How to Stand Tall in the New Year "2021"


It's a new year again around the world at different timeframes. What a uniqueness to understand, consider and leverage on! I must say we are privileged to be here against the mighty odds of year 2020. It was indeed an unprecedented and turbulent year for the entire world. How do we project ourselves in this new calendar year? How do we stand tall in the midst of the waves of COVID-19 ravaging the world? What do we need to do urgently now? What do we need to be proactive about? All these questions are begging for answers urgently from you and I. 

With the look of things, it is crystal clear that the world is gradually shifting towards "digital everything" i.e. digital money, digital learning, digital worship, digital trade, digital meetings, digital media to mention but a few. What do we have to do as students, teachers, consumers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and professionals? Do we need to learn this new selling trade? Do we need to ignore this trade? Do we need to contract this job to others? If you find yourself in the aforementioned categorisation, don't you think it's necessary to learn digital tools? 

As it is now, seeing how much the CEO of Zoom "Eric Yuan" earned during the lockdown is an indicator to switch the tide to block unforeseen events like COVID-19. Hence, we all need to be digitally inclined to meet the growing demands of the globe. Using any profession/occupation as a yardstick of evaluation, you need to be digitally savvy to position yourself for the gains in your industry. Invariably, you need to showcase your expertise online in the front of your potential customers. 

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Standing tall in the midst of the rising waves of COVID-19 is more than necessary because we are fully aware of the situation now unlike how it shocked us all in the year 2020. We really need to stay healthy to enjoy the gains of the new year because COVID-19 and its variants are real. To maintain social distancing measures, it is easier to do that on digital platforms as against physical realities. It is also important to be skilled with tech basics and tools needed to stand tall in your industry. If you can't learn the skills, pay a reputable agency to give you the results you need.

E-marketing and communication is all that matter now to bridge the existing gaps created by the outbreak of the virus. Avoiding non-essential physical gathering is a must to contain the spread of the contagious virus. In this light, some organisations has drifted fully to the virtual platforms with little or need for physical preference. And they are doing fine. This is not saying we should all move online, online engagements are there to support physical activities but not to replace it if not necessary. 

We are mandated to market ourselves, our products or the services we render using all available social media platforms. Preferably, we should endeavour to identify where our (potential) customers are and pitch them to the message they need to see. This is all we need to do right now to stand tall against the existing odds of COVID-19. Happy New Year from all of us at Realities of Today Blog


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