Six (6) Virtual Cultures to Edge over your Contemporaries Today

Six (6) Virtual Cultures to Edge over your Contemporaries Today

Virtual culture literally means our behavioural pattern on the digital space. How do we behave on the internet? Some people are excessively formal on all social platforms. Some are relatively informal. While others maintain a middle ground, which means they are either formal or informal depending on the situation at hand. I must say clearly that the way you comport yourself with friends online should be different from your habits at work 'virtually'. What then are the cultures to observe, learn and display in this new age? 

Culture of Attendance and Preparedness
Physical attendance and preparedness are absolutely one of the coveted attributes of serious-minded people in any given environment. How then do you reveal that virtually? You do that by simply preparing yourself to attend virtual meetings before the scheduled time. If you are not familiar with the app scheduled for use, it's best you rehearse before time to be abreast with how to run the app easily. There is no room for excuses for the audience - colleagues, employers, or outsiders. You just have to be ahead of the game.

Culture of Silence
This is indeed a major challenge in today's organisational meetings. Culture of silence is very easy to understand and it must be observed strictly as COVID-19 safety guidelines. I have been at several virtual meetings with people of different calibres where attendees' discussion at the background would be interrupting the official discussion. This act is totally wrong for Christ sake. It is expected of you to mute your mics immediately you joined a meeting unless you are the host or the presenter.

Culture of Serenity
You need to be in a state of calmness, same as your environment. Put yourself in a serene environment, where there are no distractions whatsoever. Switch off unnecessary alarms, television set, mobile gadgets and you are just good to go. Without this, there might be a serious issue for you. One, you will not get the best from the virtual activities. Two, you will be seen as an uncultured person for disrupting the meeting. I am sure you would adhere to this basic information.

Culture of Engagement
Why will you attend a meeting without engaging the theme for discussion? By sharing your opinions, you have confirmed your presence and also the fact that you have been following all the discussions so far. How can you engage in the discussion when all you do is to join the meeting, put the gadgets aside while you continue with other things? It is totally wrong and I must say its' best you don't join at all, rather than joining in disguise.

Culture of Professionalism
Professionalism crowns everything in this discussion. How professional are you in the gathering of professionals? How corporate are you ready for that virtual meeting? Yes, I mean you should dress corporate looking sharp and ready for the meeting. Don't worry, we wouldn't request to see your trouser and the sandal you are putting on. That's funny right! but that is also the reality in a remote working environment. If you happen to be a presenter, let your slide be topnotch with a high degree of preparedness. Nobody is ready to listen to excuses in this new age. Just deliver!

I am confident you have learnt one or two things today, make sure you put them to use. If you have any more suggestions for us, kindly drop that in the comment button below.


  1. Sir,there are only 5 meanwhile your heading says six

    1. Thanks for the observation, culture of attendance and preparedness was written as one heading but in actual sense, they are separate. Do the head count to see the six points now

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