhood.In short, you are truly the son of your father. Igbo Kwenu

Against all odds, the workable plan for achieving more than Biafran's independence is to arrange a meeting with the people that matter (past/present Governors, Senators, Rural Leaders, Past President, Business Moguls) on pressing issues affecting the growth and development of the region. The said meeting whether online/offline should be channelled towards creating an enabling environment (amidst the current challenges; flooding, pollution of all kinds...) - where social amenities and infrastructures are readily available and accessible.

This sole act in itself will
  • make way for investors in the rebranded region,
  • make room for making ends meet within the region (Lagos might not be a necessary place to go),
  • improve the standard of living of dwellers,
  • reduce the cost of living of dwellers,
  • reduce emigration from the area,
  • increase immigration from other regions (since development has manifested in the area)
  • give room for the growth of the indigenous product, 
  • bring into limelight new entrepreneurs, and therefore
  • make Biafra agitation die a natural death
 In essence, the relentless efforts of Biafra agitation day and night can be used positively for the region and its development. When this region get it right, this might spur other regions to action - thereby leading to Nigeria's overall development. #OneNigeria

Monday, June 12, 2017

12 Cogent Things that Have Happened to Nigeria after the Demise of Chief M.K.O. Abiola

M.K.O Abiola death
As celebrated today in Nigeria- the 12th day of June 2017, marks the 24th year that the late global figure, powerful businessman, philanthropist and politician named Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola popularly known as Chief M.K.O Abiola contested for The Presidency in 1993. It was indeed a day worth remembering for Nigerians who massively voted for Abiola to rule the nation but surprising an unexpected occurred.

The day that should have been a day of celebration for Yoruba folks and Nigeria at large later turns out to be mere history as we speak without any official note that Chief M.K.O once ruled the nation, Nigeria at a particular time. History reveals that General Ibrahim Babangida's administration reportedly annulled the election for reasons best known to him. During this period, all efforts by Chief M.K.O to be reinstated as the winner of the election was futile regardless of his international connections.
Eventually, he was imprisoned on a treasonable charge for declaring himself as President at Epetedo area of Lagos Island (since Efe Nwosu - the then NEC chairman was incapacitated to make such decision). As long as he spent 4years in the prison custody, with several awkward treatments. Alas, he lost his life on the 7th of July, 1998. At the declaration of his death, a lot of people (citizens from far and near) follow suit for the sake of June 12 1993, election.

However, its been a long year to this time (decades) leaving Nigeria with a lot of memories - worries, pains and agony to mention but a few. Invariably, a whole lot has happened after the demise of 1993 people choice President of Nigeria.

The 12 cogent things that have happened to Nigeria after the demise of Chief M.K.O. Abiola are as follows;
  1. Democracy lives on
  2. Communication at all fronts now available in Nigeria
  3. Increasing number of social problems
  4. Substandard state of existing social structures
  5. Discrimination and marginalisation lives on
  6. Economic stagnation at national level
  7. FGN lives on with massive debt
  8. Hope for Nigerians (as championed in 1993) remains a mirage
  9. Standard of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb
  10. Cost of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb
  11. Dangote lives as the richest living African man
  12. Corruption thrives on
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The crazy democracy of 1993 who annulled the election of M.K.O remains the practice of Nigeria as a nation. Due to constant pressure on General Babangida, he left the seat of GCFR for Ernest Adegunle Oladeinde Shoneka (who reigned as an interim President for three month) who was later toppled by the ferocious and fearless late military leader General Sani Abacha. At the demise of the LORD, return to democracy was realistic for Obasanjo's case. Since 1999 till date, democracy lives on.

Prior the death of Chief M.K.O Abiola, communication at level was not easily available and accessible to all and sundry in Nigeria. At the transition to democracy in 1999 (until this present time), communication has been made available and accessible to an average Nigeria regardless of his/her financial status.

Social problems affecting Nigeria and her development have grown wings from the dawn of time till date. Poverty, unemployment and increasing crime rate been the frontliners of the nation's challenge from earliest time have taken a twist leading to new dimensions and increasing rates. Trending dimensions of social problems are Kidnapping for ransom, Kidnapping for ritual, Rape of the Elderly, Boko Haram Insurgencies, Fulani Herdsmen and lots more.

Substandard state of existing social structures. All the existing basic social structure (polity, religion, education, economy and family) today is marred with lots of ups and down.

Discrimination and marginalisation thrive on in Nigeria. This is noticeably based on the allocation of favoured position to one zone ahead of others. Another pointer to discrimination and marginalisation in Nigeria is the long cry for independence by the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) under the current stewardship of Nnamdi Kanu. Another rationale for discrimination is noticeable when a group of Northerners gave a notice of October 1st for Igbos residing in their region.

Economic stagnation (if not retrogression) at the national level is the reality of Nigeria today. The dependence on the monopolistic product "Oil" has left the nation in a redundant state due to global relations and others. Another pointer to the economic stagnation is the havoc wrecked by past administrations (quoting APC government) as well as the lack of efficient and appropriate manpower holding the position of power today.

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FGN at all level - federal and state government lives on with massive debt regardless of the Paris bailout funds received and distributed to necessary quarter.

Hope for Nigerians championed by Chief M.K.O Abiola remains a mirage in present time. There is no hope for average Nigerian youths and old folks regardless of their educational background and qualification. Since unemployment and poverty thrive on while the economy remains unfavourable to all and sundry. HOPE for Nigerians today remains worrisome due to past glory.

The standard of living of an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb today since economic stagnation hits the nation hard.

Cost of living for an average Nigerian man remains at a low ebb today because of the massive effects of exchange rates (since most goods are imported), economic recession and inflation rates to mention but a few.

Prior the arrest of Chief M.K.O Abiola, he was one of the richest businessmen in Africa and at home while the current business mogul Aliko Dangote was far from reach. As at this day, Dangote products (cement, sugar, flour, rice, spaghetti, pasta) have gained wide reach and acceptability leaving him as one of the formidable business moguls in Nigeria, Africa and the World in general.

Corruption thrives on in Nigeria as exposed by relentless efforts of Buhari government.

#June12 spirit lives on, be mindful of your activities today.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Reactions to Doyin Okupe's Notion on Why Osinbajo Must not Contest if Buhari Dies

Quoting, Doyin Okupe the former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan (2010 - 2015) of Nigeria noted that Vice President Yemi Osibajo should not contest come 2019 if Buhari dies. He said the current Acting President (while the President-elect undergoes medical treatment abroad presently) should not vie for The Presidency come 2019 for the sake of the Northerners.
Okupe's stand is based on the way and manner Zoning principle is highly respected and strictly followed in Nigeria's politics but certain circumstances beyond human control have often truncated such plans. For instance, incapacitation as a result of ill-health which can later lead to the demise of the Mr President is a serious issue. When such cases arise, constitutionally all power shifts gears to the Vice President.

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The first experience Nigeria had under the reigned of late President Umar Musa Yar'Adua almost tore the nation apart because the Vice President  (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) in question was from the minority group. In the view of Okupe, a replica of what happened to late President Umar Musa would only make Northerner's feel cheated but on a realistic note, it is a natural mystic. I wonder why he would make such a declaration forgetting the fact that everyone who possesses the expected criteria (regardless of her zone) - age, educational qualification, link to one registered political party, has the right to vie for any post including the Presidency. Come 2019, should Osinbajo feels like running for Presidency #Goodluck

On another note, the Northerner's slogan "born to rule" seemed to be the prominent issue affecting true democracy and federalism in Nigeria. They have ascribed so much love to be the arrow head of the nation, savouring the love with the Southerners and fencing the Easterners as if they are aliens. Without being sentimental, people from any of these geopolitical zones - South South, South West, South East, North Central, North West, and North East should experience equal treatment as electorates and voters in the name of ensuring Nigeria develops at all cost.

However, when a multi-cultural nation (like Nigeria) operates with nepotism and favouritism as its ideology in all realms, its desired development would seem unachieveable because the goal is not general but rather specific in the real sense.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Democracy Day Celebration in Nigeria; A FlashBack Till Date

Democracy Day Celebration in Nigeria
It's been 57 years since Nigeria had the leverage to be ruled by their own indigenous people they trust. This opportunity might never come if not for the relentless efforts of freedom fighters from different nooks and crannies of the country. Such honors goes to the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the Yorubas, Nnamdi Azikwe of the Igbos and Sir Ahmadu Bello of the North... who ensured independence was granted to their beloved country.

Leaving off from the path laid by the Colonial masters, several noticeable lifestyles/cultures were drafted into the life of Nigeria consciously and unconsciously as well as other Africa nations. Democracy was one of the adopted lifestyle of the West which is basically the trending system of government by statistics in 21st Century.

This system of government gave people the franchise to choose their representatives, in conjunction with many other freedoms (freedom of speech, expression, liberty...) attached to it. The practice of this system of government in Nigeria overtime is questionable due to electoral manipulation at every stage of its process, nepotism, share of the dividend of the system of government, to mention but a few. 

As Nigeria progresses, several freedoms highlighted above were trampled upon with the emergence of the military system of government which reigned for as long as 1966-1979, 1983-1999. Ever since 1999, Nigeria has been practicing democracy leavings its citizens with a bitter sweet experience. Had it been the system was genuinely practised without sentiment, massive development of infrastructures and social amenities at significant proportion would be noticeable in all geopolitical zones. Also, the continuous agitation by the Biafran group would not have thrived longer than the civil war but because they feel left-behind, marginalized such agitation lingers. 

I wouldn't want to say Nigeria is now in a modernized slavery era. But considering the fact that it is ruled and has been ruled by same clique, there is no shying away from the truth. Those clique made Nigerians believe they are representing the masses but are in the real sense representing their pockets. It is like a bird that has been itching to fly, but when finally given the opportunity, it came with a condition of its wing held.

Yes, Nigeria is practicing democracy, but the general masses are not enjoying the privileges of democracy. This should be indeed worrisome to every reasonable Nigerians. Amidst all these, I love Nigerians attitude towards their helpless situation because of the popular saying "if you can survive in Nigeria, you will survive anywhere in the World".

To the Patriotic citizens who have been upholding the flag positively, and has never let the labour of their heroes past be in vain, I say happy democracy day from all of us at Realities of Today's Blog.