How to Outsmart Core Restrictions for Blogging Success

Blogging Restrictions and its Success
Businesses today regardless of their nature face a significant amount of competitions, and restrictions in order to make ends meet compared to yesteryears. Some of these blocks (in fact majority of such) go a long way to determine the immediate success and long-term relevance of businesses as the World continue to change.

Having established restrictions to business, success exists in all business (regardless of size, nature, profit margin and its antecedent). It is quite germane to relay bloggers' version of what limits their success as authors or blog owners respectively. To find a way out of a particular issue, it is paramount to be conversant with its nature, its problem, and its propeller. 

Regarding the issue at hand, the restrictions of blog owners in Nigeria needs to be showcased and why it is so. The paramount restrictions faced by bloggers in this present age is the reach of their audience.Well, this could be a natural restriction based on the number of bloggers (blogs) around town now compared to the yesteryears. However, it is quite noticeable that some restrictions are also engineered by the social media or tech lords for no other reason other than financial and also to gain continued relevance in the social world.

A living practical example is what I noticed from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook - where it is mandatory for one to boost/sponsor posts for a wider reach and engagement. This is just a confirmation that ads placement of one's product - goods/services is a must-do based on social media design to achieve more popularity (in person and product), and possible success respectively. Surprisingly, boosted posts doesn't guarantee one's desired result.

The short description above is basically the hard core of the other possible restrictions outside the poor bloggers reach amidst other competitors in the industry. In essence, how then can up and coming bloggers thread/trace their path to success in the middle of the basic restrictions. Here is the basic tip for outsmarting restrictions humanly conditioned by social media lords and host of others to mention but a few.
  • Have a tech expert who is knowledgeable of the market situations.
  • Relate your personal challenge/restrictions to the tech guru.
  • Don't trust/rely on one social media magic for too long.
  • Approach all restriction issues from diverse angles.
  • Don't be too traditional.
  • Think beyond today.
  • Run ads strategically, and 
  • Build your personal space via email.
Tech Expert Role
It is not enough to write, edit and just publish with the expectation that everything will go on smoothly because the best of articles don't see broad daylight based on basic restrictions. This restriction is what prompted the need for a knowledgeable tech expert like Promise Excel of Maverick Excel, Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbonge's blog and my very own "Owopetu Abiola" of Oworock's blog. These guys are very vast when it comes to the understanding of blogging restrictions today as well as a possible way out for bloggers. Feel free to relate with any of them (I recommend Owopetu Abiola), to get to your promise land as a blogger.

Social Media Magic
Social media has done miraculously for bloggers in time past with little amount of restrictions but in this present age, the level of restriction gives no breathing space for up and coming bloggers without cash - ads placement as powerhouse bloggers do not trust it for so long. It is often not enough to win big by opening diverse social media accounts for one's blog but it must be feed every now and then. As such, you need experts to manage your preferred social media accounts in order to achieve the desired goal. See Owopetu Abiola for practical solutions.

Blogging restrictions
Approach Restriction Issues
As emphasized earlier, it takes more than the traditional route of writing, editing and publishing to outsmart core restrictions. Several techniques must be deployed to win big in the struggle. Until you find that which works for you, don't just lay low and expect a miracle to manifest. All these restrictions need to be worked on via all forms of marketing - email, ads placement, guest posts, social media shares and all sorts until the good is better and the better is best.

Think Beyond Today
This is another sure pathway to blogging success amidst possible restrictions. A thought pattern channelled to doing things in any new way, forsaking old path can be a way out. Can you say Cryptocurrency is here to stay? or Do you see any future in it? This is just one example out of the luxurious ones. THINK

Running Ads Strategically
This aspect is presumed to be one sure path for bloggers to achieve wider reach and engagement for their target audience. It is a cash inclined initiative of social media gurus to assist bloggers with the popularity of their products/posts/services if done strategically. One of my mentors once said, the idea of boosting one post out of the numerous posts is good but it is preferably better if the entire blog/page can be placed on ads - to give room for an enhanced popularity and engagement. Whichever way, it is also worthy of note that running ads is not a sure path because of the law of nature - what led to party A's greatness does not guarantee party B's route to stardom.

Having listed the aforementioned restrictions, kindly comment any other restrictions you have experienced that can hinder blogging success. Thanks


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