Why Innocent Killings Will Not Stop in Nigeria Today

Innocent Killings in Nigeria

By Nature, death remains a special gift packaged for all living creatures (human being inclusive) regardless of their socio-demographics, popularity as a result of wealth or even position in the society. Some deaths are naturally caused, some are coincidental by individual actions or reactions to one another while some are consciously engineered by either an individual or group of people for a "just cause".

The core concern of this piece addresses the innocent killings engineered by/for an individual or group of people in Nigeria. Without mincing words, innocent killings of individual/groups have been as old as Nigeria itself. A recap of the sudden demise of frontline freedom fighters, politicians - Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Muritala Muhammed, Tunde Idiagbon, M.K.O Abiola and host of others. On a group note, clashes between religious groups/communities have also led to several innocent killings too. For instance, Ife-Modakeke clash, Maitatsine Operation, Ogoni Nine (Ken Saro-Wiwa, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levera, Felix Nuate, Baribor Bera, Barinem Kiobel, and John Kpuine), Odi killings, Boko Haram's Activities and recently the Herdsmen's.

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All these basically has a political/economic undertone either for or against the current government in power. In the course of providing an adequate answer to this question, reactions of the seating government at federal and state level to such heinous act (forcefully reducing the population figure) is a major pointer to the cause of action. For instance, the majority of Nigerians question the reaction of the government in power who sent Nigerian police against the well-equipped "AK-47" herdsmen compared to how they reacted to the Independent People of Biafra's case.

Whether or not the Presidency supports the claim of sponsorship, all pointers confirm that innocent killings of individual or groups of people in Nigeria remain a political strategy to:
  • instil fear in citizens
  • silence major potential opposition
  • threaten any fierce freedom fighter 
  • exercise power over the weak
  • make the government ungovernable for the incumbent authority
  • forcefully reduce population figure in a particular area
  • punish people for their misdeeds
  • justify nepotic actions
Above all, these killings of innocent citizens would not stop today or even tomorrow (regardless of Nigeria's age) until prospective office holders and our political leader yearns to serve the Nation truthfully without putting its' people in a state of confusion.
Do not be dismayed, it is a natural mystic that has taken away lots of beautiful musical talents - Lucky Dube, Bob Marley to mention but a few. Hence, the act will continue to occur within and outside Nigeria because it is one of the core strategies deployed by office holders at last resort.

As regards the current issues of the herdsmen, it is advisable for the Nigerian government to provide an enlightenment course/campaign for the "illiterate" herdsmen on cattle rearing in the real sense of it - to prevent chaos with farmers within and outside their territorial boundary. A template of Australia is a living proof that can be adapted to arrest the situation of innocent killings in Nigeria.


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