Why Query Indigenous Morals, when the New Trend Drag Morals in the Mud

Indigenous Morals vs New Trend
As early as the millennium, there lies significant alteration in the way and manner people (youths) think, act and react towards things. A lot of factors can be considered as the causes of these significant changes viz; Globalisation, Modernization, Culture Contact, Education, Technology... Obviously, trends today seems different from how we were brought up because it drag  morals in the mud. These trends have, therefore, necessitated old fashionistas or strong believer of indigenous way of life to be seen and tagged with different names;
  • Archaic,
  • Old fashioned,
  • Out of touch folks,
  • Spiricoco i.e. pious
  • Local i.e. not in vogue,
  • and any other word you can think of.
However, no matter what you call or think of me, it won't stop me from saying what's on my mind. It's just who I am. The rate at which we (youths) now paint immorality is so lovely that if David was in this century, he will do more than what he has done without remorse. It is so bad that we now wish ourselves immorality. The first time I heard a guy wished another fellow happy birthday, I was so angry that I had to unfriend him immediately. For heaven sake what does "more pussy to your dick" mean? Is that a kind of prayer or what, some will even eulogize their friends as "Oko Ashewo".
Are we really the leaders of tomorrow? 
Is that what we intend to pass to the next generation? 
I bet it with you if we continue like this, the world will be beyond repair until a divine messenger is sent to put us back on track. 

I wish we transfer some of the values and morals our fathers had then to this generation. Such values are appropriate dress sense, respect for elders, collective consciousness, utterances with dignity, and so on. Due to the neglect (or substitution) of all of these today, some old people are even happy that their time is up because they can't stand some of these strange behaviours of ours. Please don't tell me it's 21st century because that has been our justification for thwarting morals and values and it should hurt any sensible and knowledgeable being. 

Above all, I know, I'm Old. 
Old enough to know this generation is sick,
Old enough to know we need a revival,
Old enough to know we now have the shadow of what we used to enjoy...
But can I shock you, I'm not old, I am from this generation too. We can all strive to make a difference. Technology is to make our lives better and not to destroy it. It is to enhance culture and not to kill it. We misuse opportunities yet we want to live a good life. Live responsibly today, and your name will forever be celebrated.


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