Five (5) Indicators of Misplaced Priorities under President Muhammadu Buhari's Administration

Getting things right under any administration is the best approach to ensure the achievement of desired growth and development. In this path to achieve development, there are many decisions that the government must either be proactive or reactive about. At the extreme, where the government in power neglect the important things for the unimportant ones, it becomes worrisome how the nation wants to move forward. The latter is just the experience of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari with the indicators presented below in no particular order. 

Call to Arrest Sunday Igboho

To think there will be a call to arrest Sunday Igboho which is nowhere connected to receiving a national honour like MON, MFR is rather shocking. The call to arrest Sunday Igboho by the Federal Government of Nigeria is the least of the unexpected things where bandits are gallivanting all around town, Shekau is celebrating the kidnapping and killings of Nigerians on cameras, herders killing farmers and dwellers without receiving a formal threat to such activities. How exactly did we get here? A thought in the right direction should be to arrest the terrorists/bandits and not feed them with national resources.

Creation of Private Universities in the Northern Parts of the Country

The creation of fourteen (14) private universities in the Northern part of Nigeria is a misplaced priority in the midst of insecurity issues ravaging the area. I wonder who would either enroll or ready to teach in an unsecured region regardless of the incentives attached to it. It is indeed clear that the Northerners are fleeing enmasse to either study or trade in the West due to socio-political and economic issues affecting their area. A thought in the right direction would be to tackle the insecurity issues first before planting universities around.

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Responses to Occupy Lekki Toll Gate Saga

What an unexpected reaction from the government of Nigeria! I didn't see it coming at all. If you saw that coming, you must be a witch/wizard. What they displayed that day was uncalled for in any democratic setting. The number of officers at Lekki toll gate on the 13th February 2021 were more than enough to end Boko Haram Crisis overnight. I couldn't imagine peaceful protesters would be marshaled and dehumanized the way they packed them into the black maria. I weep for a country that is against a call to better life. A thought in the right direction would be to compensate the victims, empower youths, and reform the police institution instead of the show of shame.

Responses to EndSARS Peaceful Protesters

It is unimaginable to think peaceful protesters agitating for a better Nigeria are shot at, injured, put behind the bars and tracked down by the seating government for exercising their rights. What a shame harmless people were shot at while the terrorists were left enjoying bush-meats in the forest. A thought in the right direction would be to listen to the cry of the youths for development and act upon it immediately.

COVID-19 Palliatives Palava

COVID-19 palliative is another case on its own to reference the year 2020. Reports showed that most states in the nation hoarded palliatives meant to be shared to the general masses during the lockdown. This was simply the height of greediness, foolishness and selfishness displayed by our supposed representatives at all levels. I have never imagined the rich could hoard essentials meant for the masses. A thought in the right direction would be to share the said items with some stipends evenly distributed across the general masses.  

The highlighted indicators are just few of the many misplaced priorities under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Thanks for reading through, please leave a comment below to buttress this discussion.


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