Reactions to the New Testament Churches Prerequisites for Marriage (LADIES TAKE NOTE)

Reactions to Churches Prerequisites for Marriage
The union between a man and woman has recently taken a twist compared to the yesteryear where kidnapping of one's choice without her consent was the order of the day. Although, the reality of the prerequisite for marriage goes on further based on the regions custom and tradition in question. It is believed some clowns subject the passionate groom to strokes of cane, some places huge amount of money on their daughter as if they're trading gold and silver while some group holds virginity in high esteem ahead of other important factor. 

Noticeably, civilization had altered or totally changed the realities of many region today due to the influence of the western culture (Christianity) and northern religion (Islam) among others. Without mincing word, these religion plays so much impact in our day-day endeavour ranging from dress sense, belief systems, attitude/perception towards life and lately whom to marry and the requirement for marriage.

In reaction to Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirements for marriage - it is worthy to note that a compulsory 6months courtship under the marriage counseling unit supervision is not a guarantee of a successful ending. This is agreed upon because the world had witnessed a duo who courted for more than a decade and still never ended up together while it is also a possibility not to go through a 6month marriage counseling training and live a happy life hereafter. Let it be established that longevity of dating/relationship/courtship is not a prerequisite for a happy ending and so a compulsion of 6months of counseling cannot really do the magic.

Another concern in these churches prerequisite for marriage is the notion of marrying compulsorily within the angelic church members. I begin to wonder how this is realistic in a global entity occupied by people with diverse orientation - background, culture, tradition who cannot but interact on a day-day basis. Youths of today mostly prefer to go for whatsoever that oils their engine regardless of whether it's within their church or not because the self acclaimed saint in churches today are more or less the most dangerous to live with.

Nevertheless, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Mountain of Fire Miracle Ministry requirement for marriage also made emphasis on medical check up before tying the knot. This is a necessity in order to assure the duo's compatibility and longevity together. Believe it or not relationship et marriage today takes more than the grace of God due to the flexibility of the world we find ourself today. This notion made it imperative to say no matter how beautiful or curvy you are, there is a tendency of not enjoying a fruitful relationship or marriage due to reasons within and outside of your control. Has it ever occurred to you why on earth someone could imagined to cheat on the shape "Amber Rose"? Why do you think Nicki Minaj found the bone of her biscuit bone? The list is just endless. I believe their type is just too much and not many from the global north to the global south, the real deal are just rare to find. It takes more than the shape my dear. 

This is 21st century - where you have no permanent friends or enemies, all you have is an ally.
#Choose Wisely# 


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