How to Survive in a Marketing Job as a Lady in Nigeria

How to Survive Marketing as a Lady
Today in Nigeria, marketing job seems to be the major option available for graduates, especially the ladies (regardless of their level of academic qualification; OND, NCE, BSc, MSc) due to job insecurity issues and the level of unemployment in Nigeria. Since the jobs available or the most accessible in a private organization remains marketing, participants experience lots of ups and downs. In this case, the positive end of marketing job in a capitalist world seems to be at an advantage for the employers at the expense of the employees who are challenged to work relentlessly week in week out to make ends meet.

Noticeably, marketing jobs in Nigeria are filled with mostly females - who are favourite for the job either temporarily or permanently. As an employee marketing an organization's goods or services, there lies certain risks of meeting up with the target as a Lady. Such risks are at an unimaginable rate when the employees are on a contract basis i.e. Reserve Army/Temporary staff (who flux all parastatals both private and public today) compared to the permanent staff who often employ/lease out jobs to graduate unemployed on a commission basis.

From a sensitive and cultured sense, the risk involved in marketing as a lady goes beyond what one can comprehend on paper because of their day-day encounter with uncultured and promiscuous men. Hence, considering what the sexual world is turning to in conjunction with the popular belief of using what you have to get what you want, some ladies "in the name of marketing" use (sell) their bodies for making ends meet. Arguably, the larger proportion of the gain goes to the employer who has lost nothing while the employee might gain popularity among other marketers, little increase pay rise, or an award of excellence.

Considering the pressure to get customers i.e. company's target, often warrant or push some marketers who have the perfect body - look, height, shape to indulge in such act coupled with the fact that jobs are scarce in the Nigeria of today.

On another note, the notion that a lady markets for an organization or company in itself is enough to discourage cultured majority from pushing for their dreams. Other disheartening notions are; any lady marketer is a prostitute who uses her body to achieve desired goals, any lady marketer tends to contact sexually transmitted diseases - AIDs, HIV, and any other infection you can ever think.

Against all odds, there lies several tips or mechanism for working as a female marketer either temporarily or permanently without falling as a prey. If you know and you are very confident of achieving big in a marketing world, adhere to these;
  1. Understand the market.
  2. Have a foreknowledge of the risks associated with the job (this will prepare you ahead of the situation).
  3. Be strategic day-in-day-out in your search for client.
  4. Be patient and don't be in a hurry to make money for your organization (i.e. don't dance to your organization's tune).
  5. Read books on marketing by authors from far and near.
  6. Remember to dress decently.
  7. Watch videos of how to sell.
  8. Get your target audience right.
  9. Be optimistic at all times.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day.


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