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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Why You Should Attend Social Media Week (SMW) 2018?

Africa’s Largest Tech & Digital Event is almost here again! The Social Media Week Lagos 2018, themed “Closer” is set to hold from February 26th to March 2nd, 2018. This year’s conference promises to expose how technology can harness people "closer" amidst geographical boundaries. The event is set to hold at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Why Some People Stick With Blackberry Messenger Apps Today

Blackberry Messenger Apps Today
Trends today on social media/networking has gone beyond the way and manner it used to be (compared to the yesteryears) due to the massive alteration and transformation in the game. This transformation reflects itself in the rates of social media- networking apps developed by engineers within and outside Africa to the extent that some long-time game leaders (social media apps) have been benched and even forced out of the game strategically.

From the onset (as early enough), Blackberry apps particularly its messenger was more or less the talk of the town while Android designs/app world was way behind based on public consumption and the accessibility and affordability of other supplements. Regardless of the dominance of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for years, its position became contestable having sold their franchise to Android. At that point, the law of diminishing returns sets in for Blackberry users since a more durable phone "Android" now has their desired app on it - coupled with a host of other interesting apps and designs.

At this point, Blackberry Messenger becomes usable and affordable by all and sundry since its boundary had been extended to the Android users. However, people relied heavily on BBM for a while not until Whatsapp came to steal the show from the nose of Blackberry developers. The creation of Whatsapp and host of others (Telegram) have made Blackberry Messenger users few compared to the good old days.

Regardless of the twist in the fate of Blackberry world, significant amount of people stick with Blackberry Messenger Apps for these reasons;
  • some people are there for the love of pings - what Whatsapp Messenger lacks at the moment.
  • some people are there for the sake of other people who are so engrossed with BBM.
  • some people are there for the sake of long-time partnership.
  • some people are actually there to support/encourage BBM developers.
  • some people check in and out just to reply important messages.
  • some people are also there because their chats/message can be retracted.
  • some people are there just for the sake of the private chats.
Above all, the major reason why people still stick with Blackberry Messenger apps is not just because of pinging things but rather for the sake of the channels therein. People have therefore forgotten the primary aim of BBM while they turn the arena to a blogging world - where they only visit to link up with relevant updates depending on the focus of the channel.

Hence, Blackberry Messenger is no longer consumed for the main reason it's established but it has now turned to a blogging arena for business sake - which is the number one reason people still have BBM on their mobiles. Since Whatsapp in itself has many of the BBM features if not all, some BBM suckers like myself still cannot do without it.