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Saturday, March 31, 2018

What Makes it So Easy for Cheating in a Relationship

What Makes Cheating Easy in Relationship
The act of cheating in a relationship is arguably one of the major problems faced by young lovebirds and even the so-called experienced lovers of today. This act is not usually a thing peculiar to guys alone as some ladies are professional cheaters depending on personal experiences, nature and their lifestyles.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to Play Safe on any Date with New Found Love of Yours

One of the most anticipated days for lovebirds in a new year is the Valentine’s Day, which incubated in itself anticipations and surprises as spouses, incoming spouses, and crushes are on the lookout. The market also feel the effect as most people are buying and making reservations for the one they love and cherish. This Romania holiday is often a day of gift exchange and romance and it is often tagged the ‘most romantic day of the year’.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Why Polygamy Does Not Fit into 21st Century's Agenda

Polygamy and 21st Century

The act of marrying two or more wives by energetic, productive and resourceful men has basically been a thing of joy and celebration in the time past - particularly in Africa regions. This act in itself signifies power, strength and dignity for the head of the family "man" who plies the trade for economic purpose or agricultural reasons.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Why “Female Nurses” Experience Marital Crises Today

The lifetime commitment between a man and a woman in the name of “Marriage” has proven very difficult to manage in this 21st century, particularly among several professions. One can, therefore, say categorically that the problem is not profession-related basically because “the profession does not make itself but rather the people in it”. In this vein, the profession of interest in this article revolves around the medical practitioners – precisely the “female Nurses”. Nursing as a profession today is a highly reputable course by the global standard which has also won itself a high pedigree among other health practitioners today. 

However, it is apparently pitiful that the body that cares so much for another soul still finds it very difficult to care for its own or be cared for without any complications. In the real sense today, female Nurses tend to experience marital crises every now and then (pause, take a look around you). The BIG question now is; 
  • Why is this scenario happening mostly to the professionals saddled with the responsibility to serve humanity? 
Or better put,
  • Why do nurses’ marriages crash easily with little or no chances of recovery/resuscitation? 
The answer to the BIG why would be addressed shortly but before that, it is highly important to say that “Not all Nurses experience marital crises,” but few of them walk through the profession without leaving a scar/bruise/stain on their marital life. 

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Now, the BIG WHY?
It is agreeable that a lot of factors can be attributed to the cause of marital crises from either party but female nurses tend to eat more from the shared cake. Hmmm! if you have to disagree with this, wait till you see the points below; 
  1. Pride 
  2. Prejudice 
  3. Financial Incapacity 
  4. Trends Around Them (History) 
  5. Preferred Choice of Partner 
  6. Reason for Marriage 
  7. Poor understanding of the nature of the job 
  8. Improper work-family balance 
  9. Disposition to patients 
  10. Competition 

Biblically, pride they say cometh before destruction. In essence, whosoever that chooses to be proud is bound to taste all the accomplices of destruction. In this case, most female nurses that are proud in nature tend to find it difficult to manage their homes regardless of how good they are at work. They want to assume the same position and authority they occupy at work, where patients are always under their mercy with their husbands at home and this can only lead to no other thing than Chaos, Arguments, Battering, Misunderstanding, Separation (CHARBAMIS) and at the extreme break up/divorce because two masters cannot pilot a ship. 

This factor follows suit with pride i.e. Pride and prejudice tend to be in the same shoe at all times. It is true that “there is an iota of pride attached to every position that one occupies in life”. Hence, most female nurses allow this pride to enter their heads and set them in a comparison between themselves and their spouses. This will lead to no other thing than CHARBAMIS if adequate care is not taken. Where the female nurses see nothing good in their partners, marriage seems to be heading towards a crash.

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Financial incapacity of the spouse in a relationship, particularly the husband, has proven to be a germane reason why marriages crash today. The case of a wife being more financially buoyant than the husband is presumed abnormal in the traditional sense but the reality of 21st century sees nothing wrong about that inasmuch as the lady remains submissive regardless of her status/prestige/financial capacity. On the contrary, where the lady demonstrates pride towards the husband, the marriage will not stand the test of time. In this case, female nurses who are way above their beloved husband financially tend to exhibit certain characters and attitudes that sooner or later push them out of the house (or force the husband to live separately from the wife). Thus, making them believe they are capable of running the family without the contribution of their hubby. 

This is basically one factor that encourages most nurses to let go of the fight against marital issues. In other words, prior experiences of senior colleagues – matrons coupled with the advice they receive from colleagues at work makes marital crises uneasily addressed. 

The preferred choice of most “female” nurses for marriage is basically their co-worker i.e. medical doctors, ahead of other options. This notion in itself makes medical doctors use them over time since it’s crystal clear that most of them want to tie the hooks desperately thereby offering their body, mind, and soul to a hardworking and money-bag type of guy. In essence, most female nurses experience marital crises because the man they end up with is not their preferred choice. On another note, those that get their preferred choice tend to experience the same situation because of their pride, character, attitude, and their fond belief that they can stand on their own. 

The basic reason for the coming together of two grown-ups (male and female) to live together as husband and wife is apparently not the dream of most female nurses. The salient reason for marriage to an average female nurse is to change her surname and to bear her desired number of children. Afterwards, the expected love life that should be rosy and fun-filled would be truncated for pride and prejudice reasons basically because they feel they can afford to take care of their children. 
It is no lie that nursing job is very demanding as it has to do with service to humanity. Lack of proper understanding of the nature and demands of the nursing profession on the part of the husband (especially if he doesn't belong to the health line) may throw the marriage into disarray because whenever duty calls, the wife (nurse) must obey. This call may present itself in forms of shift duties, most especially night duties, extra hours at work in case of an emergency, extra commitment at work to secure promotion, etc. 

The inability of most female nurses to balance their work and family effectively has torn their marriages apart. Female nurses tend to put their career first before any other thing, thus neglecting the needs of their family members. Their husbands don’t get their full attention because of their shift duties, likewise, their children who are always in the need of motherly care and attention. This improper balance between work and family begins to form an irreconcilable gap that neither of the two parties can bridge. 

At this point, it is germane to say that some female nurses are not worthy of this profession because of the harsh way in which they treat and attend to patients who are obviously in pain. Some nurses do and undo whenever they come in contact with patients who are helplessly in need of their expertise/professionalism. They see themselves as next to God who could decide whether the patient lives or dies and as such, they utter just about anything to these patients without minding the agony of such. Either repercussion or curse, one of these tend to turn around and fight these nurses in their marriages and leave them in marital agony for the rest of their lives. 

Female nurses are always engaged in a form of silent competition among themselves and the reason for this competition is best known to them alone. They compare their standard of living with their colleagues at work and strive so hard to meet up with their mates. This could lead some of them into some unexpected acts (adultery), especially where the husband is not financially capable of such extravagant life or the high standard of living. It is needless to point out the havoc that such shameful act can cause in their homes. 

Above all, it is very crucial and important at this juncture to say this article is not crafted to polish the nursing profession blue-black but to rather expose what and what challenges are faced by females in that call while relatively few are doing fine (work and family related) #God Help Our Nurses

Owolola Oluwapelumi

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fatherhood; The Exact Reason The World Lives On Today

As we have a general consensus on Independent Day Celebration from far and near, there remains a huge controversy on the exact day celebration for father's day and mother's day. This alone makes one feels unaware and pretty unprepared for the celebration of one's father or mother. I beseech we patiently wait for a moment when a day will be known and registered far and near for father's day celebration.

For one reason or the other, this day marks another day celebration of our fathers. Father as discussed here does not simply mean your biological father but rather encompasses whosoever that holds the mantle of power and authority over you. Fatherhood goes beyond your immediate and extended family; political office holders are our fathers, spiritual leaders are our fathers, community leaders are our fathers, while security personnel are our fathers.

Special characteristics that makes Fatherhood worthwhile in the World Today are as follows;
  • Household protector/guidance 
  • Key decision maker
  • Provider for (all) family needs
  • Authority at all times 
  • Arrow Head of Operation
  • Advocator
  • Teacher/Role Model
Hence, fatherhood importance to the World of today cannot be underestimated for the continuous spinning of the Globe today. Noticeably, ninety percent (90%) of father's today occupy powerful political offices either by election or selection - making key decisions affecting and influencing lives of inhabitants either positively or negatively. Invariably, fatherhood revolves around being responsible at all times. Note, whatsoever you do as a father forever lingers in the heart of your children and those that works under you.

However, the trending situation of single parenthood all over the World has therefore made some father forget/abandon their responsibilities. No matter the condition/situation, your father remains your father. For instance, the trending billionaire Kidnapper "Chukwudemeje George Onwamadike" a.k.a Evans this day remains a father to some children. No matter the situation or condition, celebrate your father today (his sperm counts on you).


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why a Dangling Cock is Better than a Jam-Packed One

surpised at a dangling cock
Cock, like pu??y is often believed to be a sensitive area that needs to be constantly observed, monitored and treated every now and then to prevent stories that touch. Often times, a lot of people have argued for or against man's use of under-wears; boxers short, panties or even leaving it natural.

To some, boxer shorts work more magic down there than the panties because the chance of growth in an open/spacious garden is more realistic than a congested one. On the other end, the use of panties by men usually occurs on a special note; to pack an elongated specie or for the sake of usual practices experienced at a younger age.
See pics below 
for more clarification.
Oops!!!, i can't believe my eyes. 
A dangling cock, therefore, has a lot of benefits than a jam-packed one from a sensible point of view. Lately, sexual harassment has not only be seen from the usual angle ''female'' but rather an extension has moved to other party. 

However, the reason why a dangling cock is better than a jam-packed one is as follows,
  • Tremendous growth is ascertained based on the special enjoyment of the penis garden.
  • Freshness is also easily noticeable.
  • Smell/odour is often at a reduced chances to a jam-packed one.
  • It makes the growth of cock easily noticeable.
  • Due to less heat in a dangling cocky arena, development of unnecessary itching feelings, rashes, eczema, bacteria is reduced.
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Amidst the pros and cons of a dangling cock as against the jam-packed one, there is more than one path to ensure desired feeling in the choked arena. The paths are as follows;
  • Daily washing of the area and its arena.
  • Proper observation of the arena for new development - rashes and reactions.
  • Daily examination of the big deal (hope you are lucky to have that size).
  • Constant shaving of the private area - sidey sidey, corner corner (in Fela's voice)
Above all, let your cock dangle more (not necessarily because of your partners pressence) but for the benefits itemized in this post.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why the Marriage of Most Female Celebrities Ain't Everlasting Today

Marriage and Celebrities
The joy and happiness of coming together in the name of "marriage" remain a celebrated scenario from anywhere in the World. Prior to the d-day, it is quite difficult to find a loving and everlasting partner (either male or female) especially when one reaches certain position/stage in life.In essence, finding suitable and long-lasting partner in the 21st century remains difficult for various reasons.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why You Must Think Beyond Valentine's Day Celebration

Happy Valentine
The special day celebration of Saint Valentine mostly called Valentine's Day anywhere in the World is nothing but a reflection of beautiful moments of love as roses (and other pleasant things) keep flying in and out before the d-day and afterwards from one locality to the other. I begin to ask myself why much preference is attached to this day when it's not the Christmas, the Boxing Day or even the New Year celebration.

An idea immediately popped up like my friend, Ayo Bankole would say -" its the season of love". Since love is the first and binding of all laws, I succumb to the day's celebration and the excitement it gives its' celebrants (ladies and gentleman). For an everlasting enjoyment of the goodies attached to the day, CUNCAR must be considered by the lovers involved. CUNCAR here implies;
  • C - Care
  • UN- Understanding
  • CA - Caution
  • R - Reasoning
Care and Understanding can sustain a rapport/relationship for a while but Caution and Reasoning can make it stand the test of time. Why you must think beyond this memorable day, "Valentine" is worthy of mentioning due to what the day bringeth;
  •  Fond memories
  • Gifts exchange
  • Shopping
  • Outings
  • Showoffs
Beyond the good tidings, the aftermath of the day might bring;
  • Emotional trauma
  • Heart Break leading to change in status (from being engaged/taken to single and seriously searching)
  • Psychological problems
  • Eternal scar

In simplicity, the reason for the season is inherent in people's actions and reactions. In other words, prior to the valentine's day, one of the party (either the guy or lady) does more than the necessary all in the name of the season and nothing more. After the show time (valentine celebration), issues begin to spring up not just because the season is over but because the proclaimed and demonstrated love was not originally there.

Valentine or No Valentine - Let Your Every Day Speaketh Truth, Life and Love.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guys' "Profession" Ladies Need to Understand before Dating their Type

Guy's Profession Ladies must Understand before Dating
Relationship today requires more than the physique "Beautiful Face", "Six Packs", "Sexy Pink Lips", "Lovely Eyes" of the duo - as other factors (within and outside the parties) play significant role. On this course, the index here is "Profession" looking at it from the male point of view as it has tendency to determine the happiness of the female.

Such profession discussed here are;
  • Medicine and co (Doctors, Nurses).
  • Lecturing (Lecturer)
  • Linguistic (Author/Speakers)
  • Professional Acting 
  • Law (Lawyers)
Medical Practitioners
The respect accorded to this profession (particularly Medicine and Nursing) from anywhere in the World plays a culminating factor on the actions and reactions of this practitioners as regards "friendship", "dating" "courtship" and "marriage at the extreme". The profession breeds in most of them Ego (Self-Respect, Self-Belief, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth) which affects their livelihood - social, psychological, emotional.

As regards relationship "dating", this profession (particularly male Doctors/Nurses) is majorly sort after by ladies for reasons beyond their physical characteristics while they experience "bizarre" form of treatment in their course of association. The rationale behind this treatment is simply because;
  • they have a better understanding of the chemistry of female from their head to toe. 
  • they have a better understanding of the socio-psychological make up of female. 
  • most female throw themselves at them
  • they have little or no respect for a female folk.
  • society respect for the profession gives them a preferable treatment above other professions.

All the above pointer justifies that a significant part of this practitioners (whether singles, married, or divorced) uses ladies the way they like. In simplicity, they mostly don't value ladies except for rare cases. Caveat Emptor "Ladies Beware"

Ladies of today tend to be less attractive to teachers operating at junior level (primary/secondary school) but rather a die-hard fan of tutors at higher institutions for academic reasons and beyond that. Thus, trading with this professional guy/man is often the greatest task to uphold as a single lady due to the degree at which female folks flocks around the campus.

However, against all odds the female folks needs patience, perseverance and sound wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to make the journey transform to an happy ending - marriage.

Another profession that is worthy of understanding is the Grandmaster of Language "Linguists". If you have any doubt, provide a genuine answer to this question;
  • Do you think language forms the basis of all actions and interactions?
  • Do you believe what you ear can determine your happiness?
  • Do you know that understanding language gives one party edge over another?
I term the Linguists as "The Gifted Hands and Minds". The hand is therefore gifted when its' use for writing a book/article on diverse aspect of life while the mind is that which set-out to convince/persuade audience on a subject. Although, anybody can demonstrate this knowledge of writing but the understanding of the terminology in one's language reserved to them.

At this juncture, you begin to imagine how this affect female relationship. Read on and see how it does.
Noticeably, the design of female folks is such that makes them carried away with chunks of sweet words - which is why females respond to the same stimuli repeatedly. Why ladies needs to worry about this skill/profession is simply to be aware the utterances might not be real in itself with lot of lies ab initio.   

Professional Acting
The sweetness in this profession goes beyond the MFP (Money, Fame, and Power) they enjoy as lot of fringe benefits comes along. Such fringe benefit that comes are; endorsement deals, tours and ladies. Why ladies needs to worry about this type of guy is because you might not to understand when he's demonstrating his acting skills or being real. This is why lot of actors and actresses have marital issues leading to multiple marriages in their life time.

On a scale of one to ten, the score accorded to medical practitioners above is almost a replica to the legal practitioners. Hence, ladies also respect these set of people because of their profession at least and the prestige inherent in going out with them. The professionalism of this type of guy can easily win a lady's heart as they do with their cases. Like the linguists, legal practitioners are saddled with the same qualities (impeccable grammatical construction) capable of leaving the minds of the love bird troubled.

All said and done, the guy's profession examined above  bears significant impact on the well-being of the relationship. 

#Ladies Beware#
#Be Ahead of the Game#

Monday, January 02, 2017

Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies in 21st Century; The BUMBAY Experience

Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies Today
Dating today cannot be assumed a succinctly different notion from Marriage owing to the way it is being perpetuated. Hence, relationship between GUIRLY - Girl and Guy comes with a lot of dramas; fights, showoffs, surprises, outings in various dimensions.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tears of Coming Together - An Awful HouseWife Experience in the 21st Century

An Awful HouseWife Experience
Marriage is the most beautiful thing craved and embraced by young chaps (especially ladies) in the 21st century but its clothing can be disheartening (as times goes on) if adequate care and caution are not acknowledged. The ceremonial avenue is always sweet, rosy and breathtaking but because its a journey full of ups and downs - series of cases arises.

Patiently attest to the underlined questions with a deep thought.
  • Why come together when you cannot stand with her through thick and thin?
  • Why change her name when you know you won't treat her like your very own?
  • Why house her when you know all you will do is make her unhappy day in day out?
  • Why take her to the altar while you cannot withstand her foolishness? 
  • Why screw her to the extent of giving you beautiful babies when you know you are still going to make her miserable afterwards?


The issue at hand is not to agitate for equality at home but rather to showcase the beauty without leaving out the beast in coming together. Union of man and woman "marriage" from any historical epoch, geographical concentration/foci, cultural pole remains a thing of joy at the ceremony (at first) which can later assume a bitter/sour/ pole in the life of the party involved. The two in question assumes different qualities often termed as compatibility which is key to a successful ending - where the man supposedly the bread winner, the woman (wife) the supporter of the continuity and livability of the household.  
On a realistic term, the roles of the duo have shifted grounds in the 21st century which has brought about serious manageable/unmanageable situation (crises at its biggest form). Worthy of note, the way the pressing issues are been attended to remains a source of worry. On that note, most "atavistic" man result to physical act with their helpless counterpart (by their normal nature) which has therefore led to bruises/scars at least, coma at worst and carnage at the extreme.

Nevertheless, that woman you swore "for better for worse" with for whatsoever reason does not deserve to be battered in this age. Their nature warrants  them to be pampered, cared-for like sucklings, caressed like pets at most. Without mincing words, there are "trouble shooters" "war mongers" amongst them which you chose yourself for a lifetime.

Why worry then?
Why batter them?
Why abandon her?
Why deny her that reason which she accepted your proposal?

As a reasonable and responsible man, the act of wife battery for whatsoever reason should be out of the tool for punishment in this globalization age. As the pharmacist advises, if symptoms persists see doctor. In this case, if battery persists - divorce is the only way out to avoid premature death. This is more or less an assurance that the doer "man" is not man enough, he deserved to be reprogrammed, re-organized, and re-orientated. GOD above all, when the case is not a normal case - a divine intervention is another way out.

I Stand with "Serious Minded" Housewives who deserves the best from their HUSBAND but always get their ass/face whipped every now and then for "unreasonable" and "selfish" reasons.  
#Celebrate Womanhood#
#Celebrate Life#
Life without them "The GOOD, The BAD" is totally INCOMPLETE 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ten Reasons Nothing Can Equal Motherhood Grace in the WORLD

Motherhood; the precious gift to the World
All glory and adoration goes to the grand architect of the universe for her beautiful creations - plant, animal and the most decorated specie - human being (not an advanced animal as presumed by scientists) to the world. Another unequal appreciation to God for the special gift "Eve" to the world - never say Eve was the main reason the world is in disarray today. Although, the occurrence at the beloved "Garden of Eden" proved otherwise but there is more to this special creation that is immeasurable.

The beauty and peculiarity of this special being are highlighted next.
Naturally, the female species are distinct from their second on various front.
  • Their physical structure (breast growth, behind level, feet...)
  • Their monthly visitor (menstrual cycle until menopause)
  • Their energy level (strength per task)
  • Their psychological make up (emotions, feelings...)  
Considering this make up, its crystal clear they are rare gift to the world.
On another note, no matter your inheritance (goodies of life - money, fame and power) you cannot quantify adequately the contribution of a "mother" to your growth and development. Thus, no instrument, scale or statistical tool can adequately reveal its quantity measure it. 

To query the notion mentioned earlier, consider quantifying any of the underlisted;
  • Is it the breathtaking sojourn of 9 month
  • Is it the labour (delivery) experience (sound track *winks*)
  • Is it the breastfeeding length (at her discretion)
  • Is it the nurturing and upbringing through thick and thin.
  • Is it the physical maladjustment
The list is just endless......

Worthy of note, they also suffer as a result of their status;
  • Victims of neglect
  • Victims of assault 
  • Victims of abuse
  • Victims of psychological issues
Although, experiences of these people (mothers) differ from place to place which brings about different labels "good", "bad", "terrible", "awesome", "irreplaceable" and lots more. Whichever is your reality in the world around you, nothing can ever equal the love, tender and affection of a good mother.

To the bad apples  - repent for your wards are ready to take you back
To the victims of the bad apples - let go of the grudges (You Only Live Once)
#Celebrate MOTHERHOOD#


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reactions to the New Testament Churches Prerequisites for Marriage (LADIES TAKE NOTE)

Reactions to Churches Prerequisites for Marriage
The union between a man and woman has recently taken a twist compared to the yesteryear where kidnapping of one's choice without her consent was the order of the day. Although, the reality of the prerequisite for marriage goes on further based on the regions custom and tradition in question. It is believed some clowns subject the passionate groom to strokes of cane, some places huge amount of money on their daughter as if they're trading gold and silver while some group holds virginity in high esteem ahead of other important factor. 

Noticeably, civilization had altered or totally changed the realities of many region today due to the influence of the western culture (Christianity) and northern religion (Islam) among others. Without mincing word, these religion plays so much impact in our day-day endeavour ranging from dress sense, belief systems, attitude/perception towards life and lately whom to marry and the requirement for marriage.

In reaction to Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirements for marriage - it is worthy to note that a compulsory 6months courtship under the marriage counseling unit supervision is not a guarantee of a successful ending. This is agreed upon because the world had witnessed a duo who courted for more than a decade and still never ended up together while it is also a possibility not to go through a 6month marriage counseling training and live a happy life hereafter. Let it be established that longevity of dating/relationship/courtship is not a prerequisite for a happy ending and so a compulsion of 6months of counseling cannot really do the magic.

Another concern in these churches prerequisite for marriage is the notion of marrying compulsorily within the angelic church members. I begin to wonder how this is realistic in a global entity occupied by people with diverse orientation - background, culture, tradition who cannot but interact on a day-day basis. Youths of today mostly prefer to go for whatsoever that oils their engine regardless of whether it's within their church or not because the self acclaimed saint in churches today are more or less the most dangerous to live with.

Nevertheless, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirement for marriage also made emphasis on medical check up before tying the knot. This is a necessity in order to assure the duo's compatibility and longevity together. Believe it or not relationship et marriage today takes more than the grace of God due to the flexibility of the world we find ourself today. This notion made it imperative to say no matter how beautiful or curvy you are, there is a tendency of not enjoying a fruitful relationship or marriage due to reasons within and outside of your control. Has it ever occurred to you why on earth someone could imagined to cheat on the shape "Amber Rose"? Why do you think Nicki Minaj found the bone of her biscuit bone? The list is just endless. I believe their type is just too much and not many from the global north to the global south, the real deal are just rare to find. It takes more than the shape my dear. 

This is 21st century - where you have no permanent friends or enemies, all you have is an ally.
#Choose Wisely# 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Breathtaking Mother – in Law you don’t wanna MESS with (LADIES SEE THIS)

Breathtaking Mother-in-law you don't wanna mess with
Are you aware that no matter how juicy or rosy your relationship is, a mother in-law is capable of scuppering your happiness day-in-day-out if not successfully tear you two apart. Obviously, she is not the one you are getting married to but you dare not risk having a “bitch, or witch” as a mother in law. The end is near from far for such. 

Although, an head – head tussle might not be something worthwhile considering the status of the mother in question as well as the value the ward placed on her. Here are few clues to detect them and who they actually are before crossing their path. 
  • They usually possesses/show unconditional love to their son/daughter and show little or no concern for the new entrant's well being – feelings, values, thoughts... In simplicity, they are mostly obsessed with their child you planning to marry or eventually married. The feeling is irrational and mostly observed when the party involved is less privilege - social status wise. 
  • They are always authoritative in totality – utterances, actions and reactions. They see the intending family member as a slave (gold digger at times) that can be ordered around any time, any day. In short, respect is totally missing in the form of interaction. 
  • They tend to make decisions for their beloved son/daughter – Who to marry? and When to marry? When eventually married, they interfere every now and then to make decision anywhere such is required. 
  • They are always pokenosing into the affair of their son checking out how the lady treats the beloved son and vice versa. 
  • They always get what they want by frustrating the life of their son's/daughter's choice. They are mostly living in the past because they believe so much in their initiatives and ideas without soliciting opinions from others. They are always right and never wrong. 
 At the spot of any of the aforementioned sign, flee for your life is at risk (if the situation is more than you can manage) May God grant you a good mother in law

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Major Reasons you may Need to Consider a Distance Relationship

Need to consider distance relationship
Obviously, the sweetness in relationships today goes beyond the other word for gender "s3x" from the sensible individualistic point of view. Distance relationship makes this a reality while a face-face relationship is under tension to contest with the lustful desires to satisfy either the man or the woman. 

Note, the  elements, or necessities in any juicy/rosy relationships boils down to the individual – orientation, experience, background, maturity to mention but a few. Nevertheless, time is at stake in any relationship embarked on since it’s a commitment. Trust is another factor whose stand must be solid or else rooms for double dating or more are made possible. 
All said and done, there are more than few reasons to consider distance relationships today vis; 

It is the true test of genuine love – this is where care, attention... can either prove or guarantee the livability and sustainability of the relationship. Although, the length of the relationship has nothing to do with this one but its a factor. 

It is the true test of maturity – this shows how disciplined the body, mind and soul is to cultivate a relationship. This section is a testing ground for the commitment level of the duo involved to their future. 

It gives room for respect – value because they get to see once in a red moon (the moon can be blue all the time). Respect here does not necessarily have any connection to the age difference (if there's any) but rather it must be reciprocal in utterances, actions and reactions. 

It’s more comforting because there is total freedom (expression, movement but with (strict) principles to adhere to avoid trust issues. I have learnt some people are also good at stalking their partner within/outside their locality. This is not a good thing to do – it will only breed the actions that are not originally there. 

Do you know there is a possibility of living around your choice (love) without feeling a strong bond to him/her? Don't get it twisted, distance relationship brings more intimacy when the body, mind and soul connects often even without getting to see as expected. I know you wondering how the intimacy comes to stay - its a natural feeling. 


Friday, September 23, 2016

Avoidable Mistakes that Can Make you Lose the Lady your Heart Desire (Guys Take Note)

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing the one you truly love? 
Don’t be bewildered, everything boils down to you and what you do consciously and unconsciously. 
Get familiar with such mistakes below; 

Wooing at first sight – gone are those days when love at first sight works the magic. This era believed solely in following necessary protocol; form familiarity before you express your feelings, hang outs necessary, gifts offering, unexpected surprises... if you are the type that woes immediately you see a lady-like feature, be orientated about its likely disadvantages irrespective of how handsome and charming you may be. 

Living in assumption is a very common feeling among ladies/men of nowadays. Most people often judge by reactions (body language), offerings and tithes (expensive gifts of any kind) forgetting the fact that the lady expects the official statement. Get it clear, some ladies will play along with you but will later cut you short if you want to overstep your unofficial boundary. Always know your status in a relationship – Are you casual friends? Are you dating? Are you in a courtship? BE SURE 

Selfishness is another rationale why you haven’t nailed your desired girl down. This is so because you don’t Consider what she wants, all you do is try to suit your self by showcasing your talents as a talker, dancer, singer, comedian or thereabout. Have you thought if all your possessions (talents) really bother her? Does she really feel any of that? At the spot of her needs (not necessarily financial) mars the beginning of your dream transforming into a reality while the contrary will only make you feel incapacitated and devastated. 

Physical Appearance – everything here boils down to how you look and what you wear day in day out. Have you thought of it being a stumbling block? If not, you need to consider your hairstyles (regular cutz without any attachment to your religion), your outfits (clothes, shoes and sandals), smile/laughter you wear and the smell you carry. Don’t get it twisted, everything works hand-in-hand to grab your desired “copy”. 

Lavish Spending – This is a serious issue now because it has to do with how you go about impressing the lady you want. Don’t be surprised, you don’t have to go extra mile of getting her Iphone 7 before you profess your love to her. Spoil her though but be reasonable with it because too much of it makes them feel you want to buy their love – which detest most ladies today. 

Fake Life – Living a life to suit her is not just the best of the options. Be plain in whatsoever you do and don’t hesitate to open up to your ‘choice’ in all ramification regardless of your less privilege situation – if any. Although you might have tried so hard to avoid all of these common error and still has difficulty in tying the knot if not just a fling. All you need to know is there is more to what you see – either she doesn’t want you (your type) or she’s living in fantasy - I have to be successful first before anything. This doesn’t mean you are awful – move on better days AHEAD.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9 Reasons why FAKE life can kill you before your death day

Reasons fake life can kill
Most people tend to live their life the way they feel is right while some follow the way it comes/goes on in their environment. This is saying there are numerous things at play when it comes to choosing a particular lifestyle viz; environment (street), peers (same age or more), media (television, newspaper, internet), models (celebrity) and lots more.
Be that as it may, living based on any criteria highlighted above can lead people to the right channel or predisposes others to living a fake life. orientation and maturity level of people determines the path they tread towards surviving – living and existing.

Nevertheless, it comes with no surprise that a lot of people – male et female lived as fake being in many realm of their endeavour – relationship (inter/intra), communication, outfits… just because of the goodies of this life. Without mincing words, here are the reasons why living as fake can be costly to you and people around you;
  • It brings about loss of opportunities – not just one e.g. marital, work related
  • It leads most times to total neglect of the person
  • It leaves eternal scars on the receiving end 
  • It can cause psychological and emotional problem
  • It causes public disgrace for the receiving.
  • It causes distrust among friends and family
  • It causes loss of integrity.
  • It brings about short time happiness with longtime suffering
  • It can lead to your sudden death if care is not taken.
To amputate this common story, youths (adults) from anywhere in the world needs to be cautious of how they live their lives and the risks involved for self and others respectively.
#Live Wisely - Do not copy#
#Be Yourself#