Four Medical Conditions that Needs Constant Care than HIV/AIDS Today

Basically, the most feared virus or medical status by human existence is Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) without belittling the likes of Ebola Virus, Lassa Fever, Zika Virus and lots more viruses that have rocked, shaken and threatened the continuity of human being. Regardless of these medical conditions` and its prowess, there lie four basic medical conditions that need constant care than HIV/AIDS. 

The existence of these four basic medical conditions seems way older than the discovery of HIV/AIDS alongside other viral viruses/diseases, but, with adequate care, the situation can be managed, controlled and outlived. On the contrary, the lackadaisical attitude of the carrier towards the condition can only lead to sudden breakdown (leading to public disgrace at times) or a demise of the carrier prematurely or unexpectedly. 

However, the basic four medical conditions described above are; Ulcer, Asthma, Diabetes Mellitus, and Rheumatism. All these medical conditions seem delicate to live with for the carrier especially when the carrier does not have the knowledge and awareness of how such can withdraw their life out of them without using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). In essence, periodic examination/check-up is quite important for every living being to confirm their health status without living in an assumption that “all is well”. 
In this case, it is quite important for all these medical conditions to be monitored and cared for in line with the prescription of the doctor – particularly on what to eat, drugs to use and not to use, situations to avoid and how best to live with the condition. 

As for an ulcer patient, it is generally believed that the patient should endeavor to eat at the appropriate time of the day – early morning, afternoon and at night. Such patient is also advised not to skip meals for whatever reasons, stay away from drugs with aspirin, and also stay away from pepperish soup/stew pending the time the situation still manifests. 

On a second note, Asthmatic patients is another medical condition that needs constant care more than HIV/AIDS because of its ability to seize life within a twinkle of an eye. Note, the first basic rule for an asthmatic patient that wants to live long enough is to make people around him/her aware of her condition. Although, some people will feel moving around with Inhaler and all sort of will help out. 

Whichever way, it is worthy of note that the awareness of people around the carrier would aid their sustenance and survival whenever its crises occur. Also, it is always advised that carriers “Asthma” don’t stay in a stuffy or dusty arena cause of their breath. Since breath is life, it is also advised that asthmatic patient does not live or sleep alone - under any condition "good or bad". Hence, the situation needs more constant care than HIV/AIDS because the carrier might be looking healthy and still loses his/her life if proper care is not taking. 
Another powerful medical condition (in fact more than the two aforementioned) is Diabetes Mellitus of any type which needs constant care more than HIV/AIDS. The major reason why this condition needs proper constant care than HIV/AIDS is that the situation comes with so many critical ailments, hypertension, high blood pressure, severe body pain e.t.c. Most diabetes mellitus patients are advised to do away with certain food combo, taking things off the mind to enable their recovery based on the drug administered unto them. In essence, it is very tasking for diabetes mellitus patient to achieve recovery without constant care and total adherence to the drugs prescribed. 

Last but not the least, Rheumatism is basically not as popular as other medical conditions but it also needs constant care more than HIV/AIDS patients in surviving its crises.


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