Why Adopting "Yahoo Boy" Lifestyle is ALL you Need to Win BIG in Life

Yahooby lifestyle
For clarity purpose, it is highly imperative to note at this very beginning that this article does not preach or support Internet scamming  popularly called "Yahoo-Yahoo" (now termed Yahoo Plus) in any form but it rather explains the lifestyle of the practitioners that is worth emulating in any of your dealings - academics, business, apprenticeship...

Without mincing words, it is agreeable that Yahoo-Yahoo is not a new phenomenon/activities in Nigeria today. In essence, it is a trending path to get rich quick or make money online through pretence, deceit and other forms of mischievous dealings you can ever think of.

It is often believed that hard work, perseverance and persistent is the key to success which is why no job, occupation or profession enjoys success without this trio element. To the people, that are conversant with yahoo yahoo guys, you will agree with me that they give it all it takes to achieve their financial acumen. However, if you are not familiar with their lifestyle, this article will provide you with the necessary information. Such lifestyle are as follows;
  • they are the early riser
  • they are diligent
  • they are desperate for success
  • they don't give a damn about threats (internal and external)
  • they are optimistic 
  • they are highly focused
  • they love their job - they are passionate and proud of it
  • they always shut their ears to critics
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All the highlighted points are inherent in the life of most Yahoo Boys which is all you need to be successful in any of your dealings. For clarity purpose, these Yahoo Boy lifestyles will be analysed and explained one after the other.

Early Rising have often been one of the yardstick for evaluating a successful being from onset. This is so because most millionaires and billionaires take naps and not sleep elongatedly - for long hours. The yahoo boys often wake up early to put things in order just to propel the new day. Some of them even do special prayers at early hours or during special time (12:00am, 1:00am) before starting the day's activity. 

Diligence is another essential thing for every individual yearning for tremendous success in his/her dealings. For instance, the Yahoo boys often give a follow up therapy to their clients' every now and then, monitoring their activities in order to make ends meet. In essence, in any endeavour you find yourself - diligence is key to a successful ending.

Success Demands is not really something to worry about but rather it must be a part and parcel of every seeker of success. Fela Durotoye once said, "you don't mind success and get it but you need to be desperate to have it". The case yahoo boys is a living proof justifying this saying because they tend to pool their resources (material and non-material) together to make ends meet. Some often go extramile to get money for subscriptions, money to fuel their gen, incision, use of spiritual itmes; soap, tortoise e.t.c. 
In essence, be desperate for success in your dealings withough going against the norms, values and cultural heritage of your land.
Threats/Challenges is one factor that is capable of pushing/crushing one from his path to success. To the yahoo boys, threats means nothing too serious for them to quit their hustle. Internal threats are those that correlates with the fact that it negates the agreed on ways of making money. External threats are the act of the Nigeria Police Force (particularly the Special Anti-Robbery Squad) designed to ameliorate/stop internet criminals. Threats from the likes of late Alhaji Gay never for once reduced yahoo yahoo's activities in Nigeria. Moral lesson for you readers, learn to walk/work with challenges/threats because they cannot bring you down (except you give up) but it makes you stronger.

Optimism and Focus is another area worthy of mentioning in this post. To be optimistic is simply to have a positive spirit while focus can be likened to determination. To the yahoo boys, all they see is teh good (positive returns) in what they are doing and they do that with great sense of duty (determination).
Hence, in any endeavour you chose or find yourself - be optimistic and highly focused for sucess sake. 

Passion is significantly the pioneer point that defines tremendous success. This is so because passion for one's dealing makes one triumph over the hurdles on the way. Hence, the yahoo boys are often passionate about what they do and they are proud of it (even though they cannot make a public declaration of what they do but by their fingers we shall know them).

Above all, their innate attributes also make them triumph in their endeavours. Most, if not all of them has this special attribute - smart, intelligent and always proactive in every situation they find themselves. Against the positive lifestyle of these practitioners as highlighted above, there lies a lot of awkward lifestyle - scary and demeaning. Kindly, sit back and relax as I discuss it in detail in my next post.

Live the yahooboy lifestyle #LTYL


  1. I like how your writing style deviates from what is observable for other mainstream bloggers in Nigeria.

    Talking about Yahoo boys, I will like to say that I really admire their diligence. I wonder what they will achieve if they channel that energy towards a more noble purpose like developing apps e.t.c

  2. thanks Mr. Lawrence for the encouragement


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