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Monday, June 19, 2017

Queen Beyonce and Jay Z Welcome Much-Awaited Twins in Los Angeles

According to Mathew Knowles - Beyonce's father; the music goddess, stylish fashionista and actress "Beyonce Knowles-Carter" who married  JayZ (one of the best rapper today) in the year 2008 has safely delivered much-awaited twins in Los Angeles yesterday -18th June 2017. 

The family now has three (3) children to deal with - Blue Ivy and (twins name undisclosed at the moment). 
Blue Ivy now has worthy competitors for the goodies - money, fame, and power of their parents.
I want to believe this marks the end to childbearing Queen Bey (enjoy the rest of your sex life).

We the entire crew of Realities of Today's Blog wishes you an happy ending  #WeSayNoToDivorce

#CongratulationsBeyonce  #CongratulationsJayZ
#CongratulationsBlueIvy  #weCelebrateYou

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dammy Krane Alleged Fraud Saga; Moral Lesson for Nigerian Youths

dammy krane alleged fraud
Popular Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste with the name "Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel", also known as Dammy Krane alleged credit card fraud on 2nd June, 2017 has raised lot of eye popping reactions from Nigerians home and abroad. According to TripJet, the Faleela crooner booked for private airline with fake credit card. His action was therefore narrowed to a 9 count charge which revolves around grand theft, credit card fraud, intent to defraud, identity fraud, forgery, and conspiracy.

Internet has been fried, diced, roasted and burnt ever since the news broke out. Lot of shady comments have been passed to the music artiste by all and sundry (particularly the EFCC says; 'Ladies and gentlemen, please do NOT mortgage your future in exchange for the transient thrill of ostentatious display. #EmbraceYourTruth) - 99% of such comments revolves around living a FAKE LIFE.

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Be that as it may, Nigerian youths are obliged to learn from this shady act which brought nothing but; 
  • public disgrace to the music crooner
  • international stain to his career and future
  • shame to his family name
  • loss of respect and dignity to a commonsensible being
  • bad signal to the outter world who strongly believed Nigerians are fraudsters
  • shame to the generation of up and coming youths
  • daunting stain on his music career
  • loss of fans to mention but a few.
All the highlighted points, justified a breach to indigenous Yoruba cultural heritage which preached sternly hardwork, perseverance, patience, moderacy, commitment and other good values you can ever think of.

The moral lesson for Nigerian youths today says;
  • live within your means
  • do not be covetous
  • do not live to please anybody 
  • remember to guard and protect your family name (if not yours) at all times
  • remember the daughter and son of whom you are 
  • remember your cultural values/heritage at all times
Above all, live responsibly.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Alas! Ivory Coast Football National Team Lost Powerhouse Midfielder Today

Rest in Peace Cheick Tiote
Ivory Coast National Team squad that won the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations lost an important defensive midfielder who paired Yaya Toure in the tournament. Former Newcastle playmaker - Cheick  Ismaël Tiote who ply his trade at Beijing Enterprises up until today died while in training. 

History holds that numerous players had died on and off pitch from anywhere in the World. 

Today, Cheik Tiote therefore joined the league of players that died on the pitch.
Ivan Krstic - Struck by lightning during a training session, and was killed instantly,
Piermario Morosini - Collapsed during a Serie B game against Pescara,
Victor Omogbehin - Collapsed during a league match.
Alen Pamić - Collapsed during a retreat game for MNK Maružini of a heart attack,
Bobsam Elejiko – Collapsed and died while playing for K. Merksem S.C.

Shetemi Ayetigbo – Died while playing for Dublin club, Belvedere
David Oniya – Collapsed three minutes into a match while playing for T-Team,
Cristian Gómez - Argentine footballer died of heart failure during a Primera B Nacional match,
John Ikoroma – Collapsed on the pitch and later died in the hospital while playing for Al Wahda,
Michael Umanika – Collapsed during a training session with club, Khazar Lankaran


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why You Don't Have to Joke with this Season of Ramadan

Season of Ramadan 2017
Ramadan! Ramadan!! Ramadan!!!
It is another season for Muslims all around the Globe to observe their yearly fasting and prayer. The importance of this season to Nigerians is nothing one can shy away from due to the awkward experiences in Nigeria today.

Actually, no sensible being from any religious background; Islam, Christianity or Traditional should be pleased with the situation of things in Nigeria. Hence, praying and fasting is a necessity for all and sundry regardless of their religious preference. Although, current acting President - Prof Yemi Osibajo said lately that Nigeria's situation has gone past fasting and prayer. Am sure he said that due to the level of havoc done by past governments.

I, therefore, obliged all and sundry to neglect the declaration of Acting President and purely dedicate their body, mind and soul (BMS) for the fasting and praying programme which is capable of resuscitating Mr President and the nation's economy as a whole.

In essence, I beseech you - brothers and sisters at home or in diaspora to kindly utilise this season for self, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and importantly for your beloved nation "Nigeria". Taking a microscopic view of all that has happened since the transformation to the Change government, it is agreeable that lots of calamities have befallen Nigeria and its citizen. For instance, the nation's economy experienced a drastic fall, cost and standard of living dropped, new trends of perpetuating crime sprang up to mention but a few.

Since no condition is said to be permanent. And also because Change remains the only constant thing. This season "Ramadan" needs to be taken with utmost seriousness to ameliorate the highlighted setback. Thus, the incubated blessings in this season are more than enough for all and sundry to take with levity.

However, this Ramadan season will only deliver your portion of blessings if and only if;
  • your body, mind and soul are genuinely dedicated to the season practices.
  • your faith is as strong as your will.
  • you are full of hope with no room for doubts.
Against all odds, dedicate your BMS throughout the season and your story will never remain the same.
 #PreachLove #PreachPeace

Friday, May 19, 2017

Buruji Kashamu Kindness "Donations" to Ogun State Parastatals Today

The name Senator Buruji Kashamu is a popular name in Ogun State known for a lot of empowerment programmes to citizens within and outside Ogun State. He has, therefore, supported less privileged people (irrespective of their background) with cash and kind at huge rate.
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Information flying here and there as relayed to Realities of Today's Blog by Wale around last week revealed that he planned to donate materials to state and local parastatals in commemoration of his Birthday.

As he celebrates his 59th Birthday, he donates hospital beds to state-owned hospitals.

Happy Birthday Senator Buruji Kashamu, enjoy the rest of your years in good health.

See pictures below 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Now Official, Chelsea is the English Premier League Winner for 2016/2017 Season

Chelsea teammates celebration
The long awaited King of English Premier League for 2016/2017 season is finally here. 
Join me as I celebrate the London finest "Chelsea" under the stewardship of Antonio Conte popularly called the BEAST.

It was indeed a breathtaking season for Chelsea who lots of pundits underrated based on their defeats to arch rivals (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United) and the presence of World best coaches (Pep Guardiola of Manchester City, Jose Mourinho of Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool and Arsene Wenger of Arsenal).

The praise of this victorious ending goes to all players - who contributed from various positions to the success of today. Specifically, there are some players that were outstanding throughout this season viz; Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas, Pedro Rodriguez, David Luiz the Returnee,  Ngolo Kante, Marcos Alonso, Victor Moses.
Antonio Conte - Chelsea Title Winner
The Brain Behind the Victorious Ending

#CongratulationsChelsea,  #CongratulationsAbrahomivic, #CongratulationstheBeast,
#BlueistheColour, #LondonChampion

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alas Yoruba Movie Assocation Loses Another Veteran Actor

With deep sense of grief, it is official that veteran actor “Olumide Bakare” is late.
He has been down with serious illness for a while now (since 2013 quoting before he finally gave up the ghost at early hours of today.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reports from Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries Anniversary/Convention Press Conference 2017

Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries (PSBM) WORLDWIDE celebrates her 21st Anniversary/15th Annual Convention today, the 11th March, 2017 with a Press Conference at her headquarter situated at 9, Araromi Lane, Odo-Egbo, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Hausa and Yoruba People Clash on Yoruba Soil "Ile Ife" Today: Tips and Consideration

Hausa Vs Yoruba Clash on Yoruba Soil
Trending news today revolves around the Yoruba - Hausa bloody clash in the heart of Ile-Ife, Osun State. This led to many people sustaining injuries, loss of properties while at the extreme some actually lost their lives.
An eye witness "Mr Kamoru" revealed that the chaos resulted from an accusation made against a Hausa man. Be that as it may, an average Hausa man rallies around his brother at all times regardless of whether they are at fault or not. The truth of the matter is still under water but as soon as it pops up, we will feed you back.

Pictures from the scene are as follows;
riot at the scene

death at the sceneresult from the clash

Indicators of this scenario are nothing compared to the storm ahead for the set-to-be President.
At the moment, the Sabo Area of Ile-Ife is under surveillance by the Police Force in the jurisdiction.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Worries and Shame of Celebrating Ex-Convict with the Caption "Lion is Back"

Worries of Celebrating an Ex-Convict
The return of the former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, from UK jail has been applauded as a great defeat by his kinsmen. The Oghara born was welcomed with great celebration, ranging from thanksgiving to congratulatory messages on the media, even after serving a 13-year jail term in the United Kingdom.

Personally, I have less issue with people (of Delta state) painting the whole town red to celebrate his “victorious” return, what I'm mostly concerned about is the metaphor used to describe him in a congratulatory message in one of the Nigerian dailies-“the lion is back”. 
I cannot but be perplexed at the pride, effrontery, and encouragement these people have given him to do more.  What is so “lionable” in being an ex-convict?
  • A disgrace to the nation, 
  • A bad example to the youth, 
  • A  living testimony of corruption - who used looted public funds to buy luxury homes; fleet of cars and a private jet. 
Can the metaphor “The lion is back”  used for the ex- convict mean that since he has been bruised, he will come back like a wounded lion, or a lioness in labour and the only thing that will suffer is the Nigerian economy? In an ideal sense, he should;
  • cover his face in shame under the light of the world
  • stay indoor for the fear of being seen
  • keep mute for a particular period until he has done something adorable for the nation.
Well, a similar case has happened with the then national vice chairman in the south-west zone of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, who was also welcomed in a grand style of thanksgiving service for a “well-served jail term”. I don’t blame the celebrated “Icons” but I blame those that supported in their show of shame, all in the name of celebration.

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The former governor, James Ibori after been convicted said African Politicians never retire; yes, he has every nerve to say that, because we live in a country where an ex-convict can rule the whole nation and nobody dare says anything about it. “Nobody wants to die, but they want to go to heaven”, I won’t be surprised if he contests in the next election. In this part of the world, anything goes.
To Mr James Ibori (sorry, chief Ibori), no matter what you do, you are still an ex- convict. Well, you are swimming in the fame and popularity.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Fake CWAY Agent Duped Administrators of Primary Schools in Ijebu Ode

How CWAY Agent duped adminstrators
Nigerians have not stopped creating scenes with the path they trail in getting rich at all cost. Often times, people tend to go into;
  • Money Rituals
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Armed Robbery
  • Stealing by Trick
  • Embezzlement of public funds
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Kidnapping for Ransom (Lately)
The list is just endless....
It is no longer surprising people go to the extreme to make money neglecting the ideal ways - for various reasons. The case that happened in Ijebu Ode will leave you in stitches. A woman presented herself as a CWAY (drink) Agent and approached Nursery and Primary Schools that the company is planning a Christmas Fun Fair for Kids at the Ijebu Ode stadium.

Pictures at the scene; the Fake CWAY Agent on CAP (More Pictures to follow)
Fake CWAY AgentFake CWAY Agent

The Approach was formal - using a letter to relay the message to the headmasters/headmistresses which made them believed at stance and gave her thousands of money amounting to millions of Naira in total. Here, are some of the affected primary schools in the area;
  1. Dynasty Model School
  2. Golden Fleece Nursery and Primary School
  3. Omoniyi Nursery and Primary School
  4. God's time Nursery and Primary School
Videos showing reactions of the duped Administrators vs the FAKE CWAY Agent

PhotoCredit: Poise

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tears of Coming Together - An Awful HouseWife Experience in the 21st Century

An Awful HouseWife Experience
Marriage is the most beautiful thing craved and embraced by young chaps (especially ladies) in the 21st century but its clothing can be disheartening (as times goes on) if adequate care and caution are not acknowledged. The ceremonial avenue is always sweet, rosy and breathtaking but because its a journey full of ups and downs - series of cases arises.

Patiently attest to the underlined questions with a deep thought.
  • Why come together when you cannot stand with her through thick and thin?
  • Why change her name when you know you won't treat her like your very own?
  • Why house her when you know all you will do is make her unhappy day in day out?
  • Why take her to the altar while you cannot withstand her foolishness? 
  • Why screw her to the extent of giving you beautiful babies when you know you are still going to make her miserable afterwards?


The issue at hand is not to agitate for equality at home but rather to showcase the beauty without leaving out the beast in coming together. Union of man and woman "marriage" from any historical epoch, geographical concentration/foci, cultural pole remains a thing of joy at the ceremony (at first) which can later assume a bitter/sour/ pole in the life of the party involved. The two in question assumes different qualities often termed as compatibility which is key to a successful ending - where the man supposedly the bread winner, the woman (wife) the supporter of the continuity and livability of the household.  
On a realistic term, the roles of the duo have shifted grounds in the 21st century which has brought about serious manageable/unmanageable situation (crises at its biggest form). Worthy of note, the way the pressing issues are been attended to remains a source of worry. On that note, most "atavistic" man result to physical act with their helpless counterpart (by their normal nature) which has therefore led to bruises/scars at least, coma at worst and carnage at the extreme.

Nevertheless, that woman you swore "for better for worse" with for whatsoever reason does not deserve to be battered in this age. Their nature warrants  them to be pampered, cared-for like sucklings, caressed like pets at most. Without mincing words, there are "trouble shooters" "war mongers" amongst them which you chose yourself for a lifetime.

Why worry then?
Why batter them?
Why abandon her?
Why deny her that reason which she accepted your proposal?

As a reasonable and responsible man, the act of wife battery for whatsoever reason should be out of the tool for punishment in this globalization age. As the pharmacist advises, if symptoms persists see doctor. In this case, if battery persists - divorce is the only way out to avoid premature death. This is more or less an assurance that the doer "man" is not man enough, he deserved to be reprogrammed, re-organized, and re-orientated. GOD above all, when the case is not a normal case - a divine intervention is another way out.

I Stand with "Serious Minded" Housewives who deserves the best from their HUSBAND but always get their ass/face whipped every now and then for "unreasonable" and "selfish" reasons.  
#Celebrate Womanhood#
#Celebrate Life#
Life without them "The GOOD, The BAD" is totally INCOMPLETE 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Unimaginable Height Reached by Real Madrid Talisman "Cristiano Ronaldo" Over the Years

Unimaginable Height Reached by C-Ronaldo
The sensational Portuguese "Cristiano Ronaldo" started his career at Sporting Lisbon (where fellow countryman "Nani" sailed too) before moving to Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United at 18 in 2003. Prior his England switch, he was particularly outstanding as a youngster but there is no football pundits that ever predicted his long reign in the World celebrated sport "Football".

At Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was re-baked and re-shaped by self and the irreplaceable coach "Sir Alex Ferguson". CR7 has often called, developed his deposited talent with serious training (on & off pitch) which made him extraordinary to challenge the alien sent from another planet "Lionel Messi" in quest for stardom.

Reminiscing his life at Manchester United, lots of glory was recorded individually and collectively. For himself, he won the highest goal scorer for the League, won the Best Player in the World (2008) while collectively as a team WON all living cup challenge during his reign at United. In the search for more glory, he felt his time was up with the RED DEVIL - where they transferred him for a whooping some of money £80Million (the highest in the World history in its time).

At the switch to Real Madrid - legendary club in 2009, the World felt it was to challenge Lionel Messi reign in Spain. Obviously, the el-clasico had never been a dull moment for hitherto- most times (early days) had been without Ronaldo's touch but lately his presence is more of an issue due to it's deadly touch on and off the air.

El-classico drama
As at today, the talisman "CR7" had more than enough titles; awards and records (La Liga Best Player, Goals, Forward, Most Hat-trick in La Liga, Real Madrid Highest All-time Goal Scorer) in his cabinet. CR7 at the moment holds 3Champions League title, more than a dozen domestics cup (England & Spain), 2 World Club Cup. All of these has accorded him MFP - Money, Fame and Power amidst the stiff competition from arch rival "Lionel Messi" of Barcelona.

Without mincing words, this trajectory is worth tracing because the result of fervent hardwork cannot be underestimated. Over the years, the tussle  for the Balon d'or had been between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with the former on 5th tally and CR7 on his fourth.

Congratulations CR7 on your 4th Balon d'or
Madrid Living Legend
Most Expensive Athlete
Most Decorated Athlete

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Shiloh 2016!!! Annual Programme is Almost Here Tagged "My Case is Different"

My Case is Different - Shiloh 2016
December - the last, never the least of the 12 disciples is always loaded with powerful, intriguing and jaw dropping programmes (religious and co) from anywhere in the World. Noticeably, Churches (Old and New Testament) today had never underestimated the fact that "Decembers' Case is Different" as majority (if not all) of them loaded it with their annual programmes.

Living Faith Church Worldwide often called the Winners Chapel, holds her annual programme tagged "My Case is Different" come 6th December, through 10th December, 2016 at the usual arena "Canaan land" at Ota in Ogun State. The programme is also available on live streaming

By profession, there are different cases - not limited to;
  1. The Doctors, they are majorly used to case files.
  2. The Lawyers, they cannot do without cases.
  3. The Lecturers, they cannot but use case studies.
  4. The Teachers, there is always a need to understand individual differences - case.
  5. The (Chief) Judge, they always put an end to a case.
  6. The Secretaries, they cannot do without lower and upper cases.  
It is worthy at this juncture to answer these few questions? 
  1. Have I discovered myself?
  2. Where am I at the moment ?
  3. Where am I supposed to be?
  4. How close am I to where am supposed to be?
Have a deep thought about this 
Your answer determines whether you have a case at all
Your case is different or not.
My Case is Different


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unforgettable Memories of Nigeria National Football Team (Globally and Nationally)

Unforgettable Memories of Nigeria National Football
Nigeria national football team (male, female) have made remarkable contributions to the World football in the earliest years as against the witnesses of today. Thus, the attention accorded to Nigeria national teams (then) made them one of the fearful teams (today) due to the Atlanta 1996 triumph over the home of football (Brazil) in the SEMIs before knocking out Argentina in the FINAL.

Historical moments in World football is marked with lot of ups and downs depending on which suits the participant of the competition. Obviously, there is only one room for the victor while others follow suit - for ranking purposes. 
In the global face, Nigerian national team (male) won the Olympic 1996, and lately third place winner in Olympic 2016 hosted by Brazil while they face stiff competition from Cameroon (in particular), Ghana, Ivory Coast on their continental soil. Since inception, Nigeria national teams had won the Africa Cup of Nations three times; 1980, 1994, 2013, runners-up for four times; 1984, 1988, 1990, 2000.  The highest goal scorer so far is Rashidi Yekini (who died at 49years) with 37goals in 58caps (May His Soul Rest in Peace).

Without mincing words, the years of Nigerian national team (male) are not rosy throughout their global and national participation. Several years were soaked with tears for non-qualification to World Cup, untimely dismissal from the group stage, hunt/search for the golden fleece (national/international coach), lack of funding on the aspect of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), player-coach fall out, non-payment of coach salaries...

On the female national team angle, they have made huge successes at local level compared to their counterpart (male). As female football became popular in the globe, the frontliners were Brazil, Germany, United States of America while the dominant representative from Africa is the Nigerian team. At home, female Nigerian footballers were number one for decades before the other nations woke up. The trophies in their cabinets were majorly 9 as champions out of the 12 years - 1981 through 2016. Their biggest win is 9-0 against Sierra Leone and their worst lost to Germany and Norway (8-0). The face of the team so far is Perpetua Nkwocha with 80 goals in 98caps.

Nevertheless, set backs experienced by Nigeria female football is reflective in their lack of introducing/integration of young players, lack of proper preparation - friendlies outside the nation which should have made them competitive at war front. No matter the stand of Nigerian National team football in the world today - their memories will continue to linger in our heart.

Go "Super Eagles"
Go "Falconets"
#Giant of Africa#

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Ijebu Ode Today; OneTime Experience Expected to be a Day-Day Reality

Ijebu Ode Security Issues

Ijebu Ode (Omo Alagemo Merindinlogun as sometimes called its indigenes) witnessed an unusual dimension today November 5th 2016 from day break till late evening. It is often believed that Ijebu Ode is a peaceful environment where its dweller enjoy what majority of Lagosians are struggling to live with on a day to day basis. 

Gist/gossips all around the town today was about the Wedding of Sidikat Motunrayo Adetoun, the daughter of the Awujale of Ijebuland (Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Adetona) with Olanrewaju Oladiran in Ijebu Ode. In attendance were dignitaries from the south western region and beyond viz; Guest at the wedding include Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, Dr. Kayode Fayemi... The list is just endless. 
The sole interest in today's event was reflective in the coordination of the security agencies all round the town; soldiers, police, vigilante groups were more than necessary due to the rate of atrocities committed in the land lately. The justification here is about the rates of crime against life and properties in the land which flows from robbery (armed in particular) in various dimensions suffered by inhabitants; shop burgling, kidnapping for ransom.., and lately to the visit of Awujale Palace in the search of Ade (Crown). Although, it was recorded that lot of goodies were catered away from the palace with the exception of the Crown. This therefore remains worrisome to the inhabitants respectively.

These and lots more made it of top priority to see into the security measures in the land. With the coordination of the security officials today, it's continuity on a day-day basis can reduce case of criminal related issue and also deter potential offenders. Thence, the town must not just be a secured arena for the rich and powerful ones but rather for all (particularly the masses-hopeless ones).

Happy Married Life - Sidikat Motunrayo Adetoun
#Long Live the King#
Kabiyesi Oba Alayeluwa of Ijebu Land - Awujale
God Bless Ijebu Ode

Pictures from the Wedding sourced from Linda Ikeji Blog

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

English Premier League: Future of the Most Celebrated Sport "Football"

English Premier League; Future of Football
Have you ever imagined the growth and development of football goes beyond the natural selection or process of growth (see biologist and economist for clarification). In essence, the changes manifested in the history of football from earliest time till date leaves me with few questions?
  • Is there any future for football today?
  • What changes are incubated in the future?
The bone of contention as regards the questions raised above is based on the intensity of football games in English Premier League today. From inception, English Premier League is the most entertaining and funfilled matches of the century at the leagues and in diaspora. Historical account buttressed further through numerous household names who had performed well in their generation - to mention but a few, the world remembers the likes of Abedi Pele, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Delima, Andrea Iniesta, George Weah, Zico, Thiery Henry, Gianluigi Buffon, and lately the dynamic duo; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

On another note, coaching crews had never stopped springing surprises from the earliest time but the credit always goes to the coach. Amongst the outstanding coaches are; Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri (popularly known as Dunga), Arsene Wenger, Joachim Loew, the then Jose Mourinho, and lately to Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone, e.t.c.

Without being forgetful, football today as a sport is enriched with more than enough memories to live with for the rest of your life without even getting bored or pissed off. The questions raised earlier about the future of football still pop's up for serious deliberation. Considering the global picture today, where great players (scorers, dribblers, freekick specialists, shot stoppers) had been impressive in their designated roles on the pitch. 
  • What future lies ahead of us?
Don't get it twisted, the future is here already with us - the future is English Premier League which will later be referred to as the home of football. Sit back and watch the memory's as it unfolds in English Premier League. 

The only significant future is the improvement of other leagues of the world but Barclay Premier League will remain the No 1 sort after league in the world.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reactions to the New Testament Churches Prerequisites for Marriage (LADIES TAKE NOTE)

Reactions to Churches Prerequisites for Marriage
The union between a man and woman has recently taken a twist compared to the yesteryear where kidnapping of one's choice without her consent was the order of the day. Although, the reality of the prerequisite for marriage goes on further based on the regions custom and tradition in question. It is believed some clowns subject the passionate groom to strokes of cane, some places huge amount of money on their daughter as if they're trading gold and silver while some group holds virginity in high esteem ahead of other important factor. 

Noticeably, civilization had altered or totally changed the realities of many region today due to the influence of the western culture (Christianity) and northern religion (Islam) among others. Without mincing word, these religion plays so much impact in our day-day endeavour ranging from dress sense, belief systems, attitude/perception towards life and lately whom to marry and the requirement for marriage.

In reaction to Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirements for marriage - it is worthy to note that a compulsory 6months courtship under the marriage counseling unit supervision is not a guarantee of a successful ending. This is agreed upon because the world had witnessed a duo who courted for more than a decade and still never ended up together while it is also a possibility not to go through a 6month marriage counseling training and live a happy life hereafter. Let it be established that longevity of dating/relationship/courtship is not a prerequisite for a happy ending and so a compulsion of 6months of counseling cannot really do the magic.

Another concern in these churches prerequisite for marriage is the notion of marrying compulsorily within the angelic church members. I begin to wonder how this is realistic in a global entity occupied by people with diverse orientation - background, culture, tradition who cannot but interact on a day-day basis. Youths of today mostly prefer to go for whatsoever that oils their engine regardless of whether it's within their church or not because the self acclaimed saint in churches today are more or less the most dangerous to live with.

Nevertheless, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirement for marriage also made emphasis on medical check up before tying the knot. This is a necessity in order to assure the duo's compatibility and longevity together. Believe it or not relationship et marriage today takes more than the grace of God due to the flexibility of the world we find ourself today. This notion made it imperative to say no matter how beautiful or curvy you are, there is a tendency of not enjoying a fruitful relationship or marriage due to reasons within and outside of your control. Has it ever occurred to you why on earth someone could imagined to cheat on the shape "Amber Rose"? Why do you think Nicki Minaj found the bone of her biscuit bone? The list is just endless. I believe their type is just too much and not many from the global north to the global south, the real deal are just rare to find. It takes more than the shape my dear. 

This is 21st century - where you have no permanent friends or enemies, all you have is an ally.
#Choose Wisely#