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How to Stand Tall in the New Year "2021"

  It's a new year again around the world at different timeframes. What a uniqueness to understand, consider and leverage on! I must say we are privileged to be here against the mighty odds of year 2020. It was indeed an unprecedented and turbulent year for the entire world. How do we project ourselves in this new calendar year? How do we stand tall in the midst of the waves of COVID-19 ravaging the world? What do we need to do urgently now? What do we need to be proactive about? All these questions are begging for answers urgently from you and I.  With the look of things, it is crystal clear that the world is gradually shifting towards "digital everything" i.e. digital money, digital learning, digital worship, digital trade, digital meetings, digital media to mention but a few. What do we have to do as students, teachers, consumers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and professionals? Do we need to learn this new selling trade? Do we need to ignore this trade? Do we need to contra

Why Query Indigenous Morals, when the New Trend Drag Morals in the Mud

As early as the millennium, there lies significant alteration in the way and manner people (youths) think, act and react towards things. A lot of factors can be considered as the causes of these significant changes viz; Globalisation, Modernization, Culture Contact, Education, Technology... Obviously, trends today seems different from how we were brought up because it drag  morals in the mud. These trends have, therefore, necessitated old fashionistas or strong believer of indigenous way of life to be seen and tagged with different names; Archaic, Old fashioned, Out of touch folks, Spiricoco i.e. pious Local i.e. not in vogue, and any other word you can think of. However, no matter what you call or think of me, it won't stop me from saying what's on my mind. It's just who I am. The rate at which we (youths) now paint immorality is so lovely that if David was in this century, he will do more than what he has done without remorse. It is so bad that we now wis

Ten Awkward Lifestyles of "Yahoo Boys" Worth Neglecting to the CORE

As promised earlier on a post on this blog "Why Yahoo Boys Lifestyle is all You Need to Win Big in Life" to uncover the awkward lifestyles of Yahoo boy worth neglecting to the core amidst the good attitude itemized earlier, I now publish this for your reading and digestion. In essence, the operations, activities and actions of Yahoo boys reflect; the good, the bad and the ugly side. Justice has been made on the good side of these folks worth emulating while the bad and the ugly side will be discussed in this article. Basically, the awkward lifestyles of newbie and long-time Yahoo boys are as follows; Binge drinking of alcohol/spirits Lavish spending on luxuries Quest for money at all cost Womanizing Heavy smoking of any kind - cigarette, shisha, kanaku, skunk, weed... Excessive use of narcotic drugs  Immoral dress sense Clubbing every now and then Zero regards for tomorrow Zero regards for the family name. Without mincing words, 90% of Yahoo boys/men t

Why Adopting "Yahoo Boy" Lifestyle is ALL you Need to Win BIG in Life

For clarity purpose, it is highly imperative to note at this very beginning that this article does not preach or support Internet scamming  popularly called "Yahoo-Yahoo" (now termed Yahoo Plus) in any form but it rather explains the lifestyle of the practitioners that is worth emulating in any of your dealings - academics, business, apprenticeship... Without mincing words, it is agreeable that Yahoo-Yahoo is not a new phenomenon/activities in Nigeria today. In essence, it is a trending path to get rich quick or make money online through pretence, deceit and other forms of mischievous dealings you can ever think of. It is often believed that hard work, perseverance and persistent is the key to success which is why no job, occupation or profession enjoys success without this trio element. To the people, that are conversant with yahoo yahoo guys, you will agree with me that they give it all it takes to achieve their financial acumen. However, if you are not familiar