Why Trending Technology "Sex Doll" Cannot Match Human Sexual Exercise

Technology and Real Sex
Just as we are trying to get over some humiliation that has eaten deep into our cultural and religious system, then an inane perversion was shoved down our throat. We have been contented with robots running our official jobs and our domestic chores, but doing our “private stuff”? NO. Please don’t ask me if I am angry, but I am ireful. 

Although the invention of this newest creation is a Eureka to some set of people and oppositely, a disgust to some. Robots already build our cars, clean our houses and make our food – now manufacturers just created life-like, moving dolls for sexual purposes - orientation and demonstration. The designer of this love machine, Sergi Santos, apparently made it in different forms depending on one's taste. 
The big question is, How do you measure the satisfaction you will get doing it (don’t ask me what the ‘it’ means, the writer is underage) with a human that will give you all the ecstasies rather than with a programmed “human” who is said to have a sensor. This is simply on a satisfactory account. Besides, what enjoyment is there when the user will have to go through the stress of washing and dressing the doll up compared to a very clean and prepared woman waiting to be screwed over and over (again, don't ask me, I'm underage).

Although, one of the dolls named Harmony has “said” she was created with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the purpose of her creation in this world was to learn what love is. She even mentioned that she doesn’t think she has faked an organism (can you imagine?). By all standards, AI is sure nowhere near the deposited potentials of God in the human brain when it comes to sexual feelings, reactions and emotions respectively.

One of the programmers, Matt McMullen confirmed Harmony’s claim that she was designed to be a companion, conversational partner and obviously does have the capacity to have sex - the main aim of creating her. He also added that interacting with the AI will give room for exchange of information like little details about the user and the trending technology. So that over time, the doll will get to know the user just as real people do. This doll is said to know if one is sweet talking her and thereby react to every touch (what?). No matter the design of the sex doll, human's capability in form of their sexual savour in terms of their actions and reactions way surpasses that of a doll.
This trending technology "sex doll", is apparently one of the new development (aside from nuclear weapons) ready to phase-out human usefulness in the real sense of it. Technology is presumed to make life easier, not to replace human effort "sexually". Lonely humans will look for love in her, ask for her hand in marriage and impregnate her. This is so ridiculous.

Juxtaposing this inanity with the real deal, Sex robots have sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans so that they can romp. Nonetheless, the robot has been futuristically designed to replace the role of a wife, companion, sex worker and all human attributes, only for the absence of procreation. It has been modelled so erotically that men would develop real feelings for her. I want to believe this is magically and practically impossible to match women's characteristics as a homemaker and builder.

By and large, technology in its real sense is expected to bring comfortability for the human race but technology at the expense of human race is what I detest. No matter the advancement, the case of sex doll will do more harm culturally and if manipulated can be very dangerous for its subscribers.


  1. All I'm saying is when women stop being so mean and stop with the rediculous high stadards then I'll start dating organic women again until good riddance....im happy with my sex doll.


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