What Makes it So Easy for Cheating in a Relationship

What Makes Cheating Easy in Relationship
The act of cheating in a relationship is arguably one of the major problems faced by young lovebirds and even the so-called experienced lovers of today. This act is not usually a thing peculiar to guys alone as some ladies are professional cheaters depending on personal experiences, nature and their lifestyles.

Amidst all the controversies, it is worthy to note what birth out "cheating" from either of the party. The list is basically endless but there are cogent points worth debating to cushion the possibility of cheating by any party involved.
Here are the few reasons highlighted in this piece:
  1. Motive of the relationship
  2. Trust as an issue
  3. Lack of essential element 
  4. One-sided feeling
  5. Lack of Understanding
  6. Lack of Commitment
  7. Peer influence pressure
  8. Zero regards for the relationship
  9. Nature of the two players
The motive of a relationship is the number one factor that could make cheating so easy to manifest in any relationship. Usually, the real motive for kick-starting any relationship is basically known to either party regardless of what cometh from their mouth. Where the actual reason or motive for birthing a relationship is simply "sexual", then there is a likely (strong) tendency for cheating to surface as time ticks.
Trust is another powerful tool that either upholds or truncates the longevity of a relationship. In essence, the foundation of any relationship is very crucial on the basis of solid trust. On the contrary, where this foundation is shaky or unstable due to either of party's past "horrible" experience, there is a likely (strong) tendency for cheating to manifest as time ticks.

Non-availability of Essential Elements
Basically, cheating often comes into play where certain element held in high esteem by the party's involved are either in absentia or little in terms of quality and quantity. Such elements can be either human or material related. The human aspect manifest in their behaviour, attitude, emotions, actions and reactions respectively while, the materials often as important as the human factor reflects in monetary values - cash, gifts and all sorts. Where one party feels unsatisfied, there is a likely (strong) tendency for cheating in a relationship as time ticks.

One-Sided Feeling
This is actually not contestable because love is presumed blind - which is why a beautiful damsel can be dying to be with a guy below her expected standard (and vice versa) who doesn't even feel a need for friendship talkless of a relationship. Here, cheating is a certainty that no Jupiter can prevent. Don't blame the cheat, blame LOVE for being so unfair.
Lack of Understanding and Commitment 
Where the two-party lacks basic understanding in vehemently all the core aspect of life and either of the party shows commitment, cheating is a sure bet.

Peer Influence Pressure
Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. This saying speaks volume on the actions, and reactions of the relationship players. It is often easy to cheat when one's friend approves such or sees nothing wrong with it.

The factor highlighted above is not an end in itself, kindly leave with us information to buttress this article in the comment button. 


  1. Trust, is what is Killing most relationship, this era.


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