What puts you off in the current situation of Nigeria? As for me, it is...

What puts you off in the current situation of Nigeria? As for me, it is...

almost everything from the beginning to the end? I will be so unfair if I say that. However, what exactly can we say makes us happy under this current administration? Food, Electricity, Roads, Healthcare, Security, just name it. The list is so long that we can't even look into it holistically in this post. 

As for me, my major worry about this country right now is the state of the road. The roads are bad at least from what I have seen down south; Lagos-Ogun axis. What a pity to see humans ply such roads in the 21st century! Normally, that roads are not friendly for animals of all categories, how much more us. I cannot imagine the way and manner the agencies in charge of road management does their things. Damn! It's so crazy to think big-big granites could be dumped on the roads to fill the potholes without using machines to run it over before use. Unfortunately, this is our reality in Nigeria which has therefore caused a lot of accidents for both the users and the car itself. I use to say Nigerian roads are sure bet to abort a 9month pregnancy. How true is this?

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Still, about the roads, hefty lorries are meant to have their separate routes for more convenience for all but the reverse is the case here. To the extreme, these long vehicles usually park sideways on the roads for days if not months without any call to action. These vehicles, especially the container carriers usually fall off their hook due to the state of the roads which has also increased the carnage on the road and the further destructions of the road. 

At another angle, it is unthinkable to say Nigerians are even running from some roads due to kidnapping possibilities and activities in such areas. What have we done to deserve this backwardness? Why can't we put things to work appropriately? I know there are structural issues and personalities intentionally delaying our developmental process. Just think about the richness you will get in a working Nigerian society. It's so enormous but regrettably, politicians are drunk in love with the crunches they are getting in this messy situation. 

Before the close of the chapter, I am also very pissed with the value of our currency at home. Don't let me go into the global picture to avoid unnecessary tears. It hurts my soul whenever I have to spend our highest currency and it couldn't go that far. I bleed, I pant, I scream, I nag whenever I find myself in this situation. On a global economy, our currency is rendered useless. There is little we could do with it as an average citizen. Must we now break the bank to get a simple and happy life? No. It's really disappointing to me and I hope something can be done to the aforementioned issues as soon as possible. 

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As a Nigerian reading this post, what hurts you the most about the situation of the country? Please leave a comment below., thanks.


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