Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies in 21st Century; The BUMBAY Experience

Dilemma of Unwanted Pregnancies Today
Dating today cannot be assumed a succinctly different notion from Marriage owing to the way it is being perpetuated. Hence, relationship between GUIRLY - Girl and Guy comes with a lot of dramas; fights, showoffs, surprises, outings in various dimensions.
Noticeably, the juice in relationship today is far from just "SEX" and surprisingly it is mostly anchored on SEX by the party involved.

Prior 20th century, the orientation and attitude of the duo towards "Sex" as a prerequisite in a relationship was at a low ebb compared to this age where lots of sexual experiments have been carried out within and outside the laboratory leading to commonly tagged "Unexpected/Unwanted" Pregnancies.

Unwanted pregnancies in a relationship today does not necessarily assumed the position ascribed to it because it is a product of the "Piston and Ring" which cannot but work hand-in-hand to support and power the engine for effective production "Pregnancies". At the occurrence of the so-called "unexpected" pregnancy, different bizarre actions and reactions begin to pop up between the two party. 

On the guy's part - the giver of the other egg needed, 
  • he tends to continue his life with little or no concern for the partner in crime.
  • he grooves on with other girls
  • he tends to give flimsy excuses (you know I don't have a job)
  • he tends to deny the responsibility (financial, social, psychological, emotional) for 9months and thereabout
  • he returns after several years to claim the "unwanted baby"
On the girl's part - carrier of the major responsibility;
  • she tend to loose focus (in all ramification)
  • she tends to loose taste (physique inclined due to lack of proper care)
  • she suffers serious neglect from family members (if not total)
  • she mostly lacks basic necessities  - food, clothing and shelter which can be detrimental to her and the unwanted baby
  • she misses her monthly visitor (only a rare cases where it visits)
 The aforementioned is the reality of BUMBAY which is not quite different from the experiences of GUIRLY today.

If Abstinence is not an option.

Use Condom to avoid the "unwanted" and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Face the Reality and embrace the Unexpected


  1. I stand to be corrected, if not for westernization, who would have thought of 'tasting before buying', and how can u have sex with someone u knw u can't marry if the 'unexpected' happens?, its barbaric and uncalled for .... My opinion though


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