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Why Trending Technology "Sex Doll" Cannot Match Human Sexual Exercise

Just as we are trying to get over some humiliation that has eaten deep into our cultural and religious system, then an insane perversion was shoved down our throat. We have been contented with robots running our official jobs and our domestic chores, but doing our “private stuff”? NO . I am so full of rage with these new development.  Although the invention of this newest creation is a cry of joy to some set of people and oppositely, a disgust to some. Robots already build our cars, clean our houses and make our food – now manufacturers just created life-like, moving dolls for sexual purposes - orientation and demonstration. The designer of this love machine, Sergi Santos, apparently made it in different forms depending on one's taste.  READ ALSO: Why You Must Let it Dangle and Not Jampacked for a Good Sexual Savour The big question is, how do you measure the satisfaction you will get doing it with a human that will give you all the ecstasies rather than with a program

Five Mind-Blowing Kissing Techniques You Need to Master Today

Trust me on this, you will never ever again crave for what's below the pants once you figure out how the sacred art of kissing can skyrocket your pleasure to unimaginable heights. In fact, scientists have confirmed that the mouth is a very erogenous zone . And if that is something to be believed, then it is quite foolish for a man to jump "the opening credits".

Why a Dangling Cock is Better than a Jam-Packed One

Cock, like pu??y is often believed to be a sensitive area that needs to be constantly observed, monitored and treated every now and then to prevent stories that touch. Often times, a lot of people have argued for or against man's use of under-wears; boxers short, panties or even leaving it natural. To some, boxer shorts work more magic down there than the panties because the chance of growth in an open/spacious garden is more realistic than a congested one. On the other end, the use of panties by men usually occurs on a special note; to pack an elongated specie or for the sake of usual practices experienced at a younger age. See pics below  for more clarification. RELATED; Guys Profession Ladies Need to Understand before Dating their Type   Oops!!!, i can't believe my eyes.  A dangling cock, therefore, has a lot of benefits than a jam-packed one from a sensible point of view. Lately, sexual harassment has not only be seen from the usual angle ''f