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Monday, April 30, 2018

Why You Don’t Have to Leave that Low-Pay Job of Yours Quickly

Dont leave low-pay job
Jobs in Nigeria has proven to be one of the scarcest commodity for newly turned graduates and even the existing ones which brought about people occupying different positions lower than their expected paycheck based on their educational qualification.

Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Survive in a Marketing Job as a Lady in Nigeria

How to Survive Marketing as a Lady
Today in Nigeria, marketing job seems to be the major option available for graduates, especially the ladies (regardless of their level of academic qualification; OND, NCE, BSc, MSc) due to job insecurity issues and the level of unemployment in Nigeria. Since the jobs available or the most accessible in a private organization remains marketing, participants experience lots of ups and downs. In this case, the positive end of marketing job in a capitalist world seems to be at an advantage for the employers at the expense of the employees who are challenged to work relentlessly week in week out to make ends meet.

Noticeably, marketing jobs in Nigeria are filled with mostly females - who are favourite for the job either temporarily or permanently. As an employee marketing an organization's goods or services, there lies certain risks of meeting up with the target as a Lady. Such risks are at an unimaginable rate when the employees are on a contract basis i.e. Reserve Army/Temporary staff (who flux all parastatals both private and public today) compared to the permanent staff who often employ/lease out jobs to graduate unemployed on a commission basis.

From a sensitive and cultured sense, the risk involved in marketing as a lady goes beyond what one can comprehend on paper because of their day-day encounter with uncultured and promiscuous men. Hence, considering what the sexual world is turning to in conjunction with the popular belief of using what you have to get what you want, some ladies "in the name of marketing" use (sell) their bodies for making ends meet. Arguably, the larger proportion of the gain goes to the employer who has lost nothing while the employee might gain popularity among other marketers, little increase pay rise, or an award of excellence.

Considering the pressure to get customers i.e. company's target, often warrant or push some marketers who have the perfect body - look, height, shape to indulge in such act coupled with the fact that jobs are scarce in the Nigeria of today.

On another note, the notion that a lady markets for an organization or company in itself is enough to discourage cultured majority from pushing for their dreams. Other disheartening notions are; any lady marketer is a prostitute who uses her body to achieve desired goals, any lady marketer tends to contact sexually transmitted diseases - AIDs, HIV, and any other infection you can ever think.

Against all odds, there lies several tips or mechanism for working as a female marketer either temporarily or permanently without falling as a prey. If you know and you are very confident of achieving big in a marketing world, adhere to these;
  1. Understand the market.
  2. Have a foreknowledge of the risks associated with the job (this will prepare you ahead of the situation).
  3. Be strategic day-in-day-out in your search for client.
  4. Be patient and don't be in a hurry to make money for your organization (i.e. don't dance to your organization's tune).
  5. Read books on marketing by authors from far and near.
  6. Remember to dress decently.
  7. Watch videos of how to sell.
  8. Get your target audience right.
  9. Be optimistic at all times.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Managing the Potential Risks of Marketing Job as a LADY

Lady Marketer
Research has shown that marketing is one of the toughest job anyone can be engaged in today anywhere in the world. In simplicity, the task of marketing involves the marketer getting it right - knowing where and when his/her product or service is most needed. It is indeed a job that challenges the physical, psychological, social and emotional ability of an individual as it takes the person out of his/her comfort zone.
As employment is now the scarcest commodity in Nigeria, the few vacancies that get advertised are mostly in the line of marketing and as graduates are forever eager to bid unemployment farewell, they jump at this opportunity. Most organizations today employ young graduates as marketers or sales executives because they know marketing involves activeness and vibrancy. In the world of marketing today, the ratio of female to that of male remains outrageous due to their natural physique and the result it’s capable of bringing among others.

As a lady engaged in a marketing job, there is a lot to be recorded on the job in terms of disappointment, harassment, insults, abuse, etc. The reason behind all these is not far-fetched; the lady is the one moving around from one place to another to meet people in their comfort zone, to disrupt the flow of their activities, to gain access into a strong domain, to secure/tighten the bond between herself and her prospects in order to sell her product/service.

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In the real sense, men (mostly) tend to abuse this situation by turning the table around and placing their own cards on it. Some of them are kind enough to give the lady a fair hearing before changing the topic of discussion and setting their own personal terms and conditions while some would practically bring themselves close enough to touch some private/secluded parts of a lady, even to the extent of applying force and quoting the common phrase; “back for ground, money for hand”. But in all honesty, is the money actually going into the lady’s purse?

Another set of people (men in particular) tend to see themselves as superior the moment someone is in need of something from them. They don’t mind what comes out of their mouth and they tend to be ordering such person from one pillar to another post. This is simply because they feel they are doing the person more good than what the person is offering them. 

Imagine a situation where a young lady resumes to a client’s office by 8:00am every morning in order to get his payment and the client still feels it is within her job jurisdiction to serve him breakfast before signing the cheque. Some clients would even order the marketer to meet up with them in some odd places – hotels, private homes, bars – precisely at odd hours too. They just feel like the marketer is under their mercy and should always dance to their tune, thereby making the marketer feel less of herself. It takes wisdom, smartness and professional skills to manage all of these situations well.

Other cases are when you walk up to some people to tell them about your good/service and they tell you straight to your face that you haven’t found a job yet, you should try doing something more meaningful with your life, your company/organization is just using you as an official prostitute, etc. These people seem to be forgetting that marketing is one of the highest paying jobs because the marketer decides how much he/she earns aside the fact that it is very time-demanding, stressful, and sometimes discouraging when disappointment sets in.

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Due to the aforementioned, here are some basic tips that can be helpful as a lady in managing the potential risks of marketing job;
  • Proper training and self- acquired skills.
  • Good communicating skills.
  • Reading books on marketing and communication.
  • Researching more on marketing tactics.
  • Moral and descent dressing.
  • Ability to read facial expressions and body languages.
  • Applying both logic and emotion in selling.
  • Pairing up with a male colleague/marketer.
  • Staying in control of your own emotions and feelings.
  • Having pride in your profession.
  • Staying optimistic regardless of the highlighted risks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Do These Things Consistently if You Desperately Need Job in Nigeria

Things Necessary for Employment in Nigeria
In an earlier post on this blog, job hunt was likened to the scarcest commodity one can ever think of in Nigeria. Should in case you feel other things exist rivaling job opportunity in Nigeria, kindly drop that on the comment button.

However, the reality of job opportunity and its accessibility for all and sundry in Nigeria remains a breathtaking endeavour because several factors come to play in the course of securing one's dream job - after due process; application-test-interview-selection. Such factors obstructing efforts of efficient and viable graduates are Godfatherism, Favouritism/Nepotism, Low Ratio of Industry/Company to the Yearly Turnout of Tertiary Institution Graduates to mention but a few.
Against all odds, there lie significant chances for moving-up the social ladder (achieving one's dream) by carefully doing these important things consistently;
  1. Be prayerful
  2. Send your data (Curriculum Vitae) around
  3. Don't get tired of interviews
  4. Leave your comfort zones
  5. Stay active on the internet
  6. Have ready-made answers for likely interview questions (e.g. Why should you be granted employment?
  7. Read motivational books.
  8. Relate with your mentor every now and then.
  9. Acquire necessary skills; professional, vocational, technical.
  10. Stay updated on happenings around the globe. 
Prayer has proven to be one of the paramount keys that can make the unexpected happen amidst one's inability or disadvantaged position. In this case, prayer is all you need to be gainfully employed because only the favoured few can be chosen in a multitude race. It is advised you stay optimistic and pray fervently to whatsoever you worship and believe for the actualization of your dream job.

Trends today compel applicants to document their basic information (history; work, skills, referees) in soft manner or the printed copy. This document must be well-detailed because it reflects you informally before the recruiting agency or organisation deems it fit for a formal meeting. Learn about the recent styles for writing curriculum vitae from your friends/relatives and try to send it around when the need arises.

Don't get tired of interviews today, because this is one of the basis for scrutinising applicants by organisations of today. Most organisations do not joke with this because they often believe there are some students who offer bribes "Cash and Kind" to get good grades in school. In order to determine applicant efficiency, an interview session/aptitude test is often set up to separate the goose from the gander.
Another crucial thing here is just for you to have ready-made answers for likely questions related to your job description e.g. Why do you think you deserve this job?, Do you have what it takes to move this organisation to a better position?. Be formal in your dressing to interview but if you have a fore knowledge of the dress code used in the desired company, that is cool.

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As popularly believed, comfort zones often make one feel relaxed and unworried about one's predicament. Due to this, it is advisable you leave your comfort zone and search for greener pasture where you have little or no attachment.

Monitor the trends on this platform because this is where most of the vacancies are posted today. In other words, familiarise yourself with the way the system works for submission of curriculum vitae and wait to proceed on subsequent processes.

Reading of motivational books should be a necessity for all and sundry particularly the students at a matured level - secondary and tertiary but the reality in this part of the World seems worrisome even when it relates to their school materials. These books are therefore necessary to stir your hope and keep you aroused for tomorrow without feeling dejected of the economic ups and downs. In short, the books will only make you see the good days ahead.

I want to believe you have someone you are looking up to at this moment but if you don't have, try source for someone that suits your philosophy and your dreams in life. You might be wondering why you may need a mentor in order to secure a job. Well, the answer is not far-fetched, you desperately need him/her to keep you on track in the middle of the whirlwind capable of swaying your attention and interest from your dream job.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

See the Need to Save the Reserve Armies "Casual Workers" from the Sambisa Forest

Save the Casual Workers
Special thanks to the enduring spirit of Nigerian soldiers out there who continue to fight relentlessly under a breathtaking weather in Sambisa Forest (regardless of the death of their brothers in the struggle/fight for the nation's security). Sambisa forest as described in the Nigerian dailies is a forbidden place (at present), dangerous to ply one's trade due to the presence of the Boko Haramist. This forest can be likened to the Nigerian organizations today - private parastatals where reserve armies "casual workers" plies their trade.

By statistics, majority of organizations today utilize the reserve armies (especially females) to the brim offering them different bizarre treatment as they walk through the Sambisa Forest - often called "office". The pain and agony of employable graduates should remain the cause for concern to all and sundry in a higher position of authority but their interest remains fond in accumulating wealth for the nation (at the expense of the reserve armies in Sambisa Forest.

Less blame should be apportioned to them because a personal experience of joy and happiness is a different scenario to the views of Nollywood Artist/Actresses having a happy ending in a movie - which does not happen in reality. Invariably, the people occupying top echelon in Nigerian society today feel nothing (i repeat nothing) about the way and manner people trail Sambisa Forest.

At this juncture, a remarkable and apologetic saying seems worthwhile for this discussion "whosoever that can survive Nigeria, can definitely survive the World" Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!. this saying implies Nigeria is an extreme place where fitness test is been carried out forgetting some talents that die a natural death due to their breathtaking experience.

In essence, the life of the reserve armies in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. This is because they experienced;
  • Poor salary scale,
  • Poor working conditions,
  • Zero say in the organization,
  • Prolonged working hours,
  • Excessive workload,
  • Job security is at risk,
  • Non-utilization of package meant for permanent armies,
  • Little or zero chances for promotion,
  • Poor standard of living
  • Longtime delay in the actualization of lifetime purpose
  • Usefulness for self is at a reduced level
  • Health challenges are at the extreme
Note: If this article seems confusing, the reserve armies as used in this post means the underemployed, casual or contract staffs. All the aforementioned challenges coupled with the current economic situation of Nigeria is nothing different from the life in the Sambisa Forest. 

Saving the Reserve Armies should seem practically necessary and important having noted the bizarre experience as they sail through the breathtaking office termed as - Sambisa Forest. Hence, the Nigerian government through her legislators should enact policies that would protect the Reserve Armies from bizarre treatments in the hands of their employers - especially the banking industry.

Also, provision of job opportunities for all armies without sentiments/favouritism i.e. the 'who brought you' syndrome is another path to reduce the rates of the reserve army. A practical example is the current viral scheme of Federal Government of Nigeria, "NPower" - whom its beneficiaries are not necessarily known before being selected. All hopes high, this will come to reality.