Few Possible Threats to the Dreams of Nigerian Youths Come 2023

Few Possible Threats to the Dreams of Nigerian Youths Come 2023

It is good to dream dreams of a better state of things but it is rather rewarding when such dreams become reality in one's lifetime. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. referencing a Black man rising up the ladder to rule a white nation became a reality in his afterlife. I hope this dream of ours to make Nigeria work, better and great won't be after our demise. On this basis, I foresee many possible threats to the actualization of this dream of ours as conscious driven youths in Nigeria. These threats are youths-centered, state-centered, ethnic-centered, cabal-centered, elders-centered. Invariably, all these stakeholders and activities would force the abortion of 2023 dreams.

Youths, the frontline agitators of this new life, are to an extent the first to throw away the baby with the bathe water. It's funny you think, but that is what it is because large number of these youths lost fate in the country after the events of October 20, 2020. A whole lot of these people are emigrating to other countries at the speed of light while others around are divided in actions thereby making it extra difficult to achieve a political change. Another worry is the mixed feelings among some youths on where to go, either to stick with the status quo as beneficiaries or force the transition. The momentum was indeed gathered throughout the #EndSARS protest and sustained afterwards but I foresee a break in this momentum as the election year draws closer. It is also clear that youths as Nigerians across the six geopolitical zones do not have one voice to champion the change of 2023. Northern youths are grossly underrepresented in this new cause, while Southerners, Easterners and Westerners are divided on this cause for interest sake.

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State as another stakeholder has a super power to truncate this dream of a new Nigeria. If only they can play the game of politics free and fair. If only they will allow the electoral processes go as expected, this dream would just be an instant reality. However, the statesmen are indeed not ready to lose power honorably by taking all available routes to manipulate things. This is indeed a huge threat to delivering democracy in Nigeria. The cabals are like Mafias who do not play games jokingly but play it with all within their capacities to ensure victory. How do we birth this new country playing with the cabals without learning the tricks to win? I don't see youths victory happening unless the cabals are torn apart within themselves.

Ethnicity often called the ethnic card in Nigeria's democracy is another threat to the dreams of 2023 in Nigeria. The major ethnic groups have been making it worse for democracy to thrive in itself, while ethnic A that produced the arrow head of operations is disregarding ethnic B or C for personal/historical reasons. With the look of things around here, it seems power is skewed towards the North while other regions align with them to make ends meet. Northern leaders are in good standing to decide the fate of the nation, while other leaders are to an extent playing along at the expense of the greater good of the people. This card has been played by these leaders over the years to break us from all fronts. Where exactly do we tackle this ethnic issue from? and how do we edge over it all?

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Nonetheless, the elders' role in shaping a community cannot be underestimated. Wherever the elders are quiet, uninterested in the happenings around them, failure is paramount. This is just the case of Nigerian elder statesmen. Could it be that they were all bought or they are scared to be killed to straighten this up? Either way, it seems the few ones speaking the bitter truth are not heard or probably their voice ain't loud enough. Should we tell them to Soro Soke, sirs?  Against all these odds, a new Nigeria is possible if only we all strive to make it better. 

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