Ten (10) E-exam Tips for Nigerian Students in Private Universities

Running an electronic exam is not a new development in the developed parts of the world but it is a forced reality on all Nigerian private universities. Thanks to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). It is indeed a big issue to run online learning programmes around here due to issues of network providers, power outage, uncoordinated social networking to mention but a few.

To arrest this situation is therefore imperative to triumph in examination situations. As we all know, exams are no joke for students either online or offline. What then can you do to block the waves of the village people? See the following Tips:

Tips 1 of 10: Use Laptop for your examinations. This is a better way to avoid any form of distraction.

Tips 2 of 10: Make sure you use a newly registered sim card if you have to use your mobile phone for the examination. All these rants on your social media platforms status for people to avoid calling you won’t do the magic.

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Tips 3 of 10: Endeavour to read the instructions carefully before you begin the paper. To avoid stories that touched, please read this tip again.

Tips 4 of 10: Do not expect a give-away questions from your lecturers. Questions like define this concept is a mirage.

Tips 5 of 10: Prepare to answer questions in your own words. Your understanding of the subject matter is all that matter most.

Tips 6 of 10: Do not forget to write your names and matriculation number. This is your identity, please.

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Tips 7 of 10: Find a serene environment to write your exams i.e. stay clear of any form of distractions.

Tips 8 of 10: Make sure you bathe before you begin the exam, to have a sharper and brighter mind.

Tips 9 of 10: With God (and not Google) on your side, you shall triumph. Cheers

Tip 10: If you think anything is missing, kindly add it in the comment section.


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