Six (6) Key Indicators on the Availability Issues of Nigeria's International Passport

Six (6) Key Indicators on the Issues of Nigeria's International Passport

Travelling around the world is one of the beautiful things that can ever happen to someone who loves feeding his eyes with new things. Naturally, the creator of the universe made this world with no specific border until men tried to draw boundaries among themselves. This is why some nations have mandated the need for an international passport to gain access to their country which isn't a bad idea. Although as a Nigerian, we are entitled to free access to some countries in our region but definitely not outside of it.

From the former point of view, it became a necessity to have an international passport to travel around the world as a Nigerian for study, leisure or relocation purposes. To think the so-called giant of Africa does not have booklets to provide for interested citizens in international activities for the first quarter of the year 2021 is highly regrettable. Information from friends outside the nation confirmed the scarcity of booklets for Nigerian citizens in diaspora especially in U.S.A and Canada. What a Shame!

On that basis, there are many key indicators on this issue of Nigeria's International passport for the country and its current managers. Among the long list of indicators are the six points discussed in no particular order below.

The Intentionality of the Seating Managers

From the ugly scene of insecurity, unemployment, underemployment, poverty..., it is clear that these economic and security issues have necessitated a rising push for average Nigerians to leave their father's land. In response to this desire of some Nigerians, the seating managers played the card of withholding one of the crucial documents needed for transition. Do they want to choke the life out of us here? What a shame!

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Readiness for the Future 

The current passport issue has also confirmed that we are not ready for the future as a country. If we cannot ensure the availability of a document useful for entry and exit from the country, then we are a joke. This sole document would have a great economic setback for the country, Nigeria. Although people might be willing to leave by obtaining a passport, the economic returns for the country should be another consideration. 

Zero Hope for Commoner

1993 was the last time we heard something like hope in this country, right now the masses are begging for their continued existence. Concerning the issue of passport, the chances of obtaining an international passport for a commoner who knows nobody in this country is rather at .0000000001 percent. How did we find ourselves here?

Available Opportunities 

The available opportunities for citizens' growth and development will definitely be lost in the hands of a lackadaisical government . In this case, people who want to change jobs, advance their careers or move to another environment for greener pastures will be stalk at one spot. This unavailable document is indeed a great setback for all and sundry, especially the commoner.

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Greater Push to Seek Alternatives

This saga of hoarding Nigeria's international passport will ultimately lead to a greater push for youths interest to leave the country. This at first will make some Nigerians navigate to other neighbouring nations for sustenance and safety before finally jetting out of the environment.


This concept should come first but as it is many Nigerian have lost faith in the administration of their father's land. Although some groups are advocating for secession which will be too difficult to achieve while other groups are building the Japa nation. This passport issue in Nigeria,  coupled with security and economic instability will, therefore, increase the non-patriotic nature of its citizens.

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