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How to Live and Triumph in the Nigeria Society We Find Ourselves Today

By nature, there are some things that are basically unchangeable. Such is the case of; where we were born, who rode us in here, our gender (transgender case is abominable) and all sorts. The beauty of this description is that where we find ourselves goes a long way to determine our lifestyles, thought pattern/orientation, belief systems and behavioural patterns.

Pursuing your Dreams in High Heels

Have you ever wondered why several years after you had a “dream” you still remain where you laid?
Have you also had the feeling that every(thing/one) around you is changing drastically without notifying you?
Well, these are some of the things life throws at your doorsteps and you need to assess how well you are handling them without a sweat. So, let’s talk about the dream.
A dream could simply mean any of these “imaginary events seen in the mind”, “a visionary scheme”, “a wild conceit or “an old fantasy”. As individuals, we all have those things in our mind that we wish or hope to have or become. Either positive or negative, a dream can be challenging as it may require some mental, spiritual or even physical efforts for its actualization. 

Hence, there is need to identify one’s dream as either positive or negative before moving it up the ladder of actualization. Kindly, stay positive if want to climb this ladder with your high heels on. Hey Ladies! Ever heard of this saying, “chase yo…

Why you Constantly GO Broke???