Guys' "Profession" Ladies Need to Understand before Dating their Type

Guy's Profession Ladies must Understand before Dating
Relationship today requires more than the physique "Beautiful Face", "Six Packs", "Sexy Pink Lips", "Lovely Eyes" of the duo - as other factors (within and outside the parties) play significant role. On this course, the index here is "Profession" looking at it from the male point of view as it has tendency to determine the happiness of the female.

Such profession discussed here are;
  • Medicine and co (Doctors, Nurses).
  • Lecturing (Lecturer)
  • Linguistic (Author/Speakers)
  • Professional Acting 
  • Law (Lawyers)
Medical Practitioners
The respect accorded to this profession (particularly Medicine and Nursing) from anywhere in the World plays a culminating factor on the actions and reactions of this practitioners as regards "friendship", "dating" "courtship" and "marriage at the extreme". The profession breeds in most of them Ego (Self-Respect, Self-Belief, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth) which affects their livelihood - social, psychological, emotional.

As regards relationship "dating", this profession (particularly male Doctors/Nurses) is majorly sort after by ladies for reasons beyond their physical characteristics while they experience "bizarre" form of treatment in their course of association. The rationale behind this treatment is simply because;
  • they have a better understanding of the chemistry of female from their head to toe. 
  • they have a better understanding of the socio-psychological make up of female. 
  • most female throw themselves at them
  • they have little or no respect for a female folk.
  • society respect for the profession gives them a preferable treatment above other professions.

All the above pointer justifies that a significant part of this practitioners (whether singles, married, or divorced) uses ladies the way they like. In simplicity, they mostly don't value ladies except for rare cases. Caveat Emptor "Ladies Beware"

Ladies of today tend to be less attractive to teachers operating at junior level (primary/secondary school) but rather a die-hard fan of tutors at higher institutions for academic reasons and beyond that. Thus, trading with this professional guy/man is often the greatest task to uphold as a single lady due to the degree at which female folks flocks around the campus.

However, against all odds the female folks needs patience, perseverance and sound wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to make the journey transform to an happy ending - marriage.

Another profession that is worthy of understanding is the Grandmaster of Language "Linguists". If you have any doubt, provide a genuine answer to this question;
  • Do you think language forms the basis of all actions and interactions?
  • Do you believe what you ear can determine your happiness?
  • Do you know that understanding language gives one party edge over another?
I term the Linguists as "The Gifted Hands and Minds". The hand is therefore gifted when its' use for writing a book/article on diverse aspect of life while the mind is that which set-out to convince/persuade audience on a subject. Although, anybody can demonstrate this knowledge of writing but the understanding of the terminology in one's language reserved to them.

At this juncture, you begin to imagine how this affect female relationship. Read on and see how it does.
Noticeably, the design of female folks is such that makes them carried away with chunks of sweet words - which is why females respond to the same stimuli repeatedly. Why ladies needs to worry about this skill/profession is simply to be aware the utterances might not be real in itself with lot of lies ab initio.   

Professional Acting
The sweetness in this profession goes beyond the MFP (Money, Fame, and Power) they enjoy as lot of fringe benefits comes along. Such fringe benefit that comes are; endorsement deals, tours and ladies. Why ladies needs to worry about this type of guy is because you might not to understand when he's demonstrating his acting skills or being real. This is why lot of actors and actresses have marital issues leading to multiple marriages in their life time.

On a scale of one to ten, the score accorded to medical practitioners above is almost a replica to the legal practitioners. Hence, ladies also respect these set of people because of their profession at least and the prestige inherent in going out with them. The professionalism of this type of guy can easily win a lady's heart as they do with their cases. Like the linguists, legal practitioners are saddled with the same qualities (impeccable grammatical construction) capable of leaving the minds of the love bird troubled.

All said and done, the guy's profession examined above  bears significant impact on the well-being of the relationship. 

#Ladies Beware#
#Be Ahead of the Game#


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