the Bill we Need against the Bill they Want in Nigeria

the Bill we Want against the Bill they Want in Nigeria

Bill in a democratic setting is an important tool for achieving desired change in a given direction. Nigeria is nowhere different because of her current experience in the hands of her administrators. For now, please let’s not argue about the actual practice of democracy in Nigeria or not. We all know where we belong on a global scale of leadership and democratic governance.

For decades, there has been tremendous agitations for the approval of several bills into law to enhance the efficiency of the system. Notable bill agitations in Nigeria are not but limited to police reforms, electronic voting, child marriage, and of late hate speech, social media bill. Who knows what ridiculous bill they are going to initiate to threaten us.

As youths in today’s Nigeria, we have been agitating for a better Nigeria through online and offline platforms as seen this year for instance. This is in the actual sense of what we need against what we want for nation-building. What do we need, specifically? and what do our representatives want? Isn’t it funny that the general masses and the leadership of this great nation do not align together on a just cause. Our needs as Nigerians are good governance, availability of socio-economic opportunities, maximum security of lives and properties, quality roads, food security, sound infrastructural structures and all. Are these too much to ask for? I doubt that.

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The other divide, government to be precise, it seems all that the youths are clamouring for doesn’t tickle them one bit based on their actions, reactions, policy implementation, budget allocation and public commentaries. Shame on all political office holders who tries to tear down the labour of our heroes past. In this light, we crave for an electronic voting bill to enhance vote credibility, reduce political apathy and stress of the electoral process. We want police system total overhauling to ensure our lives and properties are secured with or without our presence at the situated areas.

Shame they are championing social media regulations in this age of global relevance to silence users across all platforms in the country. Where we have pressing issues on security of lives and properties, poverty, underemployment, unemployment, road disconnect, inflation, to mention, it is unthinkable to go all out at this time to push for social media bill against the existing odds. It's glaring our proposed bill is tilted towards social change, economic transformation and development, while theirs is tilted towards intimidation, incapacitation, retrogression.

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If these issues linger on, it’s just another justification of the nation anchored on misplaced priorities. What do you think about this bill of ours and their propose bill? Kindly leave your comments below.


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