How to Live and Triumph in the Nigeria Society We Find Ourselves Today

By nature, there are some things that are basically unchangeable. Such is the case of; where we were born, who rode us in here, our gender (transgender case is abominable) and all sorts. The beauty of this description is that where we find ourselves goes a long way to determine our lifestyles, thought pattern/orientation, belief systems and behavioural patterns.

Distinctively, each nation of today have their social realities that govern, guides, and predict the behavioural attitude of their inhabitants - especially youths. Amidst the peculiarities of nations of the world today, Nigeria's case as the giant of  Africa is worth unveiling as it determines inhabitants living triumphantly. The core determinant of living rather than just existing revolves around; poverty feeling, unemployment rate, security of lives and properties, opportunity availability, governments' interest in expenditure, welfare services for the community, and inequality level.

Without mincing words, all these mar the experiences of where we find ourselves "Nigeria". How then do we want to live and triumph in the Nigeria of today? The basic reason will be addressed based on one's age bracket - a child/teenager, youths and the elderly respectively.
As a child born in Nigeria, who has less say in how to live and triumph in the nation. The core player here is the parents' characteristics - educational background, occupation/profession, social standing, financial accountability to mention but a few. All this goes haywire in the kind of life the child will experience and enjoy as a living being in Nigeria.

The next set of people and precisely the most significant of the entire population "youths" - presumed to be the leaders of tomorrow anywhere in the world. In Nigeria's case, these sets of people are marginalized and secluded from that which should be their throne. As a youth in Nigeria, considering the unemployment or underemployment rate alongside poverty level, it is important to think as a loner who needs to walk and strive alone without any expectation from the government. This is apparently the major thought pattern needed to be a conqueror in a society like ours. If the feeling is different, youths tend to be frustrated to the core thereby leading them to indulge in various anti-social behaviour.

To the elderly in the current Nigeria situation who had at a point in time enjoyed many privileges in the 60's and 70's while growing up cannot be left out of this cause regardless of the actions of some of their age bracket in the position of power. What should be the hope the elderly have been taken away by the Nigeria of today. 
For instance, there are no welfare services for them; there is little or no retirement benefit for them; there exist no conducive environment "economy" for them to thrive in. The implication of all of these is that the elderly (who are not in government positions) joins the struggle for survival when they should be at rest. Considering their age bracket and strength level, it is shameful that little or no care and attention is given to them by the administrators.

Above all, in a society faced with all the kind of milieus highlighted and discussed earlier, it is highly imperative to look beyond the government for making ends meet. In a world like this, entrepreneurs (regardless of their age bracket) are Kings i.e. business activities in any form is key for surviving and living above the country's mess. This business orientation will only birth out the greatness in individuals' regardless of government's concern or not.

In simplicity, all your needs as an individual/family member would only be met when you strive endlessly to birth out your passion, feed it day and night to live the life of your dream. At the very extreme, do not forget to exercise your right by voting out any government that so much cared about their revenue ahead of community welfare.

If you have any further suggestions about how to live triumphantly in Nigeria today, kindly leave that in the comment button. 


  1. Thanks for sharing.

    If our leaders are better, Nigeria will be better.

    So painful we keep voting in dubious men.

    solution to Glo not opening blogger website

  2. Only God Almighty can help us, sir.
    Thanks for the comment.


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