Things we do for LOVE

Things we do for love
It is generally believed that Love is a beautiful thing that could ever happen to any person, why do people fight for love then? At exactly 9:30pm or thereabout today, I was opportune to be in an hospital where someone was rushed in breathing like an Old mama about to kick the Jerry Can. What arose my interest in the new intake was her beauty or say cuteness but was shocked when I heard about the predisposing factor. I almost passed out when I learnt my Crush had a physical combat with another lady because of a fair guy. I don't know when fair guys will stop causing troubles. How I wish I was the cause of the fight #so painful# I pray the Ladies #receive sense#


  1. We need to know the rest of this story,sounds interesting

  2. Funny. One of the irony in the cosmos of love: u seems 2 luv some1, nd DAT person doesn't really reciprocate d luv, probably bcos he or she is inluv with another. Den another person also luvs u just like Jonathan in d bible luv David more Dan his own very soul, but 2 a surprise, u also don't seems 2 luv d person back, jst bcos u are craving fr some1 else. Things we do in luv.

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