Avoidable Mistakes that Can Make you Lose the Lady your Heart Desire (Guys Take Note)

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing the one you truly love? 
Don’t be bewildered, everything boils down to you and what you do consciously and unconsciously. 
Get familiar with such mistakes below; 

Wooing at first sight – gone are those days when love at first sight works the magic. This era believed solely in following necessary protocol; form familiarity before you express your feelings, hang outs necessary, gifts offering, unexpected surprises... if you are the type that woes immediately you see a lady-like feature, be orientated about its likely disadvantages irrespective of how handsome and charming you may be. 

Living in assumption is a very common feeling among ladies/men of nowadays. Most people often judge by reactions (body language), offerings and tithes (expensive gifts of any kind) forgetting the fact that the lady expects the official statement. Get it clear, some ladies will play along with you but will later cut you short if you want to overstep your unofficial boundary. Always know your status in a relationship – Are you casual friends? Are you dating? Are you in a courtship? BE SURE 

Selfishness is another rationale why you haven’t nailed your desired girl down. This is so because you don’t Consider what she wants, all you do is try to suit your self by showcasing your talents as a talker, dancer, singer, comedian or thereabout. Have you thought if all your possessions (talents) really bother her? Does she really feel any of that? At the spot of her needs (not necessarily financial) mars the beginning of your dream transforming into a reality while the contrary will only make you feel incapacitated and devastated. 

Physical Appearance – everything here boils down to how you look and what you wear day in day out. Have you thought of it being a stumbling block? If not, you need to consider your hairstyles (regular cutz without any attachment to your religion), your outfits (clothes, shoes and sandals), smile/laughter you wear and the smell you carry. Don’t get it twisted, everything works hand-in-hand to grab your desired “copy”. 

Lavish Spending – This is a serious issue now because it has to do with how you go about impressing the lady you want. Don’t be surprised, you don’t have to go extra mile of getting her Iphone 7 before you profess your love to her. Spoil her though but be reasonable with it because too much of it makes them feel you want to buy their love – which detest most ladies today. 

Fake Life – Living a life to suit her is not just the best of the options. Be plain in whatsoever you do and don’t hesitate to open up to your ‘choice’ in all ramification regardless of your less privilege situation – if any. Although you might have tried so hard to avoid all of these common error and still has difficulty in tying the knot if not just a fling. All you need to know is there is more to what you see – either she doesn’t want you (your type) or she’s living in fantasy - I have to be successful first before anything. This doesn’t mean you are awful – move on better days AHEAD.
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