Nigerian Youths, Why Do Drugs?

Nigerian Youths, Why Do Drugs?

The word drugs means different things to different people in different settings. Drugs as used in this article doesn't refer to the medicine prescribed by the medical doctors for one ailment or the other. It is simply the element used by an individual to energize, slow down, pump action, get high, cool off e.t.c. Examples of these drugs are; Colorado, Loud, Marijuana, Gum, Codeine, Refnol to mention but a few. These drugs are sniffed, drank or smoked which naturally comes with its side-effects.

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What worries me more is the rate of drugs use by youths in this present age as against my days as a teenager. These youths now do drugs excessively with the notion of enjoying themselves. What happens to family gatherings? What happens to friends get-together? What happens to the midnight calls? What happens to tourism? What a shame we find ourself in this mess of excessive drug abuse!

Some parents are contributors by being reckless in raising their kids but some youths have decided to live their life against their parents standard. These latter claim their parents lifestyle is archaic i.e. not fitting to 21st century demands. Either way, drugs use and abuse come with devastating consequences on the user's body system which can later affect their siblings.

Image is indeed our thing in Africa as a whole, and even Nigeria. This means we are meant to hold the prescription of the society in high esteem. Our society has made it a mandate for all and sundry to do away with drugs. To now think youths whom are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow are drunk in drugs, I wonder what the future would look like. Some of these youths believe to use drugs to escape from their immediate worries but the worries stays with them afterwards. They just keep on moving round the circle until it gets out of hand.

Addiction is the height of drug use which takes self-will, miracle, and professional support to snap out as soon as possible. As we move on, specialist in this field would be very relevant in the future to curtail the harmful effects of drug abuse by teenagers. This is an area you should consider studying in the university to be relevant in the nearest future, don't say I didn't tell you. Just as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) section in the hospital would be heavily consulted in the future, such would be the case of psychologist, youth therapist, mental health practitioners, and addiction specialist.

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As an average Nigerian with not too good financial standing, how do you think you can snap out of this misery? The costs to get quality treatment for addiction is on the high side which you might not afford as you are still struggling to meet basic necessities. Why not stay clear of this, please? Don't feel intimidated by your rich friends taking drugs, they can take good care of themselves when need arises. In fact, their families could come to their rescue in time of emergencies. Who do you have to come to your rescue? Use your head, drugs isn't for you. 

I know to leave drugs might not be as easy as I am saying it but you have to decide between long lifespan or short lifespan. Smiles. I am nowhere the time keeper to know who lives long or short. I'm just certain you could draw your death day closer by taking drugs excessively without a corresponding diet to sustain the body system. Either way, drugs use ain't yours if you want to: live long, protect your name, and be respected. 

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