Why You Should Attend Social Media Week (SMW) 2018?

Africa’s Largest Tech & Digital Event is almost here again! The Social Media Week Lagos 2018, themed “Closer” is set to hold from February 26th to March 2nd, 2018. This year’s conference promises to expose how technology can harness people "closer" amidst geographical boundaries. The event is set to hold at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Interestingly, there are no restrictions on who can attend one of the formidable events ever organised in Lagos, Nigeria. During your to stay for the week, there are a lot of cool reservations "hotels" you can check-in to ensure your comfortability if you don't reside in Lagos.

SMW Lagos 2018 invites African communities and global hubs to join in the conversation as various perspectives are highlighted and several voices raised in its week-long dialogue over how tech drives individualism as well as exploring how platforms and apps draw people “closer” and foster community.

"As Africa moves rapidly towards digitization across sectors, we must ensure people equally move in that direction. Our inclusion and ability to innovate locally and across borders is of great importance. This will determine our prosperity as a continent" - Ngozi Odita, SMW Lagos Executive Director.

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Social Media Week Lagos 2018 will assemble diverse individuals to deliberate on how best to tackle various issues and drive innovation, as well as improving consumer experiences and bring people together.

SMW 2018
Here are the top 5 reasons to attend the Social Media Week Lagos 2018: 

1. Exhilarating Conference tracks
A major highlight of the event, various keynote speakers will be present. Several masterclasses and presentations geared towards sharing intriguing information and notable ideas are in the works.

The event features 6 tracks which include:

Future of Media Summit: The Future of Media Summit assemble journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and content creators to share best practices and discuss what's next in Africas' media landscape.

Travel Africa Day: #travelafricaday programming will explore how the current digital paradigm impacts travel and tourism in Nigeria and across Africa.

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Governance Day: Governance Day gathers representatives from the public and private sector, civil society, organizations, and government practitioners to share experiences, challenges and prospects of the use of technology for good governance.

Music Day: Music Day features fundamental stakeholders discussing the influence of social media and technology on the music industry across Africa.

Emerging Ideas and Trends: Sessions throughout the week focused on new ideas and innovations that are disrupting industries across Africa.

African Women in Tech Day: African Women in Tech Day features founders and key executives from some of Africa’s most innovative women-led tech startups. This year’s conference will fully engage the theme ‘Closer’ across all the tracks highlighted above. 

2. #launchedinafrica
Are you a burgeoning entrepreneur? Launched in Africa is an amazing opportunity for start-ups to network and showcase their product as well their services to potential customers and users. Join other early stage start-ups reaching out to the most diverse demographic which cuts across different job levels, company size and industry sectors. Here is an amazing opportunity to find an audience that largely consists of professionals in media, marketing and tech. 
3. Hello AfricaNXT 
Hello AfricaNXT is a new and innovative experience for 2018, the aim of Hello AfricaNXT is to promote creatives and artists who are contributing to the economic development of the African continent. This part of the event creates a platform for creative innovators to share their products and services through brand exhibition. 

4. #ShopAfrica PopUps
If you a lover of fashion or a stakeholder in the fashion industry, the #ShopAfrica pop-ups is just perfect for you. From fashion designers & stylists to curators and enthusiasts, find the right network to interact with and their products or services. For anything fashion, this part of the event supports local brands by creating a platform to leverage and network with international labels. 

5. Eat, Dance & Network
With the right mix of food and music, the Afro-beats and Eats Fest at Social Media Week Lagos 2018 present an opportunity to network under relaxed conditions. Try out various tasty meals by amazing food vendors and enjoy some of the best local acts. This is one of the most exciting ways to connect with people and even find potential business partners and customers.

Join other amazing Nigerians at the Social Media Week Lagos 2018, register for a badge and choose from over 200 sessions. Experience firsthand focused ideas, insights into trends, business practices and policies that are transforming industries and communities across Africa.


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